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10 Best SEO Automation Tools for Every Content Marketer

Top 10 SEO Automation Tools

Producing good content that ranks well in Google is much more than writing great copy. Even there is one more factor that determines the same, that is websites’ performance. Hence, users prefer the cheap domain hosting service plan.

You need to optimize your content for SEO, which is intricate, extensive, and boring.

Luckily, numerous powerful tools can make the procedure simpler.

They help you build your SEO strategy, generate better content, improve copy readability, and guarantee you accurately utilize the right keywords.

The outcome is appealing, rankable content, and capable of bringing more target audiences to your site.

This extensive guide will talk about the ten best SEO automation tools for producing interesting and traffic-generating content.

Know the benefits and drawbacks of each software to determine which one to utilize for your business.

10 Best SEO Automation Tools for Every Content Marketer

The following are a MUST addition to your SEO marketing, and these can help you reach the goals of the high-ranked site on Google Search Engine.


An Al-powered content writing tool, Frase will help the SEO create the content process very simple and optimized according to the requirement and make the content easy to understand by solopreneurs. 

Using Frase is very easy. After optimizing the content, you are asked to select the target search query. Frase will now create a brief result per your chosen search query and will also provide you with a list of keywords to target the audience, thus making highly optimized content. 

I was amazed to see the analytics feature that enables the Console Data of Google Search Engine, which helps you find the opportunities within the content. I found it on one of the blogs on Mentorim as it is a good platform to read the valuable posts. They cover informational topics like how to make money online and why SEO is crucial for marketers.


  • Free Trial Period
  • Backed SEO approach 
  • Easily to work with chrome extension


  • The user interface is not easy to use and is slightly clunky.

2. PageOptimizer Pro

Commonly known as the POP in the SEO content management tool, Page Optimizer PRO helps writers optimize their content and get the desired keywords easily.

The usage of this tool is very easy and simple. 

All you need to do is mention or input the target keywords, page and domain. After you have selected the keywords and target audience, you will now choose the area and the competitors to get the desired briefing which can be exported to the POP Dashboard for further analytics. 

This tool also shares a report which provides you with the score and projected suggestions for optimization. 


  • Easy to navigate the tools
  • Al – makes writing easy
  • Powerful analytics


  • Plan supporting 1 user
  • No Free Trial

3. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is one of the easiest and most dependable SEO tools for content planning, which helps the SEO team optimize the optimization score and increase the search engine rankings.

This tool allows the SEO to strategize the plan, provide keyword ideas according to the content for potential liking, and turn the content into different categories for targeting multiple sites and searches with just 1 piece of content. 

The AI-powered editor tool also allows owners to create a brief record of the writers to check their quality standards according to the target keywords. 

The tool is simply the best and works on other platforms, and also Google extensions allow the content to be shared with Word Press and Google Docs.


  • Friendly UI
  • Auditing tool provided with the package
  • Optimization allowed in Google extension


  • No Free Trial

4. Grammarly

One of the best grammar checking tools with spelling preferences is Grammarly – an easy-to-use SEO content and marketer tool with greater UI experience. 

As the SEO team is reliable on Microsoft Office for spelling and grammar errors, Grammarly is undoubtedly the best and easy-to-use app for writing assistance. It can be available via the Google extension. 

Not only does Grammarly check the spelling and grammar mistakes, but it also provides high-level changes in grammar, which are vital for SEO optimization. 

This tool will certainly help you to change the tone of your content. 


  • Google extension available
  • Paid plans – affordable as per your needs


  • Only in Premium account – Grammar tools are accessible

5. Zapier

This integrated tool is infinite for SEO content and marketers as it seemingly allows the SEO team to automatically post on social media when a new blog is updated on your website.  

Zapier is also known as the perfect app for automating tasks and used as a connecting app like the use of Type form research. 

This tool also provides multiple actions from a single click. Zapier is pre-designed with more than 1500 apps and is best for mid-sized businesses. 


  • Friendly User Interface
  • Pre-designed connectors with 1500 apps
  • Adjust pricing – Pay as per your usage and clicks.


  • Free version with limited quantities of targets
  • No native iOS app

6. Semrush

The most powerful writing assistance, Semrush, allows the SEO content writers to use the optimization several times to improve the real-time data compiled by Google through the search engine results.

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant is easily integrated with Google Docs, Microsoft Word and Word Press. It is known as the only completed marketing toolkit designed for SEO content and management and content & SEO strategy. 

I highly recommend using Semrush (Free Trial available) to improve your real-time optimization with real-time and top-ranked results.


  • Allows Plagiarism checker with content optimization
  • Powerful optimization tool
  • Plagiarism checker included


  • Free accounts available – Limited service

7. BuzzSumo

This content marketing platform is perfect for analyzing the content strategy and helping the SEO with keyword research.

BuzzSumo, a unique discovery tool, allows you to create convincing ideas for targeted research and SEO insights. 

This tool allows you to scan and analyze the keyword from 100’s of targeted posts and post in your niche article to get an insight analysis. 

