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How to Boost Your HYIP Website on Social Media?

Social media is one of the first places customers interact with businesses. They also have a strong influence on consumers’ search behavior. And some platforms themselves become real search engines. So if you are leading your HYIP business online you should run it on social media effectively because most of the people are now communicating themselves on these social networks.

Social Networks and Search Engines

In fact, 54% of social media users have already searched for new brands as well as their products through a social platform as we can see in the results of the study below:

Marketers know that social media plays an important role in B2B and B2C businesses. But many still don’t see the connection between social media and SEO.

In 2010, both Google and Bing search engines reported that social signs were used in part to determine the rank of web pages in the SERPs. But, Twitter temporarily blocked its platform’s access to Google in 2014 prompting a backlash from Google announcing that it would change its policy on social signs.

Although Google has said that social media does not have a direct impact on SEO, it still appears that these platforms still have some effect on search engine ranking factors.

The Importance of Social Media for HYIP SEO

Social media influences SEO rankings because it can give a business more credibility and visibility, two ranking factors are taken into account by Google.

One of the basic rules of HYIP SEO (among other things) is to increase the number of internal and external links to improve your visibility. Thus, the greater your presence on social media platforms, the more your visibility on the HYIP Web will be optimized. Your social accounts will then appear in the SERPs when your brand name is searched.

Also, another element that social media can influence concerns the intention of Internet users.

Search engines are constantly trying to provide their users with the most relevant results, such as an answer to a question. Messages posted on social media (especially videos) can then be used to answer these questions. For example, when you search for “How to buy the best HYIP template design,” the best results are YouTube videos.

If a message published on social networks can clearly answer the Internet user’s question or contains keywords similar to their request, this message may appear as a search result.

It’s also worth noting that while Google no longer uses social media as a ranking factor, Bing still does. Keep in mind that approximately 25% of all requests in 2018 were handled by the Microsoft service.

So, clearly, social media is coming into play in one form or another – and marketers should pay attention to it and incorporate it into their HYIP SEO strategies. While using social media can’t guarantee your business a top spot on the first page of Google, it can help you in many ways.

Use Social Media to Promote Relevant Links

Although social media is not currently considered an external “do follow” link on Google, sharing content from your HYIP website through your social accounts can increase your visibility. Additionally, people often share content that they find interesting or relevant to their own community. It can improve the credibility of your business while helping you reach a wider audience.

Despite the fact that Google says it does not take social cues into account when ranking its results, it still appears that social engagement plays a role in Google’s ranking factors. According to Moz’s latest report, social signs (including Facebook and Twitter engagement rates) made up 3.47% of Google’s ranking factors. While this figure is quite low, it’s still interesting that Google recognizes the importance of social engagement and factored it into search engine rankings. It’s not easy to disentangle the truth from the false!

Obviously, the type of content you share on your social media is important if you want to increase your engagement rates. Remember, the main reason most people actively follow a brand or share a post is that they find the content useful or funny.

It’s also interesting to take a look at the kind of content that people don’t want to see from businesses on social media. The Sprout Social survey found that 41% of people will not follow a brand if they don’t find the information relevant or if the messages are too promotional (46%).

It’s up to you to share links directly to your blog on topics that are relevant and informative for your target audience. These posts will have strong engagement and are more likely to be shared.

By focusing on the relevance of the content you share, you can dramatically increase the number of acts of engagement on the part of internet users, which in turn will help your overall website SEO.

Optimize Your Profiles with Important Information

Remember that social media platforms are becoming full-fledged search engines. It is now quite common for internet users to search for a business’s contact information on Facebook or LinkedIn. Also, Google also uses this data to create profiles containing information relevant to search queries.

Another important factor in HYIP website SEO rankings is customer reviews. Make sure to boost the visibility of your reviews. Not only does this influence your positioning, but it can also help you attract more customers.

The average customer reads at least ten reviews online before they feel they can trust a business. By making these reviews even easier to find through social channels, you can concurrently improve trust and drive conversions.

For your business, the idea is to use your profiles on social media to highlight the information Internet users often carry out as requests in Google. This is because Facebook and LinkedIn are the primary sources of “basic” contact information, such as office or store address, hours of operation, and phone numbers.

On the other hand, if people within your company use their personal profile to promote their work or are seen as thought leaders in their industry, they should also optimize their profile. Potentially, they should also include a link to their company website in their Twitter and Instagram biographies (for example), to help increase brand awareness.

Use Social Media to Raise Awareness

Social media can have a more indirect influence on SEO by boosting brand recognition, which leads to increased organic traffic. Many customers now get to know brands and products directly through social channels, whether by searching for them specifically such as using Pinterest to find a piece of furniture or by following influencer accounts that share them.

