The Ultimate Showdown: Rank Math SEO vs. Yoast SEO vs. All-in-One SEO Plugins

Updated on 17 July 2024 11 min Read
Rank Math SEO vs. Yoast SEO vs. All-in-One SEO Plugins

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the optimization of your website based on the ranking factors considered by the search engines. The ultimate goal of SEO is to rank the websites on the internet. And for this, SEO plugins are essential tools. They improve a website’s search engine visibility.

These plugins are commonly designed for CMS platforms like WordPress. They include features to optimize content, site structure, and boost overall SEO performance. Such SEO plugins are Rank Math SEO, Yoast SEO, and All-in-One SEO plugins. All of these are the most popular and widely used SEO plugins.

We have compared all the three plugins in this post, providing insight on their features, paid and free plans, extra tools, and much more. Without further ado, let’s move on to the decisive match between Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO, and All-in-One SEO Plugins.

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1) All About Rank Math SEO

Rank Math is a popular and powerful WordPress SEO plugin developed by MyThemeShop. It optimizes websites for search engines and improves their rankings. The Rank Math SEO plugin was first released in 2019 and quickly became one of the most popular in the world.

Currently, it is used by over 2 million people in over 195 countries. The Rank Math tool can help you achieve your search engine optimization goals by improving your website’s SEO.

2) All About Yoast SEO

Joost de Valk is the creator of the well-known WordPress SEO plugin Yoast SEO. Its purpose is to assist website owners in improving their website’s search engine ranking.  Yoast SEO was first introduced in 2008 and has since grown in popularity.

Presently, over 16 million individuals across more than 180 nations utilize it. Yoast SEO is an effective tool that you can use to boost the SEO of your website and accomplish your SEO objectives.

3) All About All-in-One SEO

The first WordPress SEO plugin is All-In-One SEO (AIOSEO), which is considered one of the most user- and beginner-friendly SEO plugins. It aids in enhancing the SEO (search engine optimization) of your website. AIOSEO is used by more than 3 million website owners to improve their search engine rankings.

With AIOSEO users get access to all the effective SEO tools so that they can improve the rankings of the website.

Comparison: Rank Math SEO vs. Yoast SEO vs. All-in-One SEO Plugins

After having a general understanding of the mentioned SEO plugins, let us move on towards the further comparison of Rank Math SEO, Yoast SEO, and All-in-One SEO plugins. This comparison will help us to better understand and will make it easier for us to choose the finest SEO plugins.

Comparison based on the features.

Keyword Optimization:

Rank Math, Yoast SEO, and AIOSEO plugins all supports keyword optimization. Users can easily optimize the target keywords for the content on the website. These plugins also offer recommendations for keyword positioning. Manages title tags, meta descriptions, and alt text for images.


Setting up Rank Math, Yoast SEO, and AIOSEO plugins have the similar steps for the setup process. Each plugin consists of a guided setup wizard to walk you through it.

The following is a general overview of the setup process for each plugin:

  • Installation and Activation
  • Setup Wizard
  • Import Settings
  • Search Console Verification and Analytics
  • Advanced Settings Configurations

Image Optimizations:

If you are looking for image optimization options, then the Rank Math SEO plugin, Yoast Seo plugin, and AIOSEO all provide the highest quality. However, these plugins may have some similar features, while some of them may differ.

For instance, Rank Math, Yoast, and AIOSEO support image naming, alt text, and compression without affecting image quality. On the other hand, Rank Math provides image lazy loading and sitemap generation features. Yoast is an expert at suggesting image dimensions and captions. While the All-In-One SEO plugin provides additional features for image titles along with context for the user experience.


Website speed directly affects both search engine results and the user experience. Thus, it becomes and important factor SEO. It The plugins Rank Math, Yoast SEO, and AIOSEO provide different features to increase the speed of websites.

All three popular SEO plugins provide code optimization tips, resource deferral processes, caching, and CDN to maintain the high speed performance of any website.

However, the Rank Math SEO plugin gets a step ahead of the other two by giving access to lazy loading for images and minifications for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and GZIP compressions.


All three SEO plugins offer user-friendliness but include different features. They offer various features to make the interface and other factors easy to use. Here’s a breakdown for each.

The Rank Math plugin includes a setup wizard, an intuitive interface, on-page SEO tools, contextual pop-ups, and regular updates for user-friendliness.

The Yoast plugin offers step-by-step configuration, a traffic light system, a readability analysis tool, a cornerstone content management facility, and an insights dashboard.

Similarly, the All-In-One SEO tool provides a simplified setup process, link assistant scans, and breadcrumbs generation.

