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MilesWeb Turns 10!

10 years anniversary of milesweb

Wow, ten years already! It really seems very surprising to us!!

This month, we are officially celebrating our 10th anniversary, and it’s a super-proud moment for all of us. Indeed true, reaching a milestone really deserves a pat on the back! And of course, we’ll take it! ☺️

So, looking back on how far we’ve come and what all we’ve accomplished, our journey has been challenging, fulfilling, progressive and yes, “ Ambitious.” It’s been a complete roller coaster ride.

Today, to kick off our anniversary celebration we thought it would be great to walk down memory lane and tell you how incredible our journey has been. During the ten long years, we’ve managed to keep our enthusiasm and spirit very high.

So about our story…

MilesWeb’s story began a decade ago in 2012 when our directors Deepak, Chinmay and Chetan met together. They were good friends and the best thing is, their friendship turned into a business partnership. 

milesweb founders

It was all because three of them were fueled by entrepreneurial spirit and passion to build a company that would benefit individuals, organizations, big business owners to create an online presence on the web in a meaningful way. In short, MilesWeb was born out of a desire to help businesses establish their online presence.

Our directors set up the company with one goal in mind, to offer reliable web hosting services at competitive prices. The immense growth of the company is all because of their hard work and continuous efforts. And thus, today, MilesWeb stands a stall in the web hosting industry as a trusted web host.

The journey ahead…

We’ve Grown So Much…

It’s been an amazing ten years since we have grown so much. It seems like yesterday we just were a startup web hosting company based in Nashik, Maharashtra and, today, we are a well-known and established brand worldwide. And yes with the cutthroat competition in the hosting industry, we are still growing  at the same pace.

With just a handful of clients initially, now we have 40,000+ happy clients.

In the same way, our team has grown from three to a talented team of 70. Recently, we also moved to a new spacious office space that’s very calm, enlightening and our employees enjoy working in this environment. It’s a sign that we are climbing steps towards more growth each day.

It’s really amazing to look at the photos to see how much MilesWeb has grown up.

Something that has not changed, however, over the past ten years is our business ethos and core values. Our commitment to delivering the best service and experience has been strong since the beginning, and we assure you that it will endure for many more to come.

Are you eager to know about our birthday promise? Wait, let us tell you! Hmm…Our birthday promise is to keep the same level of commitment in our service and help maximum businesses launch their dreams online.

We extend a big thank you to each of our well-wishers for coming along on this journey and seeing where it takes us next! Last but not least, from the entire MilesWeb family, we wish to continue serving for many more decades to come. 

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