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6 New Workplace Trends To Follow Post Lockdown

As the lockdown is slowly easing the restrictions, we all are already outlining how our workplace will be once we return back to the office.
Here are the top 6 workplace trends that will change post lockdown.

#1 Face Masks- The New Normal

To protect oneself from other people has already adapted a trend of wearing a face mask when you step out of the house. Those without their mouth and nose covered might be at the highest risk of getting affected. Thus, covering up with the face masks even at the workplace will become common.

#2 Meetings

To avoid the risk of over-crowding, meetings won’t be the same as before. Keeping the social distancing norm in mind, the conference room won’t be enough for team members, thus, only a limited number of people can participate in a meeting and it will be held with face masks and social distancing.

#3 Usage of Transport

Widely used public transport may not be preferred by the folks anymore. Those traveling to the workplace using public modes of transport are at higher risk of getting infected. Due to the obvious reason that the touchpoints will be more in the public transport methods. The common touchpoints can get contaminated and result in the spread of the disease.

#4 Less Socializing

Although coworkers’ socializing is important for team productivity, it won’t be the same anymore. Be it office gossips, parties, events, or gatherings, employees will prefer staying far off. The chances are more of an infection spreading in the crowd.

#5 Higher Acceptance of Work-From-Home

Before lockdown, majority of Indian-based companies did not believe in work from home concept. They constantly doubted their performance and productivity. They thought that employees cannot work unless supervised by seniors or managers. But, the lockdown has left no choice for them and they were forced to work from home. During this period, a lot of companies realized that their team is performing better while working from home.

Some companies even implemented permanent work from home for their employees. Work from home has become a standard work policy and work professionals have adapted to balance between work from home and work from the office.

#6 Co-working Spaces- The Future

Not all the employees will feel safe to work from office after this pandemic. Some of them will still prefer working home as they have realized they can work remotely. Your huge workspace will simply be of no use. Therefore, shifting to a coworking space will be a smart move.

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