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Money Heist Vs. Cyber Crime – 7 Striking Facts

The Netflix series that literally created a bang on the Netflix platform is coming to an end! I absolutely know that’s saddening, but the closure of something is the beginning of something even great, right? Hopefully!

Of all the parts of Money Heist La casa de papel, the most awaited was the fifth, volume-1 from season 2, which was released on September 3rd, and the second released recently on December 3rd, 2021. It’s the series that keeps you on your toes and never lets you down. The show’s key selling point is that it is as explosive as the previous season, with some of the actions being exceedingly uncertain, yet we still root for them. The series has created a lot of stress and anxiety, hasn’t it? One thing that everyone expected from Season 5 was revenge for Nairobi’s death, but what happened instead may have kept you up all night (Tokyo’s death).

The entire series is full of an adrenaline rush, action, heart pumping, and nail-biting suspense. Ever thought the same may happen to you? Yes, might not be the bank you are at will get robbed, but what if your own online space gets hijacked? Now, like Monica, Cesar, Arturo, and others, your data is the hostage. Isn’t that scary?

Let me tell you how Money Heist relates to Cyber Crime!

Let’s begin with what cybercrime is?

Cybercrime is a type of criminal conduct that primarily targets or includes a computer, a computer network, or a linked device. Cybercrime is not only carried out by individuals or hackers but by businesses as well. The main goal of cybercrime is to cause personal or political harm for monetary gain. It basically refers to various unlawful behaviors carried out via a computer/device and the Internet.

Make sure you use the best security measures or software to protect your online data.

Cybercrime is the curse to the Internet and it is critical to protect your data from being a hostage of cyber-attacks or crimes of any type.

Everything that begins must come to an end, like the end Money Heist series!

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