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Amazon Alexa Shutting Down This Year

Amazon Alexa Shutting Down This Year

We all know the famous and trendy Amazon Alexa that had all our attention. She is the only lady who seems committed to all its users and provides the best service possible. Do you think it will be feasible for Amazon to still win hearts after shutting Alexa?

If you still think I am talking about virtual technology assistance, you are wrong, and I might have sought your attention by now. So, let me also introduce you to the Amazon Alexa Ranking that determines the ranking of every website on the internet according to traffic and engagement it receives. 

In recent news, Amazon declared that they are shutting the Alexa ranking site on May 1, 2022. If you are a website owner and have never heard about Alexa ranking, this will be an interesting article for you. 

What is the Amazon Alexa Ranking?

alexa ranking

Alexa ranking is a site operated by Amazon for 25 years. It began in 1999 and have provided the service to billions of websites.

The main responsibility of was to generate traffic and engagement reports to determine the ranking of websites. It didn’t consider any SEO factors, but the number of visitors a site receives and their activity on the website. 

Users bought subscriptions from and used the Alexa script on their site to generate trackings. After 25 years in service, Amazon is retiring the ranking site. 

There is no adequate reason for the same that has come out, but Amazon has shared a few FAQS that could help Amazon Alexa ranking site users.

Was A Helpful Ranking Site?

Personally, Amazon Alexa was not so efficient. The site only considered other factors like engagement and traffic and ranked the websites. But the truth is, a website needs to be SEO friendly to rank.

There are SEO tools that show authentic and better results. They were created to help you focus on areas that are hindering your growth. However, a lot of website owners skipped the real SEO tools and were using Alexa ranking. 

Alexa may have helped users build their excitement, but it didn’t show real ranking reports. It ranked websites based on engagement and traffic.

What Are Alternatives?

If you were an immense Alexa user, these alternatives can actually help determine your site’s SEO Factors. In fact, they are better. 


SEMRUSH is an all-rounder tool. If you use different tools for different SEO factors, SEMRUSH is one-in-all. 


The MOZ tool gives you SEO tips that will help you rank higher, convert more visitors, and provide concrete results. In fact, it has gained 500,000 users’ trust.


Ahrefs is another SEO tool that lets you analyze and audit your site. You can track competitors and keywords. Plus, you can explore contents that can help in your website growth.

Google Search Console

Here you can check and resolve technical problems on your site that affect SEO. It will help you with links, rankings, impressions, and you can even submit Site Map.

Rank Math

This is an SEO tool and a WordPress plugin. You can use this plugin for on-page SEO, page authority, instant indexing, etc. Plus, you can enjoy the tons of features that will add to better analytics.


Alexa ranking has provided the service for 25 years and Amazon now declares to retire it by 1st May 2022. Billions of users bought subscriptions from to generate reports about their Alexa ranking, which didn’t use real SEO guidelines to determine rankings. 

Now, as it retires, there is not much hype about it. You can rather use better SEO tools as mentioned above and increase your website ranking factors. 

Well, you can also read our recent article about On-page SEO Factors and improve your page authority. 

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