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Introduction To Facebook Live Feature

Facebook Live

I hope you all have heard about the newest feature of Facebook – “Facebook Live”. Facebook Live is one of the unique and hottest features of social media trends. For now, it has just be trolled for all Facebook verified pages.  After twitter’s Periscope in 2015, Facebook launched their Facebook live feature to play live videos. But there are some differences between these two and I wanted you to know about some:

Facebook Live

Many of us, particularly the individuals with a business, have been on Facebook for a long while and right now have followers. As a result of this, going live permits us to use the interface on a more profound level with these individuals, and expand on built up connections.


Periscope is a magnificent approach to discover, and begin building connections with individuals we didn’t know beforehand. Furthermore, the integration with Twitter permits dynamic Twitter clients to create associations with followers there as well.

Facebook Live

  • Presently you’re ready to communicate straightforwardly from the Facebook application on your cell phone, however, the capacity to do as such from a program is as far as anyone knows coming soon.
  • It’s not generally conceivable to know who is viewing unless viewers comment or like in the visit.
  • Facebook notices let you know when somebody you’re taking after (individual or page) goes live. Be that as it may, they’re the malfunction and don’t generally work.
  • You can go live on your own profile, your business page, or in gatherings.
  • Video quality is typically very great.
  • Facebook Live does not offer the alternative for doing a double (or split-screen) communicate (yet). Be that as it may, for meetings, for instance, should be possible with the utilization of an outsider applications, for example, Wirecast, Huzza, BlueJeans, OBS, and others.


  • Communicate from the Periscope application, which can be either by means of the application straightforwardly or through the Twitter application. Accessible for cell phones as it were.
  • As viewers arrive, their usernames show up on the screen to tell you who is viewing.
  • As a matter of course, when you follow somebody, you will get a notification when they go live.
  • Videos can be consequently sent to Twitter so your followers can watch from that point.
  • Private chats should be possible if the supporter and viewer follow each other. Keeping in mind the end goal to do a private communicate, you should choose the username of the individual you wish to see the telecom. On the off chance that you need to do communicate privately to a gathering of individuals, you should choose them one by one – there are no groups as there are on Facebook.
  • Periscope does not offer the alternative for doing a split-screen chat or video. For this sort of LIVE or Video, a great many people do a Zoom, Skype or other split-screen sessions on their desktop or portable PC and center the telephone camera around the program window.

Facebook Live

  • On the off chance that you need to address another viewer by name in a visit, you need to sort the individual’s name, then the comment.
  • Since it’s Facebook, individuals can keep on carrying on a discussion even after the video or chat has finished.
  • Viewers can watch and associate on cell phones or through a program.


  • Viewers can without any complication or long process straightforwardly visit each other by tapping a username and writing a comment.
  • Viewers can just collaborate (comment and tap for hearts) on the Periscope application.
  • Individuals can watch Periscope video from Twitter, yet can’t tap for hearts. Furthermore, in the event that they comment, those remarks will show up on Twitter, not the Periscope application.

Before diving into Live for your business, there are a couple of observations worth making.

For one thing, who’s the best individual in your business to go Live? You can’t simply hand this off to the bouncy assistant, or your lead sales fellow.

You require the master in charge of instructing your Facebook Live.

You require the individual who speaks to the organization and the brand. Whether that is you, your supervisor, your CMO, or a paid performing artist, you have to settle on a choice at an opportune time about who will go Live for your business.

Remaining in front of a camera is a tough task, and it’s not for everybody. I’m not here to state each entrepreneur need to utilize Facebook Live, however, I am here to let you know that if you have a soul and a tiny bit of spirit, you can make it work — and you can make it work for your business.

Set your Facebook page up for business

I assume that you’ve as of now got a Facebook business page up and running.

However, there may be one more stride to your Facebook business page that you haven’t taken yet — confirmation.

So as to confirm your page, you simply enter a telephone number for Facebook to call you with a confirmation code. At that point, you enter the 4-digit code. It’s that simple.

Two all the more speedy tips for your Facebook page before going live:

  1. Ensure you’ve set up an invitation to take action on your Facebook page.
  2. Ensure you have a convincing picture and header, ideally something that adapts your image and even interfaces with your “front individual.”

Secure the correct device. Since you’ve secured your ability, we should discuss the hardware.

You’ve probably as of now, introduced to the most recent form of Facebook on your cell phone.

You require a great internet connection. Whether that is your 4G LTE information arrange or a Wi-Fi association, ensure that you know where to go — and where not to — to guarantee a strong association.

I’d suggest a selfie stick. Twenty to 30 minutes of holding out your arm will be tedious work. The selfie stick makes it simpler. What’s more, it will give you a more extensive edge, which will be vital on occasion.

Make sense of what to state

The main lead about Facebook Live is that it’s LIVE, not scripted. Try not to record what you will state word for word — yet you do require a technique for what you will discuss.

Give yourself five to 10 visual cues that you’d get a kick out of the chance to hit on along with your discussion. In case you’re meeting, think about a couple of good inquiries already and note them.

The upright thing about going Live is that you are regularly the front individual, the camera individual, and the individual holding the line cards. This implies you can refer your notes along with your visit without it appearing to be excessively firm. Simply make an effort not to drop the camera all the while.

Four approaches to utilize Facebook Live

You can utilize Facebook Live for business in various attractive ways, including:

  1. Contests

Utilize Facebook Live to announce contests or challenges. Ensure the challenge asks viewers to follow your page and after that guide them back to your site or uses some other email gathering system with the goal that you are catching your forthcoming client information all through the challenge.

