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Content Marketing Data That Will Convince You To Invest In Strategy

Content Marketing Data That Will Convince You To Invest In Strategy In 2018

Content Marketing Strategy can greatly boost your company’s bottom line!

New year, new strategies, right? If past year was not a good year for your company, this is the time to analyze the mistakes and bring new solutions to your business. And if the last 12 months were good, you should still think about how to optimize your techniques to ensure the next one is as good or better.

And it’s likely that your goals will include: bringing new customers to your company, retaining those you already own and converting people who already know your brand into buyers, right? Well, there is one area that can help your business in all these aspects: content marketing.

It is based on nurturing the public with quality content, whether in text, video or audio, for example, in order to educate it, to create a relationship and give it all the necessary information so that it stops being a stranger and become a loyal consumer.

And to prove to you that this is indeed possible, we separate the most impressive and recent statistics on content marketing that will make you bet on this strategy already. Check out!

Blogs generate more traffic and leads to your site

Having a blog related to your corporate website or e-commerce is a master balcony for anyone who wants to increase traffic, but you need to have a good supply of content for the consumer and of course produce quality materials.

Proof of this is that a Hubspot survey has shown that companies that publish at least 16 posts a month have 3.5 times more traffic than those who post at most 4 posts.

Companies that post 16 posts or more are also able to generate 4.5 more leads than those who make between 4 and 6 posts.

Why is all this important? Given that your blog is intended to generate content that interests the public and is related to your market and products, having a good volume of traffic means having an audience that may be heading to become a consumer.

In addition, leads, people who have demonstrated a clear interest in what you have to offer through a registration, are essential for any business. This is because having the contact information of a lead means you can keep in touch with it until the time is right for your business team to offer one of your products or services!

Another interesting point: Often, the contact can also start from the customer. Information from Demand Gen Report points out that 47% of consumers only contact a sales representative after consuming between 3 and 5 brand content they are reviewing!

Content helps you better position yourself on Google

Any business that has a website dreams of being at the top of Google’s search pages, right? Content marketing is also a good tool to help you with this.

Retailing today found that 81% of consumers do an online survey before making a big purchase, and ideally, at this point in time, their brand is among the first results, right?

Well, having quality content that informs, helps, and educates the user is one of the most important requirements for Google to position your site on top!

And those who confirm this are the marketing professionals themselves. According to the survey, 72% of marketers believe that producing relevant content is the most effective tactic for making your site one of the first on Google.

Content marketing is a priority for anyone who understands the subject

Do not think that producing content for your brand is something that only small businesses do. The reality is that content marketing is a priority for the big players in the market and also for the experts. And there is no shortage of statistics to prove it.

According to the Hubspot report, 53% of professionals see blogging as their top priority for business development.

Other professionals’ concerns also include amplifying content distribution (47%), creating more interactive content (38%), and producing more visual content (31%). That is: yes, marketers do not stop thinking about the content they will present to consumers!

Video is also content

The video has emerged as a very interesting content format for brands, and many companies and professionals are already or plan to invest in it as soon as possible.

Doing content marketing has proven to be an effective way to convey information to the customer before he or she buys a product. Proof of this is that Google has found that nearly half of Internet users search for videos before purchasing a commodity.

As a result, the income of companies that use videos can grow up to 49% faster than those who do not create content in this type of media.

Hubspot interviewed a number of companies and marketers and found that 48% of them want to invest more in YouTube, the largest video content platform in existence today, and 46% also want to bet on videos on Facebook, the social network with the most accounts.

Convinced to bet on content marketing and boost your business? Organize your strategies and get ready to reap the results!

Podcasting upholds its reign

Content marketing strategies will continue to rely on podcasts. The U.S. consumer alone listened to 15 billion hours of podcasts in 2021, which is not surprising. 

Podcasts and other audio content will be a major investment for 51% of content marketers, and 43% will continue to do the same for 43%.

Despite low ROI, 53% of content marketers use podcasts or audio content as their most effective format.

 It’s also worth noting that 44% of content marketers are branching out into a new form of audio in their content marketing strategies — audio chat rooms 

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