It’s really good for all businesses to diversify their reach by using multiple social platforms to engage with different audience segments. Each social channel offers its own conception of networking and the individuals who use it have different preferences and intentions.

The age groups for the most popular social platforms vary quite widely. With LinkedIn, Pinterest, and WhatsApp being used more widely with audiences over 35. Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, sod, have more users under the age of 35.

By diversifying your content specifically for each network, you can grow your audience by connecting with a larger audience. The idea is to increase your brand awareness and drive traffic to your HYIP website.

How Social Media can Drive Visits to Your Blog?

Social networks play an increasingly important role in the search engine ranking of your HYIP website or any other website. Thus, being present on different social networks is an effective way to improve your personal branding or that of your company.

In short, social networks help to increase the visibility of your HYIP activity.

What can you gain from having effective social media management? Here are some advantages:

  • Increase visits to your website.
  • Increase the visibility of your HYIP content.
  • Communicate directly with your customers or readers.
  • Create a community around your values.

Having interesting and relevant content on your HYIP web blog isn’t everything! Because if no one sees your content, it is a waste of energy and time; it needs to be promoted . This is where social media comes in to give your web posts the visibility and reach they deserve. In fact, social media is an added chord in your bow.

See what social media can help you do:

  • Make your content viral through sharing by your fans / subscribers and thus boost your traffic to your website.
  • The more your content is shared, the easier it is to find because social media algorithms show posts with the most engagement first.
  • Know what the trends are right now and write your posts about what interests users.

Did you know that currently 40% of business website traffic comes from social networks? This is the enormous attraction potential of social networks.

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How to Gain Visibility Through Social Media?

1. Create Viral-like Content that Suits Every Channel

We have just seen that the profile of individuals varies from one social channel to another. Thus, the preferences and motivations of individuals also vary from one network to another. Sites like YouTube and Twitter are best for helping audiences discover new things, while Instagram and Snapchat are best for making more personal connections.

To create engaging content, thus, you need to tailor your HYIP content to suit each platform. For example, YouTube is most often used for discovery and entertainment.

What Content Brings the Most Visits to Your Blog?

First, determine what content is attracting visits to your HYIP site and which comes from social media.

Then analyze the posts that have the most engagement, that is, those that generated the most interactions from your community. Now that you know which posts work: replicate the same pattern with similar posts.

Another very important point: compare yourself with your competition. See what posts they share on social media and how people interact with them.

How to easily analyze your competition? With different tools from online, you can do an analysis of the competition in social networks by visualizing their performance during a given period. Like this you can see what is working for them and what is not.

Determine When is the Best Time to Post on Your Social Networks

Knowing what content is most popular on social media is just as important as knowing what time to post it. Analyze when your community is most active and take the opportunity to schedule your HYIP posts at that time.

To help you out there are tools that let you know when is the best time to publish your content. They tell you the best times for your business based on your users’ social media connection statistics.

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How Often to Publish Content?

Once you’ve figured out what content performs the most on social media and what times your post will have the most reach, you can’t allow it to end up in the dark.

Set up a posting calendar to know how often you post content: what is not written is often forgotten!

Each platform is different. It is thus necessary to adapt the frequency of publication according to the social network. For example, Twitter is the live social network and the news feed scrolls very quickly. You can thus post many times in a day. On the other hand, on Instagram or Facebook, things go more “slowly” and only one post per day is enough.

If you plan to promote a post more than once, edit the post so that it is not considered spam. Send the same message by changing the copy.

Reuse Content to Increase Reach

Reposting content that has worked well is an effective way to gain more reach on social media. Sharing the same post more than once lets you show it to members of your community who may not have seen it the first time. To help you and save you time, there are platforms that can automate the re-publication of existing HYIP content.

2) Partner with the Right Influencers

There is no doubt that influencer marketing is a popular way for brands to increase their reach. But can this strategy help SEO?

Again, this won’t have a direct SEO influence, but it can drive traffic to your website if influencers embed links in their blogs or tag your business name in their posts. Now, if you get more traffic, Google will give you more visibility.

3) Increase Brand Awareness for Non-Promotional Purposes

You shouldn’t just focus on promoting your products and services on social media. Indeed, it is also an opportunity to educate your audience about more important topics that really matter to them.

These days, internet users really appreciate brands that take a stand on topics such as human rights, the environment, or even political opinions. Some brands, for example, emphasize diversity and inclusion of all. Other brands give importance to the “positive” view of the body. The publications of these brands then go hand in hand with their commitments and are not focused on the sale of products or services.

Internet users tend to share content that supports a cause they are passionate about. Non-promotional content can be extremely beneficial in increasing awareness of your brand in a positive way.


While social media is not a direct factor in SEO rankings today, there’s no doubt that things could change as these platforms become even more important in the sales cycle. In any case, setting up and developing a social media strategy appears to be an essential element of success today.

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