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29 Tips to prepare your eCommerce Website for Dussehra and Diwali

Be the holding of the Rio Olympics or other festivals, the fact is that, the economy and the business has stagnated in 2016. So much so that many sectors including various segments of e-commerce, are betting all their chips on this Dussehra and Diwali season to try to save the year.

If your eCommerce business is in this situation, this post is for you. Our team has prepared a list of 29 tips by analyzing these five criteria’s to improve the positioning in Google searches, create differential to attract new customers, improve navigability, functionality, reliability and thus increase the potential for store sales.



  1. Use of keywords that identify the content in the text.
  2. Include keywords in URLs that define the internal content.
  3. Use keywords in headings and subheadings of each page of text.
  4. Review the store sitemap for easy identification and indexing by Google.
  5. Review the keywords in the meta tags and meta descriptions of pages.

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  1. Persuasive descriptions of categories and products that differentiate your e-commerce competitors.
  2. Review the technical information of products, including guides and manuals for download if provided by the manufacturer.
  3. Update and enhance photos of product with the possibility of zoom.
  4. Add videos of presentation and description of the main products of eCommerce.
  5. Create or update the blog of the store with contents that meet the interests and your prospects’ needs.

Credibility and Security

  1. Update and include seals relating to security and authenticity of the site (SSL Certificate).
  2. Revisar privacy policies, purchase, exchange, and returns of a product.
  3. Highlight 100% safe, mainly in the payment checkout process.

Interaction with Customers

  1. Featured Contact ways: Phone, 0800, Online Chat, eMail, etc.
  2. Update or add access to social networks store
  3. Include Facebook button on product pages
  4. Adapting the responsive site layout that can be easily accessed on phones and tablets.
  5. Highlight the Subscribe button on a website to encourage visitors to sign up for the newsletter.

Benefits and Differential

  1. If not already done, consider the possibility offer free shipping or delivery scheduled at least for a promotional period or for the main products of the store.
  2. Seek to maximize the payment options, discount for payment slip.
  3. Feature easy interest or installments process on purchases of products.

Promotion and Marketing

  1. Develop promotions for the period, with specific offers using coupon codes.
  2. Update banners on your store that highlight promotions.
  3. Take the time to capture e-mails from visitors.
  4. In addition to the banners, create videos to highlight promotions.

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Layout and User Experience

  1. Do A / B testing with the buttons to evaluate the ease of access and impulse buying.
  2. Check the organization of categories that facilitates access and navigation.

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Payment Methods

  1. Make a revision of the payment process to assess whether it is simple and intuitive or not, if it is not, make appropriate changes.
  2. Make sure you have included “Buy with one click” option.

Do not waste time because this is the ideal time to prepare for the end of year sales.

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