  1. Off camera

There is nothing that people like more than seeing what goes behind the cameras at your business.

Go Live and indicate individuals what you are doing off camera. Give them the basic essential behind your business and demonstrate to them what it’s truly similar to do what you do.

  1. Live meetings

In case I’m appraising motivations to go Live, hosting a selective one-on-one meeting with a speaker, influencer or big name would need to be the best one.

On the off chance that you are running occasions, I profoundly prescribe having somebody do some Live meetings close by your occasion. It will reinforce mindfulness for your occasion, without giving endlessly the top score content for nothing, and it truly lifts the entire occasion to another level.

  1. “Face” time

Answer client questions, recount an extraordinary story or draw in around a subject in your industry. In case you have something to state (relating to your business), say it.

Be that, as it may, don’t simply discuss your day or fill your Live with lighten. This may work for real VIPs, however, most likely not for your business.

Utilized, Facebook Live for business implies utilizing Facebook Live with regards to business. The further you make tracks in an opposite direction from the reason for your business, the more outlandish you will really observe a perfect business result.

Try not to focus on a Live unless you are certain you can give a considerable measure of significant worth.

Would it be a good idea for you to have visitors?

Yes. You ought to accept any open door to toss somebody into your stream aimlessly, inasmuch as you trust it enhances your Live.

Talk with viewers by asking their sentiment on your point. Search for the general population gazing at you like you are an insane individual conversing with your telephone and flag them to come over.

Try not to be pushy, yet do be forward.

Get companions, colleagues, supervisors, representatives, contenders, whoever, and pose the intense inquiries that everybody wishes they had the response to in your industry.

Plan uncommon visitors to show up on your Live. This is an awesome approach to meet influencers, speakers, and famous people when conceivable. Let them know you’d jump at the chance to take them for a couple addresses and go.

Facebook Live ABC

This is the means by which I could meet ABC directly after he completed talking at Growth Marketing Conference. I would have never gotten five minutes with him generally.

Ensuring individuals appear

In the 24 hours preceding going Live, plan three brief posts reporting when and where you’re going Live. Report your point and request that individuals go along with you in the dialog. It doesn’t mean that it should be excessively fancy.

My inclination is to plan these posts at 24 hours prior, two hours prior, and 30 minutes prior. This gives the general population who give enough time to play around your Live.

Step by step instructions to set up your first Live video stream

Being within your workspace is truly not that energizing … go Live in intriguing spots. Assume individuals to a position they can’t regularly get to all alone — a place they’d get a kick out of the chance to investigate with you.

Encountering Live is the best recommendation. Viewers need to be you and they need to perceive what you have got going and that they don’t.

I’m not saying you require Ferrari to impress your viewers. It could be as basic as being in a recreation center, at your most loved pizza place, or strolling on the shoreline. Improve it somewhere than inside your auto or office as regularly as could reasonably be expected.

Three contributing components to the scope of your Live

Here are three things that will affect the scope of your Facebook Live:

  1. The length of the Live – five minutes won’t get as much reach as 30 minutes.
  2. Where you are posting – individual, business, group – and what is the reach of that account?
  3. Nature of the Live – low video quality, low client engagement, terrible sound … Facebook is following these measurements and their calculation makes snap judgments that choose what number of individuals they will advise about your Live.

The better the quality, the more your scope.

To what extent is too long?

Facebook Live will naturally cut your LIVE following an hour and a half, so we as of now have a maximum limit. The more you remain on, the more engagement and watchers you will have, so go for a LIVE time of over 20 minutes.

In any case, don’t remain on the stream simply to expand the length of your video. On the off chance that you aren’t offering some benefit, stop.

In case that you’ve come up short on things to discuss, or if your key fans and group of people or individuals are leaving, stop.

Generally, no Live should be less than five minutes. That is somewhat of a misuse of a Live.

For whatever length of time if you are offering some benefit, remain on the stream.

Furthermore, I can’t generally comment about consecutive streams — I’ve never been that goal-oriented.

Taking care of inquiries

This is Live for some reason. Try not to go on some shout and ignore your fans. Connect with them. Answer their inquiries.

In the event that they are asking something irrelevant, you can either answer it rapidly or let them know you should discuss it some other time. Attempt to remain on subject, yet don’t ignore a decent question.

Questions and answers organization is an awesome approach for connecting with and manufacture specialist.

Attempt to encourage inquiries as regularly as could be expected under the circumstances, and in the case that you have enough fans, you can even make the whole session about question and reply. It’s an extraordinary approach to connect with your gathering of people, pass your insight, and construct specialist.

Taking care of inconsiderate remarks

You will or may get trolled, spammed, or hated sooner or later. That is exactly what happens when you put yourself out there to the world.

Generally, it’s best to ignore rude comments and foul language. On the off chance, that you can, tap on and delete the comment from your Live, so as not to occupy different fans.

You can likewise block such users if essential. Just press and hold their comment and select “block User.” Use this if everything else fails, however, on the grounds that even haters can affect you and your image. All things considered, they are deliberately watching you.

Invitation to take action

You need to end each Live with a “call to action” invitation to take action that is particular to the current subject, yet touchy to where you are posting your Live (like in another person’s gathering).

Keep encouraging follows.

Remind individuals to follow you numerous times all through your video. There are two ways they can do that depending upon how they review your video or LIVE:

  1. Hit follow in the upper right corner of the video.
  2. Tap the three tabs at the upper right corner of the video and select “Follow ‘My Company.'”

Hope you found this article helpful, will try to write more about Facebook live details in my next article.

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