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Becoming a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

becoming search engine optimization specialist

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the future of digital marketing. As a specialist, you will run your website and other platforms to the top of search engine rankings, resulting in better exposure. It is a chance to make a fortune as an employee or entrepreneur in digital marketing.

SEO experts do not require any background skills. A doctor, engineer, IT specialist, teacher, lawyer, driver, or any IT literate person can learn the tricks. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to become an SEO specialist.

Learn SEO

SEO is a science. Appearing at the top with every search result requires an understanding of basic principles like algorithms. The principles are taught in a digital marketing class because you cannot depend on on-job training and hope to compete with the best. Learn what it will take for your content to appear on top of search results.

Colleges do not offer digital marketing courses in a way that would make them the best learning platforms. The industry changes so rapidly that it is impossible to develop a curriculum that will still be relevant in a few months or years. However, there are several ways you can learn digital marketing to the level of a pro.

Enroll in a course

Colleges and institutions hold boot camps on digital marketing. They use their resources like tutors, classes, and goodwill to organize minute learning sessions on digital marketing. The courses may take a few days or weeks, sometimes happening online and only taking a few hours a day. The institutions also collaborate with developers to provide quality digital marketing training. The structured learning that takes place here makes it easier for you to understand and implement digital marketing. You will also get a certificate that affirms your digital marketing capability when you are looking for clients.

Learn using online materials

The internet can now be described as the biggest library in the world. It has learning materials on all subjects you can desire to know. Search for digital marketing materials online and learn SEO from the best marketers in the industry. Digital marketing materials are available in PDF, video, audio, and other forms of presentation. You can access a lot of free materials online, saving you the cost of paying for an online course.

Using online digital marketing materials calls for caution. The materials must be professionally prepared to ascertain their quality. Using poor-quality digital marketing materials will result in substandard skills.

The best sources of online learning materials are websites or platforms run by credible institutions like colleges. Such institutions have vetting mechanisms to ensure that only quality materials are uploaded.

You should also get download and use materials from reputable digital marketing professionals. The materials are dependable by the virtue of the owners being industry gurus. You will also learn a lesson or two from their websites about digital marketing.


You can experiment with ideas to see what works and the ideas that will not work. It is also a chance to invent new ideas in digital marketing that could become a source of fortune. Start practicing with the most rudimentary skills acquired.

Set up your social media platforms, blogs, and website to experiment with digital marketing. Take up internship opportunities at a digital marketing company. You should also begin to take minor projects within your skills level. As you apply the knowledge learned, you increase your mastery.

Use developer tutorials

Developers of digital marketing tools always provide tutorials. The tutorials are available in text, video, infographic, and audio formats, among other options. Visit their official platforms on social media, blogs, and on their websites to get these materials for use when learning.

Developer-generated materials are more reliable when learning digital marketing. The developers want you to learn how to use their products. They, therefore, simplify their tutorials helping you to understand better.

Developers also offer certification once you complete their tutorials and training courses. Such certification will give you the confidence to work with the tools as well as convince potential clients about your competence. It is the best mode of learning digital marketing over the internet.

Set up a website or blog to experiment

The basic tools used in digital marketing are blogs, websites, and social media. If you have to learn to use these platforms and tools, you need the raw materials. Establish a blog, social media page, and website as a starting point.

Use the platforms to experiment and learn more about digital marketing. By the time you pitch an idea to your client, you should have tested it and proven that it can work on these platforms. You will be certain that the results you promise the client are obtainable.

Luckily for digital marketing learners, these platforms are free. With internet access, you can establish and run a social media page, blog, or website that brings a fortune through digital marketing.

Experimental platforms on social media, blogs, and websites also serve as a portfolio. When a client wants to verify your skills, you can send him to the platforms. You will have no problem convincing clients that you can deliver to their expectations.

Work at a digital marketing agency

Get a job at a digital marketing agency. A busy agency will give you the best training because it is dealing with multiple clients and diverse projects. Such an environment will help you to learn everything you want about digital marketing and SEO.

Digital agencies also provide internship opportunities. The opportunities are excellent learning points because you will be learning under experienced SEO specialists. Their guidance is structured as opposed to learning on your own through the internet.

A digital marketing agency serving multiple clients will give you the best training. In the course of serving these clients, you will learn about SEO applications in different situations. It is a chance to choose your preferred area of practicing SEO.

Busy digital marketing agencies bring you into contact with clients. You will learn the processes of acquiring clients and how to deliver the best services to retain their contracts. The contacts you establish and the networks you build while working at the agency will help you to set up your company in the future.

