SEO Score: A Definitive Guide for Beginners

Updated on 13 June 2023 6 min Read
SEO Score: A Beginner’s Guide

If you are a digital marketing executive, the ‘SEO’ term is what you are most familiar with. Whether it is about content marketing or page indexing, SEO optimization is a must. After all, it is a way of interaction between you and search engines. Or, how could Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines give your content a better rank? However, results run on numbers, and like you get good ranks in school days, same ways here, SEO score determines the ranking and crawlability of your content.

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Know All About the SEO Score

You get an SEO score out of 100 based on different technical aspects, user experience, and other factors. The more the SEO score, the higher your website ranks with excellent organic traffic. Therefore, a wise thought by Phil Frost – Founder & COO, Main Street ROI, is “Successful SEO is not about tricking Google, and it’s about partnering with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.”

Thus, emphasize the user experience, your website speed (opt for a reliable web hosting plan of MilesWeb for a good uptime), keyword density, and many more.

Factors Influencing the SEO Score

Not only one but plenty of factors determine your website’s SEO score. Keep an eye on these factors and optimize your webpage accordingly. 

1. Content

High-quality and good readable content is something search engines mostly prefer. So, structure your content accordingly, make most of the transition words, add primary and secondary keywords without giving them a stuffing look and curate grammar error-free content. At last, do not forget to add meta tags (meta title and meta description). All in all, you have to add relevant information that keeps visitors engaged on your site.

2. SEO Optimization

Technically, SEO optimization is a crucial activity to make your websites crawl, index, and assess. Every search engine has a crawler that crawls websites and gives better ranks, and Google has Googlebot.

If there are many technical lags in SEO optimization, your site will not get higher search engine rankings. Following SEO optimization measures will enhance your online presence no matter how good quality content you develop. Consider broken links, server response, keyword density, and other SEO optimization measures.

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3. User Experience (UX)

User experience is the factor that shows how easy your website is there to navigate. Easier is the navigation; more SEO scores will be there. Put all CTA (Call to Action) elements in appropriate places, make menus and buttons accessible, and do not overlook graphics. Remember that a user must find relevant information on your website.

4. Mobile responsiveness

Almost 60% of internet users access webpage content through mobile phones, and 72% of people want mobile-friendly websites. So, can you afford to ignore so much website traffic from these people? If yes, it will directly hamper the overall SEO score of the site. Therefore, make your websites mobile-friendly.

Thus, look over these factors and implement them to enhance your site’s SEO score. However, this is not the only aspect to look at in digital marketing measures, and an excellent domain score with a good Domain Authority (DA) is equally crucial.

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Know All About the Domain Authority in SEO

Some third-party applications and tools like Moz, Prepostseo, Bulkdachecker, and others evaluate the domain authority. Their metrics highlight how trustworthy your site or domain is. Different factors includes domain age, spam score, incoming links quality, etc.

The higher domain authority is, the stronger your website will be, with a good probability of search engine rankings. But lower domain authority will make your website struggle to rank for competitive keywords.

What Is a Good Domain Authority and The SEO Score?

Digital marketing runs on metrics. Thus, for backlink generation and content marketing purposes, you have to look for sites with good domain authority and an SEO score.

The good domain score should range between 50 to 60 for your site. And anything above 60 counts as excellent. Likewise, a if you have doubt about what is a good SEO score? It ranges from 80 to 100.

How Can I Increase My Site’s Domain Authority and the SEO Score?

1. Add High-Quality Backlinks from Trusted Sites

Don’t forget that backlinks are crucial in determining your site’s domain authority and SEO score. One digital marketing study shows that 55.24% of websites do not receive organic traffic because of backlinks’ absence. Therefore, having high-quality backlinks must be on your to-do list.

2. Creating an Engaging Link Worthy Content

Create compelling content where inserting links are easier. It means you have to insert keywords at appropriate places without stuffing them to maintain the keyword density. And wait!! Don’t overlook the readability factor; the readability score should be above 50 or 60. Thereby, the chances of getting backlinks from high-authority websites are higher, enhancing the SEO score and DA.

3. Remove Bad Links by Auditing Sites

Don’t get obsessed with inbound links, readers!!! You may add bad links to your site that harm your DA and rankings. It is recommended not to take links from spammy websites that minimize your website’s domain authority. So, audit your sites regularly and remove all flaws that are hampering your site’s quality. Use different SEO tools for auditing your site and removing harmful links.

4. Optimize User Experience and the Website’s Structure

User experience and the website’s structures are two major components determining domain authority and the SEO score. Search engines easily crawl your web pages and index them with better search engine results. Hence, create a sitemap with WordPress and assist search engines like Google to navigate your webpage easily.

5. Enhance Your Internal Linking Strategy

The internal linking strategy evaluation is essential for your site’s SEO, and it’s one of the techniques to make your website more fit. By including the appropriate internal links, you ensure that Google is aware of the connection between pages and how relevant the pages are and page value.

Benefits of a Having A Good Domain Authority and the SEO Score

Having a good domain authority score and a good SEO score counts the value of your site against your competitors. So, if your site shoots a DA score of more than 60 and the SEO score of more than 80, you get the following benefits.

  • Get a considerable boost in your site’s Search Engine Rankings with the help of a DA score. The higher rank of your site, the more visitors and organic traffic your website can generate.
  • Digital ads like Google Ads and others hold a pivotal role in your website’s publicity. If you have to reach the masses, keep an eye on a good SEO score and domain authority. This digital publicity will maximize your brand’s revenue.
  • As a website owner, content marketer or digital marketing executive, if you have a good DA and an SEO score, your chances are higher of getting good costs on the guest posting opportunity. Thus, both factors bring more revenue in your pocket.
  • Lastly, marketing your products in the digital world is easier and result in increased affiliate sales.

Final Words

Now, if you have understood what SEO score and domain authority are, it is time to enhance your digital marketing efforts. After all, higher ranks on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) are the ultimate objective of all SEO optimization. The internet space is competitive with billions of indexed sites. So, don’t make your website lost in the internet world.

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