How To Increase The Domain Authority Of Your Website?

Updated on 27 January 2022 5 min Read
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Domain authority is a system that is used to understand how Google’s Algorithm ranks your website in terms of your website’s authoritativeness and credibility on the web. This is a really important factor for all types of websites. The domain authority of a website ranges from 0-100.

How to check the domain authority of your website?

For checking the domain authority of your website you can install the SEOMoz plugin in your browser. This plugin will show the domain authority and other important details for the websites that you browse. There are also many free and easy to use tools online that will help you to ascertain the domain authority of your website.

A higher domain authority means:

  • A better SERP
  • More traffic to the website
  • Attract guest posts
  • Attract advertisers on a large scale
  • Increase in affiliate sales and much more

Basically, the higher the domain authority of your website, the more befits you have. You might come across a lot of information about increasing the domain authority of your website, but it is important to be realistic and know what will work for your website.

Here are some easy and amazing ways to increase the domain authority of your website:

Ensure Good Website Speed

To start with your website should be easy to navigate and fast. Poor loading speed can result in an increase of the bounce rate of your website. Most of the users don’t have the patience to wait for a long time for your website to load, even you wouldn’t right? Therefore it is important to ensure that your website pages load quickly. For a fast loading speed your website must be hosted on an efficient web hosting server. It is ideal to choose the web hosting package according to the requirements of your website; you can talk to your web hosting company about the most suitable web hosting solution for your website.

You can check the speed of your website with the page speed tool provided by Google. This tool will not just help you to analyze the speed of your website but it will also help you to identify some solutions to make your website fast and to improve the user experience on your website.

Content is King!

Content is one of the most crucial aspects of your website. Content attracts visitors on your website and you should never compromise on the quality of content on your website. Content that is unique and readable gets value everywhere. When you write high quality content, people link it from their websites and other resources and thereby the content is shared among their networks. The content on your web pages should make sense and provide value to your readers / visitors.

Keep these important factors in mind for creating content for your website:

  • Avoid content duplication at any cost
  • Write genuine content that provides information and value
  • Write something new for your readers everytime
  • Avoid stuffing keywords for the sake of SEO in your content
  • Check for grammar and spelling errors before making the content live
  • Create content for users / readers and not for search engines

Interlinking Is Important

If you would like to establish an authoritative website, it is important to interlink the internal pages of your website or blog. At times, people tend to focus more on external linking rather than the internal linking of the website. Internal links help the visitors to reach the information they are trying to find, thereby improving the user experience. This goes on to say that if your users are checking out some articles on your blog, they can still navigate easily to the home page with just a click. If you have a blog on your website, it is ideal to interlink the related blog posts as your users might be interested in reading them as well. Good interlinking helps in keeping your users engaged and it helps the search engines to index your website.

Remove Links From Bad Sources

This is an extremely important aspect for achieving a high domain authority! You must check if there are any backlinks to your website that come from bad or illegitimate sources. You must keep a watch on your backlink profile on a consistent basis. If your backlink profile consists of any links coming from a bad website, then it is going to have a negative impact on the domain authority of your website. Also, check all your website pages to see if you have posted any links that point to a bad or an illegitimate website. It is hard and time consuming to check all the backlinks and all the links on your website, but there are online tools available that will show you the link profile of your website.

Your Website Must Be Mobile Friendly!

A mobile friendly website is the need of the time as most of the users might browse your website through their mobiles or tabs! If your website is not yet optimized for the mobile users, then you are lacking behind from the competition. Mobile friendliness of a website is an important ranking factor, therefore, if your website is not mobile friendly, it will lose out on the search engine rankings and you will also lose out on a lot of traffic.
You can test if your website is mobile friendly or not through – Mobile-Friendly website test by Google

Promote Your Content Through Social Media

Social media shares are important ranking factors; therefore, you must promote your content through social media regularly. If the content on your website is not shared through social media websites, it will not get enough traffic and then the whole idea of creating informative content and reaching out to people is affected. It is ideal to post links of your articles, blogs, product pages or any other informative content and encourage the people in your network to like, share and comment on your posts. It is also crucial to incorporate the social media buttons on your website pages so that your users can connect with you immediately.


The domain authority of your website is a judgment of the overall performance of your website. A good domain authority portrays the credibility of your website and creates a good impression in the minds of the audience. If you have a higher domain authority in comparison to your competitors, you gain a competitive edge right away! If you correctly implement the ways mentioned above, the domain authority of your website will surely increase providing your website with a great search engine rank and higher traffic.

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