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8 Critical Reasons Why Prospects Are Not Buying From You

Do you feel that you have done everything right and yet you do not get the right response from the prospects? Do you think there is something that keeps them from buying? If that’s a yes for you, then this article will interest you. Your prospects might be holding back due to various reasons and you need to get at the grassroots level to streamline the buying process. 

Here is an insight on the 8 most critical reasons why your prospects are not buying from you:

No Consideration Of Customer Needs

One of the biggest mistakes is not considering the requirements of the customers. You must give your customers a reason to buy your products or services. Even if the prospect does not have any requirement of the product or services that you provide, create the value aspect so that prospects consider buying from you. 

Today, we are dealing with modern and informed consumers and you must show them the advantage of buying from you otherwise they have many other alternatives.

Every salesperson needs to focus on the needs of the prospects and the solutions that they are looking for. It may happen that your product or service might not solve any existing issues for someone, but you need to know why the customer was interested in your product in the first place.

Lead Didn’t Show Interest At A Later Point In Time

A majority of companies are working with their old database. You need to understand that the oldest leads may get lost if you don’t take the right action at the right time. On the other hand, the recent lead will take time to expire.

If you do not contact the lead within a day, there is a high chance of losing the lead, since they might forget about you. Develop constant communication with them as soon as you get to know them, this is because they might be getting a humongous amount of proposals and you have to be in touch with them for them to remember your products/services and price offerings. 

The Product/Service Is Not Right For Prospects 

You may have the best salesman delivering an attractive and convincing speech, but despite that people might not show interest in your product. This is because the product isn’t right for the buyers. You need to understand that if a few people are not buying your products or services, then your selling strategy is not effective enough. 

But can you figure out if this is the problem? You can check your presence in the online market and review the comments and feedback of the customers. You can set a notification to know about what customers are thinking regarding your company and its product. When you get negative comments from the customers it indicates that the customers are not interested in what you are selling. 

In today’s marketing world word of mouth is still a powerful marketing strategy. If people have negative feedback, the potential customers might find an alternative. You might also not get any second chance to explain yourself.

If the prospects do not need the product they are offering, it makes enough sense that they will not buy, even if they have little inclination towards the product. They know if they do the same thing, they will again come back later. If you want to solve this issue, then you can start improving your prospecting process. Make a thorough search in the online market and contact only those potential customers who want your service. Or else you can impress them, showing that you provide much better. 

In such cases, you should provide maximum focus on the advantages of the items that you are selling. You can focus on the qualities of the product or service. In this way, you can connect with the customer and you will be able to convey what they are missing if they do not purchase the product.

It does not matter how well the marketing team is focusing on the number of leads. The most crucial aspect is that how many prospects you are converting into buyers. Make sure that you are targeting the right people who need your products or services for better sales. 

Not Trying Hard Enough 

You may need to try multiple times with your brand before someone takes the purchase decision. Many old salespeople refuse to try after two or three attempts. After a couple of meetings with your customers, if they are not interested in your offerings you might want to give up on them. But you should not make the decision so quickly, since the customer may require more time to think. Or else they may not be potential leads such as in the case of business-to-business sales. 

Lack Of Confidence

Lack of confidence might be a reason why any of your prospects are not converting into buyers. However, if you know how to handle the situation, you may get the sales. The selling of the product entirely depends on the marketing team. It depends on how well you can convince the client and make them believe how you can help. At first, you need to believe in the product and know-how to focus on the strong features of the product. 

You need to be transparent about yourself and avoid being over-friendly. Your attitude should be natural and professional. Each client has a different taste and preference, so customize the speech with every customer you meet. 

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You’re Trying To Push Every Customer

If the prospects are not buying from the company, then your first step should be to reexamine the quality of the product that you are selling. It is a simple rule. A great salesperson does not try to push the product to anyone. They understand that most people are not the targeted people. They really won’t want the product. 

A good salesperson tries to avoid such customers and does not force them to buy the product. This will save you more time and you can use the time for focusing on the ideal prospects for your company. 

You’re “Turning Off” Customers

Most of the salespeople have a huge problem. They are interested in the product and its services. The potential customers can predict these things from miles away. If you want to make a different impression then you need to do something different. You must lower your excitement levels and be more natural. You should behave professionally. 

Other salespeople may disappoint the customers by asking too many questions. If you ask annoying questions to customers, they might become uninterested in your offerings. Every potential customer wants to fix their problems. You should always show the facilities you bring before attracting a potential customer in a meeting regarding the business.  

You Highlight The Price Too Much 

When salespeople are being asked about what a potential consumer thinks, many people may say that price is the main aspect. However, this is a myth. The price stays much lower in the list of concerns. Whenever you discuss with potential customers you should stop highlighting the price of the product repeatedly. Instead of highlighting the price, you should focus on the qualities it provides to the customers. 

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An Important Reason – You Don’t Ask For Feedback

Smart salespeople hunt for feedback throughout the sales process. This is because to measure how potential customers are feeling about the product. 

You can make an effort to ask some questions to them like do you believe what I said? Or is it practical in the real world? If the potential customer believes in your words, then you are on the right path. If the answer is no, then you may need to change your strategy and restore the conversation. 

Think about this – you might not be asking enough questions. Many salesmen make a big blunder. They mistakenly become so obsessed with the product that they never like to ask questions. Asking questions helps to determine what a prospect or a customer is thinking about. Once you succeed to engage a customer on your side, it’s time to move ahead.

You can ask interesting questions to reveal the challenges and budget that a customer is struggling with. It will help you to determine their decision-making process. You can focus on the key features of the product and make them understand how it can benefit their lifestyle. You need to understand that potential customers do not give any attention to the offer you provide. The only thing they care about is how they can reach their goals and objectives and how your products or services will benefit them.


In today’s world, it is essential to be present in the virtual world, particularly when all the customers are shifting to social media platforms. The internet is full of both positive and negative analyses. At times there is a very thin line that keeps the prospects from becoming buyers, think about the reasons that can go wrong. Most importantly, you must develop the ability to gauge what the customer is thinking in a discussion for you to provide better solutions. 

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