Digital marketing agencies have a lot of resources you can use to learn. They receive promotional materials from developers and training sessions at a subsidized cost. They also use the best tools in the industry because they are serving lucrative clients who pay enough for them to afford these tools. Use the agency as a stepping stone towards establishing your firm and serving clients as a freelancer.

Take SEO clients

Start taking SEO clients as early as possible. SEO is so diverse that you can start serving certain needs on your first day of training. Recognize the fact that you cannot learn everything then go forth to implement it in the field. The little you learn is enough to serve particular needs. Start your SEO journey immediately.

SEO clients offer such assignments as setting up social media pages, groups, and professional platforms. These are easy tasks that only require awareness. As these small companies grow, they will increase your pay to the point of you becoming an agency.

Do not target large companies, to begin with. Their assignments are demanding and complex. In other cases, you might not afford the tools they require for you to meet their expectations. The best trick is to grow with the small businesses and startups as you learn and master digital marketing skills.

Small companies and those beginning their digital marketing journeys are comfortable with experiments. They want to see you try new tricks that bring more traffic or improve ranking. Such leeway is not available when dealing with large corporations.

It does not block you from taking up huge clients. Once you feel that your confidence levels are high enough to handle some of these humongous tasks, you can approach large corporations with an irresistible offer. However, prepare for the pressure and intense work that comes with managing such sensitive SEO projects.

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Stay updated on the latest SEO trends

Learn the latest trends, tools, and techniques in SEO. It is the only way you can provide updated solutions to your clients. Such solutions will deliver the results such clients want from a digital marketing campaign.

You cannot go back to college every time you want to learn the latest SEO tricks. Here are the best hacks to remain updated on SEO.

  • Practice SEO – as you practice SEO on your website, blog, or social media, you will learn new tricks. You do not have to depend on other people to train you. Your mastery adds up to new skills and advanced competence.
  • Follow SEO groups– the groups are common on social media. SEO enthusiasts use the platforms to share individual hacks on SEO. You will learn a lot since the groups and social media pages bring together experts from different fields.
  • Research– read about SEO from credible sources. Look for new ways to achieve better results and be efficient in your digital marketing campaigns. In this deliberate effort, you will discover tools that you never thought existed.
  • Follow other gurus– SEO experts share their insights on the industry on social media and blogs. Follow their content religiously to learn about SEO. They are more reliable because you can ascertain whether their tricks work by looking at their work.

An updated SEO practitioner gains the confidence of his clients. You will be proposing ideas that your clients have not used. As a result, they want to try and offer you the job opportunity. Once you gain the confidence of a client because of offering the best solutions, you will reap a fortune in digital marketing.

Obtain online certification

Train with digital marketing experts and obtain certification. The certificates are mainly issued by developers. They confirm that your skills are sufficient to service a particular system or handle an app. In some cases, the developers convert you into a local agent because they have confidence in your capability.

It is easy to obtain online certification. The developers offer free training on their websites and other platforms. Developers also collaborate with colleges and training institutions to offer certification programs. It is a convenient way to enhance your digital marketing skills. You can use the certificate to serve clients from any part of the world.

Learn under a mentor

Mentorship is one of the strongest and most effective ways to learn digital marketing. Identify a friend, peer, or people in your circles who can teach you the tricks used in SEO. Mentors rarely charge for their services. It is, therefore, an excellent chance to learn.

Mentors are practical in their approach to training. A mentor will teach you to be like him. It is, therefore, important to choose the right mentors and avoid learning substandard tricks. Pick an SEO expert with a proven record.

Mentors do not always train one-on-one. Some run digital training sessions or email-based programs. You will be doing the heavy lifting during learning. It is the personal initiative to learn that will help you get the skills from mentors.

Learn the SEO tools to use

You will never be an SEO expert without mastery of tools used in digital marketing. The tools help with such tasks as monitoring the source of traffic, researching your competition, identifying the trending keywords, and posting content on your platforms, among others. Learn how to use the tools to make your SEO tasks more efficient.

At the end of the day, SEO is about results. The client will want to know how well he ranked, the traffic that was directed to his page, and conversion, among other factors. You must monitor your effort and results to develop ways of improving your performance.

The Author

Adrian Lomezzo is a freelance writer at scholarship essay writing service who has devoted his vocation to marketing. He helped students to enhance their grades and also free time from their schedule to help them learn SEO tricks that they can use to make money while still in college.

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