Schema Markup:

Schema markup is the structured data that helps search engines better understand the content by organizing and labeling website content. All three plugins—Rank Math, Yoast SEO, and AIOSEO—offer schema markup features. Here’s a detailed note on that.

The SEO Rank Math plugin offers extensive schema support, automated schema generation, custom schema templates, and contextual schema options within the WordPress editor.

SEO by Yoast plugin offers schema with the help of basic schema types, guided schema implementation, social media optimizations, and markup testing by using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

XML Sitemaps:

XML sitemaps help search engines easily discover and index the website’s content. Rank Math, Yoast SEO, and AIOSEO all offer some common and different XML sitemap generation features.

The common site tools of Rank Math, Yoast, and AIOSEO are automatic sitemap generation tools, sitemap creation and optimization tools, and sitemap creation and submission tools.

Title and Meta Description:

Title tags and meta descriptions are necessary elements of on-page SEO. An SEO analysis report is incomplete without them. Because it provides search engines with information about the content of users’ web pages.

The Rank Math SEO plugin automatically generates suggestions for title tags and meta descriptions based on webpage content. It also includes real-time feedback on the quality of tags and descriptions, a snippet preview tool, and various variables to personalize title tags and meta descriptions.

The Yoast SEO tool offers a character count management tool for recommended character limits and identifies and alerts about duplicate meta descriptions, thus protecting against ranking penalties.

The All-in-One SEO tool offers rich snippet previews, creates dynamic meta descriptions, and provides separate settings for social media title tags and meta descriptions.

Content Analyzer:

Analyzing the content of the website and making it fit into the Google search ranking criteria is the utmost responsibility of an SEO plugin. Especially popular WordPress SEO plugins like Rank Math, Yoast, and AIOSEO offer content analyzer tools. This tool helps users optimize their content for search engines.

The Rank Math plugin’s content analyzer tool gives a comprehensive analysis of content, suggestions for keyword usage, and readability, and easily integrates with Google Search Console to track the content rankings.

The Yoast plugin content analyzer tool is a favorite WordPress SEO plugin. It offers focused keyword optimization, a readability score, a concise overview of the content’s SEO strength, and improvised suggestions for keyword usage and meta descriptions.

The SEO content analyzer feature of the plugin All-In-One SEO offers keyword optimization with technical SEO analysis. It improves content’s keyword usage, meta descriptions, and internal linking.

Robots.txt and .htaccess File Editor:

Robots.txt and .htaccess files are the editable files of the WordPress plugins that control and manage the crawlability rate of the search engines. Since search engine crawling is important, the plugins support the feature to the best of their ability.

Rank Math Robots.txt and .htaccess File Editor key features:

  • Edit the files directly from the dashboard
  • Highlights syntax for easy editing
  • Set preview changes before saving
  • Undo and redo functionality
  • Integrates easily with other Rank Math SEO tools

Yoast SEO Robots.txt and .htaccess File Editor key features:

  • Edit the files directly from the dashboard
  • Provides a clear and concise overview of the files
  • Offers suggestions for improvements
  • Integrates easily with other Yoast SEO tools

AIOSEO Robots.txt and .htaccess File Editor key features:

  • Edit the files directly from the dashboard
  • Provides a detailed analysis of the files
  • Integrates easily with other AIOSEO SEO tools

However, it is important to note that all these plugins still lack some features, like unlimited editing options, as compared to the other WordPress SEO plugins.

Site Audit:

With site audit features, users can evaluate the overall health and performance of their website. This feature helps identify technical issues, SEO problems, and content weaknesses.

  • Rank Math

Out of the three plugins, Rank Math has the most features for a site audit. It comes with an effective crawler that can locate every page on your website and several tests for content flaws, technical SEO issues, and SEO concerns. In one go, Rank Math’s site audit tool can crawl up to 500,000 pages per site. It can easily identify low-quality content and duplicate content.

  • Yoast

In comparison to Rank Math, Yoast SEO provides a decent set of site audit options. The site audit tool from Yoast SEO is designed to find on-page and technical SEO elements. Yoast SEO’s site audit tool can crawl up to 100,000 pages per site in one search result. It runs a variety of checks for on-page SEO factors, such as title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags.


In the race of site audits, AIOSEO’s functions are comparably less than those of Rank Math and Yoast SEO. The site audit tool from AIOSEO is designed to find on-page, off-page, and technical SEO problems. AIOSEO’s site audit tool can crawl up to 50,000 pages per site per search. The most effective way it can perform is through backlinks and social media mentions.

Editable Canonical URLs:

The control over the canonical URL of each page helps the search engines get accustomed to the preferred version of the webpage content. All three WordPress plugins (Rank Math, Yoast, and AIOSEO) offer the same editable canonical URL feature.

