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Why Live Video Streaming Is The Future?

Why Live Video Streaming Is The Future ?

Why do you think big brands announce that they are going “live” on social media platforms?

As an audience it generates curiosity in you, isn’t it?

To keep active and in touch with the audience, nowadays, celebrities are also taking the live video streaming path. You might have seen, your favorite celebrity declares that he/she will come live on his/her personal social media account, and the audience can shoot questions to them, where they make sure, to answer most of the questions. This generates buzz in their audience, some people even prepare a list of questions to ask, and what not. Within 1 hour of live streaming can get millions of views, likes, and comments.

What do you think these brands or celebrities do live video streaming for?

Yes, you guessed it right. It is to make people feel special like they care for their people.

But, now the concept of live video streaming is not limited to big brands only. Infact, anyone or any size business can do it, rather must do it. Live streaming doesn’t require any investment, as long as you have an internet and a device to shoot a video. Now let’s learn, what is a live video streaming and why it is considered a future in the digital advertisement?

What is live video streaming?

Live video streaming is a method by which you can broadcast a video over the internet, to make it visible to a huge audience altogether.

Unlike, circulating a pre-recorded video that can be edited or cut, live streaming is just showing live and uncensored scenario.

It can be a one-on-one video chat or one-on-many video chat, depending on the purpose of circulating that video. For example: if you want to share information with only one of your friends, then you will reach that particular person.

But, if you wish to reach a large audience then you can adopt the one-on-many option and get connected on a large scale.

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Do you know 63% of people aged 18-34 like to watch live streaming videos regularly?

Also, it is estimated that by 2021, live streaming will worth equal to $70.05 billion.
Source: Neil Patel.

So, this isn’t too late, you can also hop into this journey and use live video now.

Importance of real-time content

Real-time content like live video streaming drives a lot of conversion on social media platforms, in one go.

• You can reach to users as per your time, this simply implies that you engage with people who are really interested in you, your brand and want to know more about your content. This increases the chance of conversion and brand loyalty.

• Live video can be curated in less time. If suppose you want to write a well-versed blog, then HubSpot says, you end up investing something between 4 to 8 hours for a 1,500-2000 words article. But, a live video of 5 minutes will require only 5 minutes.

• Live video helps you to reach a wide audience because many platforms favor live content. Social media platforms circulate live content higher on feed than images or other videos.

• In marketing and advertising, there are various ways through which you can grow the audience base, but these channels require a high amount of spending. On the other side, live video is a very cost-effective method that also helps in growing audiences equally.

Well, now you may think using live video streaming, because, according to research it is found that by the year 2012, video will generate 82% of all web traffic.

As a beginner, you may get stuck on which platform to choose and which will be suitable for your requirements. Well, let me tell you, live video is very flexible and easy to use. But, as per the popularity, I think you can use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Periscope, platforms, or the one that you think suits you. I would only say, just pick one and get started soon.

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It’s the prime time for live video streaming, which you cannot afford to miss as it creates a viral buzz within no time. It is one of the most genuine ways to connect to the audience to generate a special personalized feeling that was never been a case in marketing.

How to get started with live streaming?

As we have seen above YouTube and Facebook are widely used platforms for video content, so starting on them could possibly bring huge engagement. Additionally, I would like to highlight that Facebook Live is the most-watched live streaming platform on social media today, and YouTube follows it.

Facebook live video streaming

Facebook live is considered as the best way to generate hype about the brand in your audience. The reason behind this is Facebook has a large user base that makes it the best platform for content creation and promotion. It has billions on monthly users!

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So, if you wish to remain at top of all your competitors, then reaching tons of people through Facebook is your absolute answer.

Let’s see how HubSpot used Facebook live video streaming wisely.

First of all, they notified their audience through posts mentioning, that they will be going live at a specific time.
And, at the exact mentioned time, they started the live video.

Do you want to know the results?

On that single event video, they grabbed a whooping 5,000 views.


If people like your content then it becomes their daily habit of watching your videos like some TV show, and to gain that must audience base, you need to create on a regular basis.

Let’s now, see, how you can start streaming on Facebook live?

To begin with, all you need to have is internet and phone or computer.

Incase, you wish to go live from your brand page, then proceed to Facebook Live Map.

It shows all the live videos going around the world.

facebook live schedule

To go live through your computer click on the Go Live button.

If you wish to Go Live through your personal account, then just click on Live Video on your timeline and it will start the camera. Whenever you are ready click on the Go Live button. It also gives you the option to schedule the live video and upcoming live videos.

Also, select options from Share on your time, or page or group from the drop-down menu.

By clicking on Friends, select your privacy. It allows you to choose one option from Public, Friends, Friends except, Only me and specific friends.

Mention the Video Title, to let your audience know, what you are talking about. Though it is optional I recommend mentioning the title every time you do live video streaming.

fb live video

Also, you can mention something about video, like what you are going to talk about, etc.

Finally, click on Go Live.

Facebook Live Video tool can defiantly bring more fans and drive more traffic to your website.

Also, nowadays, people are using Instagram to share their daily small videos.

A survey from Hopper HQ had reported that in 2017, celebrities like Selena Gomez. Kim Kardashian and Cristiano Ronaldo had made more than $4000,000 per post.

This is due to their fan followings, but, this also, means you can do so now. Instagram has become a new thing for youngsters, where they like to share and follow each other by sharing pictures and videos.

The race has not yet ended, if you want to grow your brand then use live video streaming straight away.

Last but not least :

Using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can grow your audience base, as they have billions of monthly active users.

Do you know, some people make money only by posting pictures and videos on these platforms?

Yes, the best way is to follow such accounts and learn from them.

So, if next time any event happens in your office, don’t forget to Go Live with it.

Live video streaming is growing and will continue to grow in the upcoming years.

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