BuzzSumo has also been part of the marketing stack for 5 more years. 


  • Additional content management tool/ features
  • Advanced features for content marketing


  • Free plan for 10 searches only


The simple AI tool is designed to create blogs on social media with a delicate yet simple user interface. Jasper is providing the SEO content marketers with the legwork to work for all content-related methodologies.

According to Jasper’s team, this tool can read 10-15% of content on the internet to scan the content and generate credible and unique content in a few clicks. This AI tool, Jasper, is also very much functional and useful for creating short texts for posts. 


  • Simple yet easy user interface
  • Works best for content writing


  • Irrelevant suggestions

9. SEO Power Suite

The complete all-in-one SEO software solution, SEO PowerSuite, can help the SEO team to produce high-quality content that is the potential to lead the ratings. 

The in-built web auditor tool helps optimize the content for on-page rankings and informs the strategy used for content targeting and keywords. 

The free version provides limited features like no saved projects for future use, but still, the link assistant and other spyglass tools are best for backlink and building links for research works. 


  • Complete SEO Toolkit
  • Keyword research with on-page optimization


  • It is not a cloud app

10. Hemingway

One of the best SEO writing tools, Hemingway App is a readable and free text editor which is very useful for understanding the clarity of the content. 

Online reading is vital for social media, and readers do not like hard sentences or complex structures. 

Hemingway helps the reader understand the context, and with the best user interface, you get the best chance to be on the top of all search engines on the web.


  • Easy to understand UI
  • Desktop application available


  • Not accessible with Google Docs

7 Tips for Optimizing Your Content for Google 

Powerful SEO automation tools can assist you in generating searchable content that ranks well in search engines.

Nevertheless, you must know the best practices for a content writing to boost your possibilities for success.

Stick to these five tips to optimize your copy for search engines and people.  

1. Use Low And Medium Competition Key Phrases With High Search Volumes

The tools listed in this guide will aid you in finding low-competition keywords for your site.

If your site’s domain authority is low, you won’t rank higher no matter how well-optimized your content is.

Older and dependable sites will forever be at the top of the Google search results page.

You should insert low and medium competition keywords in your content.

In this way, your site’s impressions will grow gradually. Some of your pages will reach the search engines’ second page without building links.  

2. Insert The Target Keyword In The Meta Description And Title

Meta descriptions and titles help search engines comprehend the copy on your page.

Titles and descriptions are displayed whenever your page shows up in search results.

People see the title before visiting your page. That’s why the title should be optimized and attractive.

The titles are generally up to 62 characters, while the descriptions are up to 170.   

3. Optimize Your Article’s Length

Before producing new content, you should take some time to check the length of the best-performing posts in the search results.

If you want to outrank them, your articles should be longer and provide more value to people.

Generating rephrased content of the identical length won’t help you beat your competitors.

If you want to craft valuable and memorable content for users, add your unique opinion and experience.

4. Optimize The Content For Google As Well As Users

Optimizing content for users is as critical as optimizing for Google. Thus, you should use SEO automation tools.

Hemingway and Grammarly will aid you in polishing your content and improving readability.

Keyword density checkers will allow you to see how many times you have used your keyword in the text.

5. Optimize The Pictures

Google bots cannot understand what is on your pictures. Nonetheless, they can recite alt tags and photo titles.

If your content contains images, you must add keywords in the alt tags and titles to help search engine bots understand your content’s purpose.

Plus, your pictures will appear in image search results.  

You should also compress your images’ sizes to decrease your site’s loading time.

The loading time of a site is one of the biggest ranking factors.

Try using WebP or AVIF image formats instead of PNG and JPEG formats.

Modern image formats have greater quality and compression characteristics.

6. Link To Influential Websites

After building your post, make sure to link externally. Linking to reputable, high-authority websites offers users extra reading stuff to enhance their knowledge. 

Plus, it shows Google that you have done thorough research. 

Research-backed statistics from high-quality sites strengthen the posts. 

Convincing stats aids you in building a more concrete argument to gain your readers’ trust.  

7. Link To Other Posts On Your Website

Linking to other posts on your site helps Google generate a correct sitemap. 

Besides, it helps your visitors find more of your valuable content and become familiar with you as a reliable source of information. 

On the flip side, links to your other blog posts keep readers on your website longer, boosting your probability of conversion and decreasing the bounce rate. 

When linking to other content on your site, utilize natural language for your anchor text. 

Never use generic or spammy CTAs, such as click here, learn more, etc. 

Instead, use descriptive anchor texts for your internal links, such as download your ebook, get a quote, etc. 

Avoid force-feeding links to your featured products and top blog posts.


From keyword research to checking plagiarism, grammar, and spelling, our ten best SEO automation tools for content marketers cover all steps in the content generation process.

By using these tools, you can save a lot of time and effort when you are crafting content for organic search.

The top SEO writers and marketers use them to enhance content engagement, improve rankings, and drive conversions.

Start with these tools to see the advantages for yourself.

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