Understanding Where Your Website Is Hosted : Benefits Of Hosting According To The Geo Location

Updated on 23 August 2023 3 min Read
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The web hosting platform and the location of the server plays a major role in the performance of a website. Hosting your website according to the Geo location ensures better performance and faster speed of your website. For instance if your business is based in India, then you must give priority to the India based web hosting companies. It is crucial for you to identify your business requirements before making a decision about hosting your website locally or internationally. Recognizing your website needs will enable you to select a hosting platform that not just provides your website with server space but also increases the convenience level of the customers. It is always better to host according to your geo location as this will help you to serve the local customers perfectly. Hosting locally will make your website load faster thereby enabling your website visitors to browse your website quickly and easily.

With hosting your website locally, you can also expect a better quality of support when you need it the most. An international hosting company that is not specific to your Geo location might lack the knowledge about hosting in the local market. Utilizing a reputed web hosting company specific to your Geo location, means you get better access to quality support.

Is your website Geo location specific?

By using a country specific or a local server, optimum access can be enabled for your users. Better loading times and improved server uptime will make sure that your website functions efficiently for your local users. Greater server uptime is not necessarily because of any shortcoming in case of an international server; it is the result of the local ISPs. It is a well known fact that the local ISPs tend to lose their connection to the international servers on a frequent basis. They can function better if local servers are used for hosting the website.

If your target market is local or based on a specific Geo location, a local host will make sure that you get the best possible access to the servers. By hosting your website locally you will be able to ensure better up-time for your website, fast loading speed of the web pages and faster browsing access to the local visitors. If you have hosted your website in accordance with your Geo location, then you will also get benefits in terms of search engine optimization as well. The prominent search engines determine the search results on the basis of the location of the website.

Local hosting helps to gain an edge over the traffic clashes that may result because of time zone differences between the countries. The performance parameters can be determined accordingly so that the browsers don’t have to pass through multiple networks internationally for getting to the website location. Moreover, the legal accountability is higher if both, the client and the service provider are based in the same location. With similar location, they would be governed by comprehensive SLAs and the legal provisions will be clearly determined.

In today’s world, the web hosting providers operate in the international market. However, you need to take a decision that will provide your website with the best and thereby added benefits can be gained by catering to the local markets.

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