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5 Hidden Tricks How To Get Traffic From Twitter?

how to get traffic from twitter

According to many reports, the brand engagement rate on Twitter is just 0.049% on average. But even with such a lower rate, it is considered as one of the best online marketing options by several brands. So what makes this platform so beneficial?

Twitter has many valuable advantages to brands like link-based service, daily feeds, news, and more. The platform features 313 million active users per month. No matter what services you provide, Twitter is a great online platform to boost engagement.

But, how to drive traffic from twitter? The answer is here!

However, with fewer engagement rates, you have to be careful in strategizing your tweets. Although Twitter is a substantial channel to gain user engagement, it is not easy to leverage the true potential. And that is why you need to read this blog, to eliminate the complexity and know what you need to incorporate in your Twitter marketing strategy.

Before you go over the methods of increasing Twitter traffic, look at what algorithm Twitter follows.

Understanding The Twitter Algorithm

Initially, Twitter worked in reverse chronological order. Users were able to get traffic from twitter just by tweeting on a consistent timeline. But a lot has changed for Twitter’s algorithm since then; it now primarily focuses on retweets, conversation, and the overall count of users. According to Twitter’s published guide, its algorithm uses a deep-learning AI that forms the user’s news feed considering many factors.

To hack the algorithm and gain high engagement, you must acknowledge how Twitter sorts “what appears on a person’s news feed,” which is as mentioned below:

The tweets are classified according to the quality and credibility of your present as well as past activities. It contemplates how much engagement you have acquired at the initial stage of tweeting.

It analyzes the time it takes to go through your content and whether people are talking about it or not. A positive approach to your tweets means more user engagement and retweets. Gaining more retweets will enable the ‘ripple effect’ of people who are aware of your brand.

You will find three data mentioned below when you break these tweets:

  • Impressions
  • Engagements
  • Engagement Rate

With these pointers, you will get an idea of how users view your tweets and how much engagement it gains through likes, retweets, or comments. An impressive engagement rate will depend upon your goals as well as the industry you belong to.

First, the Twitter algorithm collected all the metrics, and then sorted into the following group of categories on the timeline.

  • Ranked Tweets: In the first category, you will see an account with colossal follower lists.
  • In case you missed tweets: This section will showcase high performing tweets from past hours, like tweets that are 13 hours ago, 15, or 17.
  • Remaining tweets in reverse chronological order: While scrolling, when you reach the top, the news feed will now appear in reverse chronological order.

Being on the top of the algorithm is what we are focusing on here, and for achieving this goal, you need to create high-performing tweets. The higher your tweet performs on your page, the more capabilities you have to stay at the top feed. After that, you can achieve this milestone; it will lead you to more retweets and more significant opportunities for the brand’s online growth.

In this blog, we have enlisted five amazing methods with which brands can create user engaging tweets that will enhance your online visibility and visit traffic on your website. So let’s get started:

Targeting “Right” Followers

Twitter is not like Facebook when it comes to followers. For Twitter, your main goal should be to engage with the right audience instead of just increasing your followers. You do not want users that auto-follow your profiles, as they are either of the following:

  1. Inhumans or Robotic software like spam software and people inflating their followers count.
  2. Some users follow your profile to allow you to DM them and not read your tweets.

The right followers are those who really want to read your tweets and gain valuable insights from it. These users will possibly find your accounts through the following:

  • From users’ retweets on Twitter platforms or TweetMeme buttons.
  • Your follower’s referrals.
  • From your published blogs consisting of links to your Twitter profile.
  • Via other user’s blogs or websites that include comments.
  • Through the blogs you share as guest posts.
  • By clicking your email signature or your forum signature when you take part in an online discussion.

Unfortunately, Twitter has shut down one of the subtle ways of targeted Twitter followers. Earlier, the platform allowed users to see conversations of any people they follow, but now in order to be part of such conversation they have to follow both the parties.

This method still works if one of the communicators mentions you in that conversation’ @name’. You, too, can mention your name in a conversation where you want to get noticed by people and ask them to share it.

Post Shorter Tweets

Although Twitter allows limited words to posts, you can still go a step further and publish shorter but impactful tweets on your page. Many social media statistics have proved that shorter tweets have greater engagement.

No doubt, it is a challenge to publish creative content in less than 280 characters. But you can make it work by being creative and using stronger words. Twitter stats show that with short tweets of 100 characters, brands have increased users’ interaction by 21%.

