Top SEO Trends To Be Followed

Updated on 31 August 2022 5 min Read

Google keeps on updating its various algorithms and thousands of content marketers are adopting new search engine optimization techniques to meet up with their SERP rankings. However, these techniques will keep on changing. As we have entered into this year, let’s take a glance at the multiple strategies that we need to focus on in order to optimize the content along with the best results in content marketing. Now we are going to highlight few SEO trends that will help you to redefine your SEO strategy.

1) Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is expected to bring a big change in the algorithm. Google has been working for a long time on artificial intelligence for the best results. Its influence will force the marketers to re-design their optimization strategies like heading tags and alt texts.

2) Video Enter the fray:

As we all know that quality content helps to improve the SEO results, socially shareable video can gain more links and contribute significantly to the effective marketing plan. It is also observed that Google has also adopted the video platforms such as Anvato and Famebit. Quality video content is also a good option that can help to increase the visitors along with conversions. However, we expect a limelight for video content this year.

3) Usage of Schema:

Schema is a type of microdata that makes it simple for the search engine to understand and interpret the data on your web page more effectively just to deliver the best results based on search queries. The search engine will get a deep understanding of your content and motive of delivering to the end users.

4) Cross Channel Marketing:

The trend of utilizing multiple channels to market the product or service is increasing rapidly. Cross-channel marketing is an extension of multi-channel marketing. The main purpose of cross-channel marketing is to create a prominent brand awareness on the different platform to increase the sales. Even though cross-channel marketing is in a development stage, but its trend will continue to rise in future.

5) Accelerated Mobile Marketing:

The numbers of smartphone users are increasing rapidly and it has crossed a breathtaking limit of 2.1 billion last year.  Accelerated Mobile Page is one of the best protocol that permits web pages to load fast on the mobile platform. It is always suggested to work more on optimizing the content for mobile instead of the desktops or laptops. The search engine is also favoring the website’s that has switched to AMP.

6) Quality Content:

It is the fact that content is king and it drives the continuous development in the SEO. Content requires relevant keywords and it should be more focused on being informative and qualitative. However, it is essential to provide relevant information for achieving SEO. Standard content is largely based on keyword research.

7) Metadata Still Works:

There are several types of SEO methods that are practiced by most of the marketers, therefore many of them have stopped focusing on their metadata. As per the latest trend, metadata should be about 100 characters long and usage of the main keyword should be in your content’s meta description. This strategy is used by most of the top resulting websites.

8) User Experience Optimization:

Google gives first priority to the websites that offer user experience. In return, it brings shorter load times, better mobile optimization along with a great browsing experience for the users. Most of the SEO experts are focusing on the strategy of making their websites more user-friendly. Therefore, user experience optimization is one of the most focused activities for better SEO in future.

9) Switch from HTTP to HTTPS: 

Google always favors the HTTPS website’s and also help to boost rankings of the website. Google says: “Users feel safe if they see HTTPS beside the domain name.” This is one of the main reasons why brands switched to HTTPS. It offers three layers of security protection that protect the website and referral data. For the websites like eCommerce, it is essential to have HTTPS because it asks users for sensitive information like personal data, login details, bank details and much more.

10) Improve website speed:

Website loading speed is the first priority in SEO because it influences the ranking on search engine. There are many issues that are responsible for the website’s load speed. These include large image size, plugins, unwanted sections and much more. There are various tools that help you to know the website speed and accordingly make the improvement in your website.

11) Optimize for voice search:

Google voice search is booming. However, voice search will bring a drastic change by the end of year with better voice recognition and understanding. User’s are considering the voice search for faster and better results. It is not only restricted to mobile and desktop, it extends to the wireless devices also.

12) Long-Form of Content 

The quality of content has a lot of impact on the SEO rankings. However, high-quality content ranks on Google. The length of the content does not affect the ranking of content, but yes, lengthy content ranks at a higher position. Because, the point is, Google analyzes the in depth analysis, sourcing and more. So, write lengthy content and let your content rank on the higher position. 

In the light of above key points, we can say that SEO is very big concept then we can imagine. However, the SEO planner who works as per customer perspective and follows search engine guidelines will be able to survive in this competitive market along with the quality results.

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