These features are as follows:

  • Editing the canonical URL of any page or post on the WordPress website.
  • Specifying the exact canonical URL for each page or post
  • Using dynamic variables in canonical URLs
  • Integrating with other SEO tools, such as the Google Search Console
  • Direct access from the meta box
  • Setting a default canonical URL for all pages or posts on your website

Optimized for WooCommerce:

WooCommerce-optimized features help improve the SEO of the WooCommerce store and attract more customers. Each plugin has some features for the WooCommerce stores.

SEO Rank Math Plugin

The Rank Math plugin automatically adds product schema markup and automatically generates breadcrumbs for the WooCommerce product pages. It includes several WooCommerce-specific redirects and snippet previews.

However, it does not include WooCommerce-specific meta descriptions, automated optimization of the images, automatically adding structured data, or generating internal linking between product pages.

SEO Yoast Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin offers WooCommerce-specific meta descriptions, snippet previews, and social sharing meta tags. It does not provide automatic product schema markup for product pages.

It also does not include WooCommerce-specific redirects, automatic breadcrumbs generation, automated optimization of the images, and automatically adding structured data or generating internal linking between product pages.


The All-in-One SEO plugin provides WooCommerce specifics such as automatic product schema markups, optimized images, and internal linking generation between the product pages. It also automatically adds structured data to the product pages.

The cons of it are that it does not generate breadcrumbs, specific meta descriptions, specific snippet previews, or social sharing meta tags.

Free Plan Features:

Features included in the free plans of Rank Math, Yoast, and AIOSEO

Free Plans of Rank Math, Yoast, and AIOSEO
  • Keyword optimization suggestions
  • Schema markup
  • Image optimization
  • Social media sharing meta tags
  • Local SEO optimization
  • SEO tool integrations

Paid Plan Features:

Features included in the paid plans of Rank Math, Yoast, and AIOSEO

Paid plans of Rank Math, Yoast, and AIOSEO
  • Unlimited SEO site audits
  • Unlimited technical SEO analysis
  • Content AI assistance
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Sitemap generation
  • Redirect manager
  • Internal linking suggestions
  • Google Search Console integration
  • Analytics integration
  • White-labeled email reports

Pricing Structure Comparison: Rank Math SEO vs. Yoast SEO vs. All-in-One SEO Plugins

All the mentioned SEO plugins have the best features; however, their pricing structure must be known. Users may find them cost-efficient or not; it totally depends on the budget of the users.

Rank Math Pricing

Apart from its free-to-use plan, Rank Math offers three pricing plans for its users.

  1. Pro: This plan is perfect for bloggers, individuals, and solopreneurs. It costs $5.75 per month or $69 per year.
  2. Business: This plan is perfect for freelancers, businesses, and agency owners. It costs $19.08 per month or $237.6 per year.
  3. Agency: This plan is perfect for agency owners with high volumes. It costs $45.75 per month or $549 per year.

Yoast SEO Pricing

  1. Apart from its free plan, Yoast SEO offers only a single premium plan, which costs $99 per year, which is approximately $8.25 per month.

AIOSEO Pricing

AIOSEO offers four pricing plans apart from its free version.

  1. Basic: This plan is the most affordable option and costs $49.60 per year or $4.13 per month.
  2. Plus: This plan is slightly more expensive than the Basic plan and costs $99.60 per year or $8.3 per month.
  3. Pro: This plan is perfect for businesses that need more features. It costs $199.60 per year or $16.63 per month.
  4. Elite: This plan is the most expensive option and is perfect for businesses that need the most features. It costs $299.60 per year or $29.96 per month.

Remember, only Rank Math offers a monthly plan structure, but Yoast and AIOSEO have yearly subscriptions. We have included their monthly cost as well, which will make it easy for you to understand the billing and comparison.


Rank Math, Yoast SEO, and AIOSEO are all powerful SEO plugins that can help you improve your website’s ranking in search engines. With these plugins, you can be assured that your website content will be analyzed, optimized, and made perfect for search engine rankings.

However, the decision about the best plugin for your WordPress website will depend on your individual needs and budget. If you ask me which one to select on a tight budget, then I would suggest you go for Rank Math.

Rank Math is the best option for budget-conscious users. It offers the most features for the price, and it’s free version includes many features that are not available for free in Yoast SEO or AIOSEO.

Similarly for beginners, I would recommend Yoast. Yoast SEO is the most user-friendly of the three plugins, and it offers a good amount of features for beginners, who can start optimizing their websites instantly without much expertise.

And my final suggestion will be AIOSEO for those who need a comprehensive SEO solution. It is a good option with a wide range of features, including advanced SEO tools, content AI assistance, keyword rank tracking, sitemap generation, a redirect manager, and much more. So choose wisely.

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