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23 Highly Effective Tips to Promote Online Shop

This article is for those who want best results for their online store but followed incorrect actions that lead to bad results.

So here is an article in which I have tried to mention concrete steps from experts to ensure best results for online store and increase the efficiency.

So here we go!

PR on the Internet

The expert says, it is fashionable to boast the PR, but do not spend a penny on it. We submit the publication in the media and various publications. So, if you do not have extra 50-70 thousand rupees per month for the PR, do not even try. It’s too much money, and the loss can affect the operation of your company.

So, for the owner of an online store it makes sense to go in the PR only when he has extra cash that can be invested and has taken everything from SEO and contextual advertising.

Content Marketing

Another trendy advertising channel but a very few can calculate and execute. The complex promotion is not suitable for everyone and at times it is hard to obtain customers.

There is nothing like “everything works for everyone”. Do you have some examples? They are either some kind of federal brands, or they have worked hard for years and years. Small and medium businesses cannot pay to wait for a year to see the impact of the advertising one social networking channel. I hope you understand this.


Doing something for an online store on social networks makes sense only when you have selected a sensible person to carry out this activity.

Making multiple pages and groups for online store and post the products – this is not the SMM.


I know that many do not like these three letters. But I will say this, I do not like those who are not able to find a good specialist or one who is not able to understand your business. Like it or not – this is the cheapest way to generate traffic for any online store. No content marketing or PR, and not standing next to.

So what does it take to get visitors from search engines?

  1. Each page should have a unique tag <Title> and <H1>. About Us Page, Product Pages, Index Page – It does not matter.
  2. If you have pagination pages (as in all online stores they are), you need to put the attribute rel = “canonical“. More information about this can be read at Google Help Center (link ).
  3. Every page must have a unique text. No need to write a great “foot wrap” text! We need a concise text.
  4. Do not use the <strong> tag to generally bold the keywords in the heading text. It does not look very good, and not a very good practice that can pass on benefit. In general, you can use H2, H3, H4 tags as per requirement.
  5. Each page should have one H1 tag. Not two or three, only one. Checking is simple: Open the html-code of the page and search the tag.
  6. Be sure to add your site to Google Webmaster Tools (link) and make sure that you have chosen the desired region for you. A common mistake when the online store has an office in India, and the chosen country is different, need to take action. Always select the correct region to better rank in search engines.
  7. Your online store pages should only open with www, or just without www. But most of the time it does not happen, and leads to the creation of duplicate pages, and they conflict with the promotion.
  8. Add your online shop to Google Business (link). This is the official reference and good for business.
  9. Add your online store to free business directories, coupon sites if you offer discount on hosting coupons. These are considered as “natural links“, which Google is fond of, and the possibility to find the entry in the first place in a particular directory thereby leads to obtaining customers.
  10. Measure the speed of loading web store and display on mobile devices. Here is the official service from Google to check the download speed of your website (link). They show the page speed and as well as the fixes that are required. The load speed is a factor that is used by Google ranking algorithm to rank the websites in their search engine results.

Improved selling on online store

This set of actions can help you to improve the interaction with your potential client on your online store. In a simple way, how to make sure that the visitor is most likely to become a customer?

  1. Home Page, Product Pages, Blog Posts – all must have social sharing buttons. Key: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. Others can be considered, but do not put too much. This can bring free traffic to your online store, why give it up?
  2. Contact phone number must stand on top of the site and be noticeable. And the phone has to be Toll-Free, not mobile or landline! They can be used as an extra point of contact. Similarly, at the bottom of the site: “footer“. Can also highlight preferred additional ways to communicate online (Skype, second phone, email ID, or something that is important).
  3. In a prominent place in the “cap“, there should be a button for call back, online chat, or application form. It can make the communication easy.
  4. Make sure to have area map and information, how to find the point of sale, on the contact page or the “Company“. There should be a photo of office team and the equipment you have. It adds reality and reliability to the online store.
  5. It is best to add feedbacks from customers on your website. And can also promote the customers testimonials on social networks.
  6. The product / service must have at least one great quality photo. I have seen dozens of online stores where there were photos but they were mostly small or of low quality.
  7. There should be a link to “Terms of Services or Money back process“. This increases the reliability of your online store. You as the seller know that the warranty on your product should be displayed, you need to update this information so that you convey the message to a potential buyer.
  8. The names of products / services should be large and easy to read. And add a proper description. Not like “Accessory for iPh…“.
  9. Under the inscription there should be the product “Details” button, not the “Add to Cart“. No one immediately put the product into open-cart, the buyer always read the product information first.
  10. In the basket of online store, there should be minimum fields to fill, remove the unnecessary one. Similarly, this should be done in order section, remove all the unnecessary fields.
The Author

I am an experienced technical content writer with a proven ability to translate complex information into clear, concise prose. I have extensive experience writing for various technical audiences, including software engineers, IT professionals, and product managers. I approaches each writing project with a customer-centric mindset, focusing on understanding the audience's needs and pain points.

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