Hence, you should wisely use words in your tweet. If you want to publish a link to your article or blog, it’s not necessary to keep your title the same; you can make it shorter with creative words.

Make Use of Hashtag Creatively

Hashtags are an easy and free way to reach Twitter users that are not your followers. Here are two effective methods of hashtagging on Twitter to boost high traffic.

  • Use theme-specific hashtags:

You can use specific hashtags on Twitter when promoting your brand’s name or content. Whether it’s a blog, ebook, or your website, define everything with hashtags relevant to your brand through your brand’s hashtag.

This can definitely help you get traffic from twitter.

If you are a travel company, you can use hashtags like #traveleverywhere, #nature, #traveltuesday #adventure, etc. for your brand. For fashion products, you can use #ootd, #fasshiondiaries, #colorofthemonth, etc. You can either use these methods for events and content or your blogs and articles. It helps your brand catch users’ attention and drive more engagement.

  • Use general post related hashtags:

When posting links to your blogs or articles, include their titles in your hashtags. This will get your post noticed by users searching for that particular topic.

Don’t Just Imitate Another Successful Brand

From small to big, highly popular to less-known, numerous brands use Twitter for brand promotion and user engagement. Although it might feel convincing to imitate a highly recognized brand on Twitter, it is not beneficial for your brand. According to a Twitter report conducted by Sprout Social, only one-third of audiences will go for snappy brands.

Imitating a brand on Twitter means limiting your audience on purpose. Over 53% of Twitter audiences expect replies within one hour from brands. If you are providing quicker and honest answers to your audience it will generate high engagement on your business page.

As a brand, your aim should be to connect with people and for that you need to avoid snarky replies and have a real and rightful conversation with genuine brands.

Your audience will want you to talk to you on Twitter for their concern. If they are afraid to raise concerns, it means your brand is lacking in providing user experience to the audience.

Consider Twitter Ads

When you are trying to build followers on your Twitter, you may not see results quickly or on as per the time you expect. In that case, you should focus on building strategic advertisements, leading your business on a quicker path to success.
Advertisements have recorded significant growth to MVMT brands that accelerated their sales by 353% daily average sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The advertisement’s success time differs for different brands, but it will show positive results for sure.

Twitter offers five significant ways to advertise, which are as follow:

  • Automated Ads

Automated ads are best for those who are just starting with advertising or have a small team and time constraints. It is effortless to use ad format; you have to post regular tweets on your business account as you generally do and enable Twitter to promote mode. It will then automatically promote your tweets as well as your business profile.

The mode also consists of a tweet campaign, which adds up to 10 tweets per day you create on your business page. You can consider this mode of Twitter as assistance. You don’t have to bother about creating individual ad campaigns. This ad will cost you USD$99, providing you the reach of over 30,000 people.

  • Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are just like a regular tweet; the only difference is that it’s paid to boost user engagement and reach. Like regular tweets, these too can be liked, commented or retweeted by users, except it’s labeled as “promoted” at the end.

Sponsored tweets also comprise videos that get autoplay on users’ timeline. The video will loop if it’s less than 60 seconds. Twitter will feature these ads on the timelines of users you target. Users can see at the top of search results on both Twitter websites as well as the app.

  • Promoted Accounts

Promoted accounts allow brands to promote the entire account and not just an ad. With this method, you can target potential users who are not yet following your Twitter page.

This method will enlist your business account on the ‘who to follow’ suggestion list and search results and include a follow button. These ads will have a ‘promoted’ label.

  • Promoted Trends

Promoted trends allow brands to promote ads as trending topics. These ads get featured at the top corner of the user’s explore tabs, which a person can see for up-to-day visits on a single day.

The only difference between promoted trends and regular trends is the “promoted” labels that the target audience sees on promoted trends.

These ads are visible at the first spot on your user’s “trends section” in the explore tab and the timeline. In January 2020, Twitter updated this ad format by introducing a Promoted Trend Spotlight, which supports videos, static images, and Gifs.

This excellent ad format is still not available for all countries; it’s available in 15 countries as of now.

  • Promoted Moments

Promoted moments are beyond creating one ad Tweet; they allow a brand to create a story through a collection of similar tweets. This means with promoted moments; you can share story ads exceeding 280 characters. This ad format allows brands to highlight and feature different perspectives. It also allows you to post sponsor moments of other brands.


That was our guide on the best trick to increase traffic on your Twitter business account. We hope our blog came to your assistance. So let us know which method worked best for your brand in the comment section below. Also, if you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us!

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