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A Marketer’s Guide To Get User-Generated Content For Your Business Brand

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User-Generated Content

For simple understanding, user-generated content (UGC) can be any content, such as text, reviews, videos or images produced by the consumers rather than commercial enterprises. Brands and business entities often use that user-generated content for marketing purposes on their websites and social media channels. There are times when the companies seek permission from the users before using their content. At other times, such measures are not necessary, like user reviews, for instance.

More and more companies and brands are switching to Instagram as it allows better opportunities for user generated content (UGC) marketing than any other platform on the internet. Enthusiastic users often post content that may feature your brand, product, or service. If this can help you gain publicity, the posts expose you to the user’s audience.

With Instagram, you can now share those posts on your timeline, thereby leveraging the user’s content. In this way, you boost your credibility while acknowledging the user’s effort as well. This is a win-win situation for all in the processes.

Reasons To Focus On User-Generated Content

Online marketing experts and observers have identified user-generated content as more effective than brand-created content. This is primarily since the general audience finds user-generated content relevant and authentic than the latter. The larger audience feels encouraged when seeing someone talking good things about a brand, goods, or service. The increased reliance on user-generate content boosts the credibility of commercial enterprises.

It’s safe to say that if you are not tapping into user-generated content for online marketing, you miss out on a great opportunity to excel your brand that results in increased sales and brand visibility.

Here’s an insight on some crucial tips that help you to incorporate user-generated content into your marketing strategies

  1. Customer Surveys

The easiest and effective method of accumulating user-generated content is conducting customer surveys. You will be amazed by the insightful data that online surveys can gather. Furthermore, they help you check on your customer’s pulse and give a peek at their mindset, thereby allowing you to readjust business policies.

Customer surveys don’t necessarily need to be formal and precise. They can be informal and extensive; take Twitter polls, for instance. You can have quality content from customer surveys if done correctly.

It’s essential to mention that low bandwidth doesn’t mean you are out of the game. Your sales department might have customer data that you can repackage for future marketing tactics. If you have customer data, try to find innovative ways for marketing them on your social media channels.

  1. Collaborations With Experts

Another effective way of getting user-generated content is by collaborating with industry observers and experts. You can always host notable individuals in your industry for an interview or a podcast. The Q&A sessions will educate your customers about your business and its prospects.

Collaborations often result in deeper industry bonds and increased knowledge. You can also decide to co-brand a project that will allow you to go further in your marketing game- you will be picking from your collaborator’s wisdom while also tapping into the audience base, thereby widening your network for better brand visibility.

  1. Internal Collateral

You don’t always need to look forward to the consumers to gather user-generated content. Sometimes, your work station can provide enough substance to use for marketing purposes. Trivial resources like internal documents or even presentations can be effectively used with zero effort to improve your brand visibility in the market.

Every business enterprise is trying its best to improve its skill to remain competitive and yield better than ever. In this pursuit of perfection and superior output, professionals and skilled personnel produce lots of content to educate the team. It would be best if you realize that the same content can be recycled for your marketing purpose.

The internal materials and resources are structured by your personnel and you can use these to educate your audience as well. For instance, you can repurpose this article on tips to get user-generated content into an infographic and then turn that infographic into a presentation to reach out to new audience.

  1. Contests

Setting up social media contests is a great way to get user-generated content in bulk and quickly without putting in a lot of effort. More and more companies are switching into social media contests to gain more visibility and traffic on their website. Such strategies don’t require extensive interaction, meaning you can rely on trends like “tag a photo, tag a friend.”

While there are plenty of subtle and straightforward contest tropes available on the internet, you must look for ways that encourage your audience to participate creatively. This will further help in establishing a customer-brand relationship for long-term benefits. Your objective should be to find ways to connect personally with the consumers regardless of the social media platform.

There are plenty of major corporations who effectively use Instagram contests by inviting people to exhibit their creative skills in everyday life. You should acknowledge and feature their content. Additionally, this will also help you to gain more understanding of your audience.

  1. Creative Use-Cases

Customer reviews are a consistent way of gaining user-generated content. However, it is important to go a step further to define the utility and real experience with your product. Hence it would be best if you went the extra mile to invite them for sharing their use cases. This could result in a fantastic opportunity for showcasing your product, thereby inspiring others as well.

  1. Use Customer Stories

Most companies make a wrong judgment when they relax after selling their product or providing their service to the customer. Your role in influencing the client is not over yet. You should employ methods to record how your services or goods are helping the client. Major companies have exploited this way to project their brand success in the market.

  1. YouTube Reviews And Tutorials

You must consider tapping into the YouTube frenzy to gain brand visibility. Millennials look for reviews and tutorials on the popular platform when some new enterprise arrives in the market. It’s always better to have some third-party influencer or customer pushing your product for sale. Video tutorials have a completely different effect altogether and they create an impact like none other.

  1. Crowdsourcing

You should welcome the audience and the customer base to put in suggestions and advice for your business and your products. While this will give you their insight, you will also have valuable content and data for future marketing purposes. It could be done through social media, surveys or informal email. Additionally, this will give your audience the idea of community and collectiveness.

  1. Social Influencers

Extending the earlier point, the general public reacts better when third-party individuals try to encourage them to buy your products or avail your services. Hence it would be best to invite popular influencers and users to produce content for your social media channels for a fixed period. This could also bring big numbers to your marketing strategies.

Over to you…

It’s essential to mention that user-generated content is complex. However, if you stick to the steps above, you can leverage them to up your brand’s marketing game. The most important aspect is that user-generated content is authentic and it helps your brand. If you make an attempt to go the extra mile, you will surely see the benefits in your brand value.

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