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Email Subject Lines are Ultimate Micro Content

When it comes to getting affronted, email marketing is right up there with online dating to Job hunting. As an email marketer, you may come across lots of rejection. Most of your emails will be ignored or rejected politely. Desolately, but very true, that not every subscriber will read your mail even not your fans. I receive the bunch of marketing emails even I open very few but still go on with Email marketing companies. I believe that Email subject lines are partially responsible for that. Email subject lines may seem inconsequential but they are ultimate micro-content.

Let me explain you what’s Micro-Content

Micro-Content means a content that is easily digestible and distractible which is often short, sweet and mobile friendly.

Reaching People Who Don’t Open your Marketing Emails

People would engage with brands for some seconds but will convert or open your mail if your email subject lines win their heart.

For e.g. Subject Line – More time for loved ones. Enjoy Pizzas together – Let Pizza Hut deliver!

In short Email marketers, takes heart – open rates aren’t everything.

Assets to communicate with people who ignore your mail

You can communicate with your audience even if they don’t open up your mail. This is how:

  • Email Subject Lines
  • Your Sender Name
  • Email Preheader Text

One can use all of the above three to make an impression to convey vital information to the audience.

Make an impression

You can strengthen your branding even with unopened emails by being consistent with your sender name. Even Email subject lines can help you make great impressions. Here are some example of Email subject lines.

  • Ultimate Guide to Web Hosting For your Business
  • SEO month Kicks Off in XYZ Garage
  • Mobile Trends for you in XYZ Garage

These are the impression everyone hope to make. These are the strategies that help you market your small or big business to thrive. Even if the subscribers don’t open every Email of yours, these subject lines may make them feel about the services like web hosting or SEO.

Convey Essential Information

You can use your crucial information in Email subject lines to convey your important message in short to the audience who usually don’t open up your emails daily.  Here are few examples for the same.

  • Myntra Denim Shoes – We are offering 50% through tomorrow
  • Business Startup Meet – Today’s registration deadline
Design email subject lines to make specific inbox impressions

The main goal of email marketing is to get the people to open up your mail. Shorten your long form of content and focus on the call to action. Write clever subject lines that communicate with the audience every time while your e-mail goes unopened.

The Author

A passionate Digital Marketing Expert and Content Writer working with MilesWeb Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. All I love to do is surf internet strengthen my writing skills and gain knowledge with each and every article I write.

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