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3 Important Rules: How will my Web Hosting help with SEO?

Web Hosting help with SEO

As the title indicates that there are 3 golden rules to stick by while choosing a Web hosting package to complete your SEO efforts. We know that content generally plays a big role in search engines and this is certainly something that you should focus on. However, there are other SEO factors, specifically your web hosting package and how it can assist or make it hard on your SEO. Check out these three golden rules and ask yourself the question… Is my website working pretty good on my current hosting plan?

Number 1 rule of thumb: Website loading speed

The speed of your site is an important part of the ranking with search engines. For having a fast website it needs to be well coded, optimized and hosted on a fast server. You can get an overview of making your site faster using speed test tools like Google Pagespeed tool and my favorite, It is worth using these tools and can be a useful resource so it is better to bookmark it in your browser. For the most accurate reading with these tools give you the best start with the hosting package.

Rule number 2: Uptime

Uptime of the website is an important factor when it comes to SEO. For this reason, I always recommend that customers do not choose a hosting plan solely based on price, but rather choose quality web hosting solutions. It is always better to avoid cheaper hosting solutions.

But does the downtime matters for search engines?

We cannot say with certainty that your ranking will be severely affected by downtime, but there is a strong possibility that the website traffic will be affected. If a site is not available when indexing (or “getting crawled”) by Google, indexed pages can be preserved, but in other cases, must restart the process of analysis to recognize how each page should rank. The frequency with which Google will crawl your site again depends on how busy the page is and how often the website is updated.

To some extent, Google tries to recognize a sort of fell apart when it see what is happening and keep these pages in their index anyway, simply because they think that maybe it is temporary and the site will soon return, so some of this could work well here, but some of them can really need an analysis.

Rule number 3: Choosing web hosting provider

If one of your goals is to attract visitors from a certain place or a country, then choosing a hosting provider from a similar location is something you need to think about. Search engines try to find out your targeted location using the information such as your domain name and IP address. If you are a customer of then you will be housed in one of our Indian-based IP addresses. IP address of your website will reveal the location of the server hosting and will tell Google that your server is based in Nasik, Maharashtra, India, near our headquarters.

If you’re aiming to attract traffic for Website from India then Congratulations! It made it much easier to do yourself. Your keywords or phrases should be higher than those on a similar level.

My goal of writing this blog is to make it easier for you to understand how to choose a hosting plan based on points that are important to you. There are several factors to think and if you think about it now or later when you’re ready, there are ways to facilitate these options.

Want to change your Hosting Provider? Do you have any questions? Feel free to initiate a chat, drop an email at or call on our toll-free number 1800-270-0335.

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