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The Role Of Cloud Computing In Developing Android Applications

cloud computing, android applications

This is the era when people are glued to their smart phones and tablets which are powered by Android or iOS. There are various applications out there that offer features like data sync, data sharing, backup and storage facilities etc.

If you develop an application that is a standalone app that functions and stores data only on one device, it might not be a completely feasible solution. There is a need of a backend platform where data can be stored and easily accessed irrespective of the user’s location. This is where cloud computing comes into the picture!

The cloud computing platform is adopted by many small businesses and large organizations as it simplifies things and enables the users to access data and store data at affordable costs. You will come across a wide range of cloud solutions but it is important to look for a cloud computing solution that is based on the ‘Pay-Per-Use’ concept; a cloud platform that charges you only for the resources that are actually utilized.

The Android operating system is an open platform that is created with Linux for the mobile devices. Android is a widely used operating system all over the world. The features, functionalities and user-friendliness provided by Android are the main reasons for its popularity. Android developers can use the cloud technology for creating the best applications for the enterprises.

The Suitability Of Cloud Computing For Android Applications

In the Android architecture, Linux kernel manages the tasks like power management, memory management, security settings etc. The application framework level comprises of blocks that directly communicate with the basic functions of the device. If the Android application is created with the cloud technology, it will enable the complex cloud apps to function wherever the user is.

Developers can easily create Android applications powered by the cloud technology and reap the benefits of cloud technology like faster time to market, affordability and agility. As mobile centric apps and interfaces are the latest technology trends, creating applications powered by the cloud environment is a better approach as compared to the traditional method. With the help of cloud environment, one can create apps that are innovative, robust and user-friendly. As the cloud infrastructure is managed by the service providers, application developers can completely concentrate on creating the best apps.

Important Benefits Of Creating Cloud Based Android Applications:

Fast Access : Employees and users can get complete access to information through their mobile and tablet devices irrespective of their location.

High Security : The cloud environment has the best security in place and therefore you can be assured that all your information is safe in the cloud hosting environment.

Adding New Functionalities : New functionalities can be added to the app with less destruction. Instead of disrupting large batches of changes, the cloud environment with Android enables better management of changes and improvements in a continuous stream.

Flexibility : If you are working on an Android app created with cloud storage, you can use it from anywhere in the world. Even if you don’t have your own mobile phone, you can make use of any mobile device as long as you are connected to the internet.

Going Real Time / Going Live : You might have seen many people ‘Go Live’ through their smart phones, this is possible through the mobile cloud technology.

Low Cost Option : On the basis of the volume of the usage, mobile cloud computing has a low upfront cost. As the cloud enlivenment woks on the pay-per-use concept you only pay for the resources that are actually utilized.

Updated Information : You can sync the required applications together on the cloud and as a result of this, you can get the most recent data for various activities. Any changes made by one user is reflected to the other users immediately because of the cloud technology.

Cloud Computing : The Future Of Android Apps

Cloud computing has taken over as the most robust platform that enables you to do many things. If apps are created through the cloud computing technology, your phone will become more than just a phone. Although you can still use a 2G or 3G phone, you can get much more from the cloud computing experience if your phone has a direct connection to the internet through the 4G technology or if it is connected through WiFi. In this case, your phone will become your prime computing device and you would use the traditional PC only for some specific programs that require a keyboard and a mouse. There are some instances where you might connect your phone to the PC but with a fast internet connection, you can store the data directly in the cloud.

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