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15 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tools

twitter marketing tools

There is always room for improvement; if you believe in this, you must be looking for ways to do better with your Twitter marketing. Well, tools can be really useful to ease up and fasten the process. Tools can help you optimize the process, and you can use the saved time for other Twitter marketing things.

So, here is a list of some helpful Twitter tools for your marketing. Know and use!

Best Twitter Marketing Tools

Let’s learn about these in detail.

Top Twitter Marketing Tools

We clubbed the list of best tools for your Twitter marketing, and these will help you out a lot to optimize your marketing process and drive better results. 

1. Twitter Analytics

It’s a perfect option for businesses that don’t want to invest in a premium solution but still want to track the performance of their tweets. The built-in Twitter Analytics platform provides a wealth of basic data. 

It provides you with a tidy analytics dashboard that displays a monthly summary of your tweets, tweet impressions, profile views, mentions, and other statistics. You may also discover which of your most recent tweets received the most exposure. 

Twitter’s audience insights segment your followers by interests, vocations, purchasing styles, gender, and other factors. This data isn’t available in many other popular Twitter analytics tools. 

There’s a section dedicated to them if you post videos, with statistics on views, completion rate, and interaction. You also get the option to export your data.

2. Tweepi

Tweepi is a Twitter service that assists you in gaining more followers. Tweepi is an AI-powered analytics application for Twitter that helps you engage your current followers and gain new ones using data-driven techniques. 

Essentially, the tool allows you to mass follow and unfollow people. The tool finds you a target audience, which includes industry experts and influencers. Their artificial intelligence (AI) setup gives recommendations when you enter in the information and details about the audience you wish to target.

If you want to combine influencer marketing or identify brands to undertake co-marketing with in the future, Tweepi is a must-have. Tweepi is a free tool for small Twitter accounts, but you have to upgrade when you have a huge following.

3. TweetReach

If you’re trying to assess Twitter reach, TweetReach is a wonderful tool to use. It examines the reach of a keyword, a person/Twitter account, or a hashtag. TweetReach is a tool that helps you figure out how far your tweets have traveled. 

All you have to do is type in the URL of your blog or a specific post to acquire information about it. 

Using TweetReach, you can easily build social media reports and optimize your social strategy. Then, to make better business decisions, monitor social data in real-time, and develop comprehensive marketing analytics based on the outcomes. 

Furthermore, it provides you with the information you need to create a targeted network of people who share your interests. It’s only $49 per month!

4. Twitonomy

Twitonomy is a free Twitter analytics application that provides a number of different types of reports. Its visually appealing and well-organized dashboard offers Twitter data, including tweet history, user-related statistics, and much more. 

Twitonomy compiles all of your Twitter stats into one easy-to-read interface. It also shows you your averages and helpful statistics like the number of retweets and mentions of each tweet. 

You may export full reports of anyone’s hashtags, tweets, retweets, and replies in Excel or PDF format. 

It aids in increasing Twitter engagement by allowing users to gain practical insights from their interactions with followers. The geolocation tool, which was just added, is also a welcome addition.

5. TruFan

This social media tool can be used to get the intricate details of your followers. Trufan allows you to search your own audience and followers on social media and the audience of your competitors. You may use this information to activate your own fans and followers for influencer marketing efforts, as well as competitors’ fans. You can arrange all of your accounts by various criteria such as most followed, most engaged, highest value, and so on.

6. Cloohawk

Cloohawk is a smart social media management solution that helps your brand grow the correct audience. The tool locates influencers and leads who are interested in the same subject as you. Cloohawk will take care of finding content that is causing a stir on social media for you. It offers a feature that gives you a daily list of trending posts based on your customer’s areas of interest and the most popular industry’s tweets. You can get ideas for your next content piece based on this list of hot tweets or topics. So, it can be a really helpful tool for your Twitter content plan!

7. SocialBearing

Social bearing is a useful tool for obtaining detailed information about your tweets. It will examine every aspect of a user’s account and present numerous analytical numbers such as impressions, reach, total retweets, and favorites in a single glance. 

The most comprehensive of these programs is Social Bearing, which returns the most recent 3,200 tweets and lets you sort them by retweets, favorites, engagements, engagement rates, followers, reach, ReTweets per minute, and sentiment. 

Your tweets will be divided into categories based on their source, hashtag, term, and quality. As a result, you can quickly recall a post by utilizing any of the hashtags or words that it contains. 

Social Bearing is a terrific free tool for discovering short-term trends and opportunities.

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8. Twitter List

The sheer amount of tweets sent each day, 500 million, can make keeping up with your Twitter account seem impossible.

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy method to segment your Twitter feed into specific categories so you can stay on top of the most essential debates in your industry: Twitter lists. 

Twitter Lists assist you in decluttering and organizing your account. It allows you to categorize people into different groups. You can make lists for influencers, partners, affiliates, the local community, and other important subjects. Twitter List is a directory that curates a stream of relevant tweets for you.

