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Can Laravel Run On Shared Hosting?

Can Laravel Run On Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the best hosting options for beginners. Therefore, many web developers, bloggers and small-scale businesses prefer this hosting plan. To some extent, it is  good to leverage this hosting plan. However, it is not recommended to hostLaravel on shared hosting. The answer is simple server infrastructure in shared hosting services will not meet IT demands to host web projects.

Before you deploy Laravel on shared hosting, you should read this blog and give it a second thought. In this tutorial, we have discussed some common problems that developers experience when opting for shared hosting Laravel.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a hosting service where users get shared server resources. It means CPU, RAM and SSD disk space all of which are shared with multiple users that host websites. Web hosts provide different add-ons like unmetered bandwidth, performance and security features for higher web project efficiency.

What If We Use Shared Hosting Laravel?

Laravel applications are hosted on shared host infrastructure, here are some difficulties you can face:

  • Only limited bandwidth and disk space is available that restricts user to host multiple domains.
  • After a certain time, users are required to upgrade to dedicated hosting or higher.
  • Users do not get any access to the SSH terminal.
  • Application performance is slow and compromised.

Why Should You Avoid Hosting Laravel on Shared Hosting Servers?

Different factors lead to avoiding shared hosting services to host Laravel projects.

1. SSH or Command Terminal

Many shared hosting service providers don’t have the features of SSH terminal features. Moreover, there is also an absence of control support. That is why developers have limited options when they have to work with FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Most of the developers are highly critical for the deployment of the Laravel app through FTP. Without an SSH terminal, developers cannot have access to the composer, artisan, or any other command-line tools.

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2. Cron Jobs

Cron Jobs can be extremely difficult to schedule if you use a shared hosting service. On shared hosting websites, you will not be able to set task scheduling functionality for Laravel-based applications.

3. Application Backup

The major concern while using Laravel is that shared hosting services lack backup features. Losing any data in times of disaster will lead to a major loss. That is why many developers are still worried about hosting Laravel applications on shared hosting.

4. Security and Performance

On shared server resources, developers do not get the maximum efficiency and fast speed of Laravel applications. By migrating all files into your root document, you are giving an invitation to hackers to breach all data. Keeping your sensitive data vulnerable to hacking and malicious attacks will impact negatively.

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Are MilesWeb’s Shared Hosting Services The Same?

MilesWeb is the leading web hosting service provider offering reliable services. They offer shared hosting services with SSD NVMe storage and robust features. You might have thought that our hosting services will be the same as others. But you are WRONG! Developers can easily host Laravel applications on our shared hosting infrastructure because:

  • We provide SSH access to our clients so there is a blockade or hurdle while developers work with FTP accounts. With our plans, they can easily access the composer, artisan, or any other command-line tools.
  • Cron Jobs are automatically enabled in every shared hosting plan. Thus, there is no major concern about scheduling its functionality.
  • The prominent control panel, cPanel is configured with every shared hosting plan. In this, a backup option is provided so developers make the database disaster-proof.
  • To get full-proof web security we leverage WAF (Web Application Firewall) along with antimalware on the server. As a result, there is no chance that hackers can intrude on your database.


After reading the cons and MilesWeb’s role in Laravel hosting, it is time to choose the right shared hosting plan according to your needs. Get our web hosting plans at 70% Off with compelling features like 24×7 support, free SSL certificates and domains, unmetered bandwidth and MySQL databases. For developers, we have everything in our plan’s basket. So, where are you? Add to the cart our shared hosting plans.

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