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Is Your Content Not Performing On Social Media? Strategies To Get Your Social Media Game Going!

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As you plan your marketing strategies, you would also want all your social media channels to receive the right kind of traffic. If that’s not the case, it might be a little disappointing for you in whichever profession you are. But this is a good thing in fact!

How is this a good thing? It is because many businesses have been investing time, effort and money on the social media channels that do not get them the business and the desired results. It is certainly not that bad if you are not investing in any social media channel, this is a fact that should get you going. It’s time to get into action and implement strategies try something you haven’t tried before and create new plans for your social media strategies.

But wait! It’s the time for planning first! Don’t directly get into action before planning. You must research and take a step back for that perfect leap!

This article gives you the best social media strategies for getting your social media game going! Read on…

1st  Step – Analyze!

If you are not getting the desired response, then it is evident that something is not working in your social media strategy like it should. At this point, there are a lots of things that you should look at. You must have a close look at everything. For doing this, you need to take a stock of the situation that you are in right now. Analyze the social media platforms that you have a presence on, what you are sharing on these social media platforms, how it is received and the effect of this content on your business.

On the basis of the amount of contribution that your social media does to your business, you might consider getting some professional help as well for this step. There is no harm in analyzing the situation alone, but if you are doing it by yourself, find out the way to conduct a social media audit and move ahead accordingly.

Next – Set Goals

Although it gets a little complicated when it comes to setting accurate goals, but it is important. You must get down at setting goals as this is an important step. The goals that you want to achieve through your social media accounts are the core of all your social media marketing strategies. You need to set your goals and strategies.

Setting smart goals will provide the basic framework for setting out your social media strategies and this will make it easier for you to get the right results. Set smaller attainable goals that are connected with your overall goal and make strategies to achieve them.

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Know Your Audience!

This is the gist of the matter! This is what all your social marketing campaigns are for! You must have an understanding about what type of audiences are you targeting and what type of content appeals to them. Know who your audience is and what are they expecting from you!!

Your social media network includes your existing customers and your prospective customers that are in different stages of your sales pipeline. Understanding and giving them what they want is similar to understanding and pleasing your customers; therefore it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding about your audience and why they are following you on the social media channels. This step will help you create content that gets just the right response for your brand.

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Beef-Up Your Content

It is extremely important to have a clear approach whenever you post something on social media. After all whatever you post on your social media channels showcases your brand image therefore it has to be in tune with your brand values.

  • Look where your targeted customers are having in-depth conversations about the topics related to your industry or nature of your business.
  • Create engaging content and post it, this should be content that people want to talk about.
  • Use the social media platforms to listen to your customers to get it right with your content every time.

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Focus On Increasing The Frequency

It is crucial to ensure that your posts and updates get the right exposure and get seen by your audience. This is the most integral part of your social media content strategy.

Here are some key tactics that you must work on:

  • Frequency of posting : You can post updates around 5-10 times in a day on Twitter and around 1-4 times in a day on Facebook for the best outcomes. Make sure that your content updates are not repetitive.
  • The timing of your posts should be the prime work hours of your audience as this content has more chances of getting seen.
  • Post on multiple social media websites for maximum exposure.

Frequency, timing and multiple social media website coverage is extremely important, this will increase the possibilities of securing a higher social media engagement.

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Depict Content In Videos

The video trend is phenomenal! People prefer watching videos as opposed to reading content and this makes it crucial for you to create interesting videos that can be posted on the social media websites. You have options – you can create a video and post or you can live stream the videos. Along with posting the content and image updates, post video updates as well, you can share the videos in your stories also for a better reach.

Add Value

Informative content is always useful and interesting content is addictive. It is important to ensure that your users should be able to put your content to use, they need to see that they are really benefitting from the information that you have provided. If you are able to solve user problems through the content that you publish and if you are able to hold user interest you will be able to create brand loyalty and your customers will keep coming back to check your social media channels to get more information.

Trigger Emotions

Some of the most successful digital marketing go viral and become successful as they are able to instigate strong reactions from the users. Different emotions like happiness, anger and sorrow have the potential to engage people and make them react to the content and share the content.

Your social media content has to be intriguing! You need to post informative content but at the same time it is important for you to be funny and creative as well. Wear your creative hats and get your content going! Schedule the posting of your content and be consistent. Your content will get the right response if it strikes a chord with your audience! Think from your audience’s point of view and you will get the best ideas to frame your content.

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