9. Tweepsmap

This tool shows you where your Twitter followers are located throughout the globe, as well as where your top followers are tweeting from. 

TweepsMap is a fantastic Twitter software for analyzing and visualizing your network. Its strong tweet scheduling and extensive analytics will handle your posting. It provides a Best Times to Tweet chart that is tailored to your Twitter account to help you make the most of your posting efforts. 

It brings concrete results to your table that you will acclaim, with eagle’s eyes on spotting influencers that have the ability to develop your business. This tool can help you determine important demographics such as gender, language, and career.

Visa, Volkswagen, MIT, and ESPN are among the more than one million people who trust this tool.

10. Bluenod

Knowing who’s in your community and who can help you get more connected and involved with the proper people – your prospective customers, partners, and influencers. This tool allows you to see Twitter communities that feature influencers and their networks in a visual format. It’s a fantastic tool for growing a larger, more powerful community. Bluenod assists in identifying the correct target market, collaborating with trustworthy influencers, and discovering the most successful content on the platform. It costs $29 per month to get started (when billed annually).

11. Twilert

Twilert is a Twitter version of Google Alerts! Enter keywords or terms that you’d like to receive email alerts for whenever they’re discussed on Twitter. It’s a simple method to stay on top of talks and developments about your company, competitors, industry, and so on. In the social media game, reputation management is essential, and you must stay attentive and quick to respond. The basic plan of this tool starts from $9 per month. 

12. GroupTweet

You may easily have several contributors tweet from your Twitter account with GroupTweet without needing to reveal your password. 

The media, colleges, marketing firms, and other businesses all use this tool to manage their Twitter accounts. Once added to the GroupTweet, contributors can contribute straight from their Twitter accounts. 

Message Moderation, Smart Scheduling, Tweet Format, Contributor Analytics, Data Export, and more features are included in this Collaborative Tweeting to make your Twitter marketing go as smoothly as possible. 

The basic version is free, but you’ll have to pay $4.99 each month to upgrade if you want to schedule and monitor tweets.

13. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a free Twitter management tool that helps you get more done. Twitter owns it and allows you to schedule and track your posts. TweetDeck is perfect for you if your primary social scheduling needs are for Twitter. 

It allows you to manage numerous Twitter accounts simultaneously, schedule Tweets, and keep track of the most recent trending topics and hashtags. It comes with a full dashboard that shows the tweets in an account’s Home feed, as well as your Notifications, Messages, Activity, and Mentions. 

The interface is divided into three columns (or ‘decks’) that can be customized. You can rearrange these columns to display the most important information.

Before a scheduled Tweet is published, you can make changes to it. You can also add images and GIFs to your messages swiftly. Tweets can be sent immediately from TweetDeck, or you can utilize its comprehensive range of capabilities to schedule Tweets for future posting, create Tweet collections, and more. 

It can also be used for social listening. It allows you to listen to and track every hashtag or keyword-related chatter to help you plan your strategy and maintain the brand image. 

14. Followerwonk

Another good tool for increasing Twitter effectiveness is Followerwonk. Followerwonk provides you with detailed statistics on your followers and activity. Enter a Twitter username in the Analytics page to see information on followers and following. It allows you to look at the followers/followings of any account in terms of geography, most active hours, gender, age, and more. 

You’ll have the data you need to engage with your audience and tweet with effect if you split out your followers by tweet and follower count. All of this will assist you in better understanding your buyer profiles, creating customized content for them, and focusing on interacting with the most active or likely to become customers. 

Followerwonk serves you with legitimate, current, and every 30-day refreshed Twitter profiles. The paid plan of Followerwonk starts at $29 per month.

15. is a fantastic tool for Twitter marketing. This tool allows you to stay in touch with your followers by sending a ‘thank you’ message to those who retweet your tweet or by welcoming a new follower to your Twitter profile. 

It allows you to locate your most devoted supporters and makes thanking them simple. It’s a great way to foster relationships by giving you insight into your Twitter network. also aids in the automation and optimization of your Twitter presence. 

This Twitter tool will suggest good content to tweet if you offer the correct subject matter and hashtags to explore. It isolates the real information from the noise and allows you to prioritize your Twitter activities by categorizing users into three groups based on several factors: Influencers, Supporters, and Engaged Members.

The free version of this Twitter application allows you 20 actions per day.


54% of users reported taking action after seeing a brand mention on Twitter.

59% of B2B businesses use Twitter for digital marketing purposes.

Time spent viewing ads on Twitter is 26% higher than any other social platform.

All these numbers show the importance of marketing on Twitter. So, it’s good you are doing it; just do it better with the help of these Twitter tools. You can save a lot of time and effort with these tools. So, pick the tools you need and do your Twitter marketing efficiently. 

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