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Google Trends: 4 ways to do market research

The Google Trends is one of the most important features that Google offers to its users. The tool allows any company to perform free market research that can help in finding the keywords that are trending and can be used for SEO purpose.

 In this post we present four ways to use Google Trends to evaluate the segment and plan marketing actions:

  1. Demand: You can use Trends to know people’s interest in research on products and services related to your business and market, and what the terms (keywords) are most used. Web Hosting service, for example, will find that the search forWordPress Hosting Google had a large growth from 2007 and continues today.


It is also possible to compare the demand of other backgrounds and categories, such as VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting or Shared Hosting, providing an indication of which services your prospects are most interested in.


The tool also provides information about related terms that are also important. In the case of hosting services, Google provides many other queries related to the types of services and providers. In practice, it shows what kind of description the service providers must use to satisfy the interested public.


  1. Season: The second valuable information is seasonality with the products / services that are in demand throughout the year. In the case of wine, there is a great seasonality in which the interest is concentrated in the months of June and July (winter) and the end of the year (Christmas and New Year). Following the chart and the behavior in previous periods it is possible to predict when demand will increase and thus plan the marketing actions.


  1. Region: Another important information for planning are the states and cities with the highest search volume. In the example, it is clear that the greatest demand is concentrated in the southeast region.


  1. Competition: Based on the amount of searches for a specific brand, you can monitor the popularity of competitors or the leading companies in its segment, analyze what they are doing relevant to be more popular and setting benchmarks to be implemented in your own business.

Recently the site has undergone a makeover that made functionality easier to be used, especially the refinement of research and the exchange of data and periods.

Also introduced the “Alert” feature, which periodically sends an email about the search trends you use most.

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