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How To Rank Your Videos And Grow Your Channel On YouTube?

rank YouTube videos

YouTube channel presentation is a vital aspect when it comes to securing a good reach. The first impression matters, and depending on this, viewers would decide if they want to spend time watching the video or not. Viewers would want to check out the other videos of your channel only if the first video that they see is impressive.

Are you indulging in the good practices of channel representation? It requires suitable SEO optimization that would contribute to channel branding. The video icon and banner can make a difference to have a solid brand image and stand out from the rest. It should have an appealing factor that allures visitors to click on the video. With the best channel promotion through events and webinars, more viewers will show interest in an upcoming video.

When it comes to incorporating the best practices, it should be friendly and compatible with mobile and desktops. Along with the banner, try to include important links that would help viewers better understand the channel and its content. You need to promote it in such a way that the visitors do not lose interest in your channel or your videos. The social media links are great for an online promotion that might work best to reach out to large viewers.

Ways Of YouTube SEO Optimization

As YouTube is an important search engine platform, effective SEO optimization of videos will have a positive effect. It ensures better content reaches out to the audience, and it encourages channel consistency with content publishing.

YouTube SEO Benefits:

  • Helps in effective optimization of titles, tags, descriptions
  • Effective keyword search for different videos
  • Improves in retaining the audience watch time
  • Helps with custom made thumbnails
  • Gives engagement signs

Effective Keyword Search

Besides, getting the top ranks in search results on YouTube requires a suitable keyword search. It is better to pick the right keyword that is relevant to the brand’s business or service. This helps the target group easily find the channel and watch the videos. With correct optimization, it will get a better reach among the target audience and video response will also be boosted.

With effective search, you can choose the right set of keywords that are relevant to your video. Also, try to check the type of keywords competitors are using so that your keywords are common ones and viewers can easily search for your videos using them. Also, use YouTube’s autocomplete to help you know keywords users are using to get your videos. Preferably, when you see a list of keywords in the autocomplete section, you can use them.

How To Use The Correct Set Of Keywords?

You have to research the right set of keywords relevant to your service to improve the video reach. It would get you among the top ones in search results. After this, search with the keyword to check its rank online to get suitable results. Along with keyword optimization, perfect video description and modification are beneficial.

Important Elements To Be Taken Care Of While Publishing The Video

  • Video Titles

Wondering how important are video titles? It holds more importance than the description and tries to make it as unique and catchy as possible. The video ranking and engagement depends on an attractive title. It should contain elements like numbers, title in 50 characters, and brackets to catch the viewers’ attention. All these would help your video stand out from the rest.

  • Video Tags

If you want YouTube to recommend the video to more viewers, tags are a must for the videos. This is an effective method to get more viewers on the suggested list of videos. To get a good rank among the top suggested videos, try to use target keywords as tags. You can also use competitor’s keywords, and viewers would click on your videos. They would assume it to be having interesting content similar to competitors. This way, videos can gather better links for the content.

  • Video Description

YouTube uses the description of your video to categorize and rank the videos; therefore an informative and apt description is extremely important. A good description includes an engaging introduction; details outline the content and useful discussion. Besides, incorporate vital links in the content so that viewers consider it worthwhile.

Ways To Improve Audience Retention Time

The thumbnail and title should be alluring enough to grab the attention audience. Moreover, with interesting content, the audience will stay for a long time, to watch the complete video. After clicking on the video, viewers should watch it till the end, and it is a sign of a low video bounce rate.

You can try adding different video combinations on the screen to get more views on YouTube videos. The main idea is to retain viewers’ attention for a long span of time on the channel. When people spend more time on your videos, you have more chances of getting more clicks and shares.

To get better insight, YouTube analytics would help find the video drop-off time. For instance, if viewers stay for a good 6 minutes for a 10-minute video, it is good enough as you can grab their attention better in this span of time.

What Are The Essential Video Engagement Signs?

It is important to analyze the engagement signals properly so that you will know the exact video retention time. factors like the look of the video, tags, description, comments influence the engagement time. With this, you can expect to get more views and you can get a better reach. Build the engagement factor, try to get answers from the audience, and start conversing or commenting on the video.

Add Video Thumbnails

Thumbnails are important to get a better reach faster. After the tags, titles, a custom-made thumbnail is one of the essential parts. This helps catch the target group’s attention, and viewers get to know about video content from the thumbnail. Make sure that your video thumbnail is a simple and attractive one that is best for your video and is effective in catching the attention of the audience.

How To Plan The Video Layout?

Now that your YouTube channel’s presentation is set, work on its layout as it adds to the look of the video. From the SEO point of view, try to optimize the videos in a suitable way for the channel. The layout should be for the existing viewers and the new ones so that it becomes easy to convert viewers to subscribers. This is where engagement retention plays a vital role.

One way of channel promotion is to create an excellent video layout that would create a series on certain themes. This will help in boosting the creation time of the videos.

Things To Do After Posting A Video

There’s a lot you can do when your video is live on YouTube. Create blog posts featuring your video and share clips on social media platforms to encourage more viewers to watch them. Use short video clips to post on Instagram or Facebook and ask the viewers to watch the complete video on your YouTube channel. This would gain social followers whom you can convert to subscribers for your YouTube channel. You must always be consistent in terms of posting videos on your YouTube channel to hold the interest of your audience always.

Types Of YouTube Ads

Is it possible to use Google ads for channel and video promotion? You have to make correct use of ads in the right format to boost their reach to the target group. The ad formats available include the following:

  • Overlay ads – These video ads are displayed at the bottom of your channel’s video.
  • Display ads – This will show up on the right side of YouTube videos.
  • Sponsored ads – These apply to relevant videos, and they are useful to promote company products.
  • Bumper ads – With the help of a bumper message in the ad, it becomes easy to reach out to a large group.

How about introducing an ad sequence? Ad sequence lets your viewers know more about the product in an easy way. Through this, it would help develop interest and reinforce the video message better.

YouTube Ad Strategies

YouTube video marketing is part of the ad strategy, and therefore, without correct planning, it may be challenging to get attention from potential groups. This helps stay on top of users’ minds, and they would start watching the channel videos.


With effective SEO and SMO use, you can drive the attention of your targeted audience to your videos. Create effective promo videos with the use of correct YouTube ads and reach out to the right audience that will be interested in watching your videos. Make sure to incorporate the relevant keywords for better reach of your YouTube videos.

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