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Reasons For You To Have a Reseller Hosting Plan

Why Reseller Hosting Plan

When someone wants to create a website or put it on the air, the first thing that comes to mind is: to whom should I turn to perform this service? After all, the knowledge related to the areas of technology, development, and design is required and not everyone knows about this.

Therefore, it is common for professionals from various areas to look for advertising agencies, web and related, in order to elaborate a complete website project: from the visual to the hosting itself.

In response to this demand, hosting companies have started to offer reseller hosting plans. Although anyone can acquire them, we can say that the vast majority of buyers are companies interested in the profit that the resale of this service can generate. Keep reading and find out reasons for you to have a reseller hosting!

The Cat Leaps

Reselling means re-selling; Sell what you have bought for business. In this sense, the reseller plays the role of intermediary, dealing directly with the hosting company and reselling the service to third parties – their own customers. And that’s where the “cat leap” is: between the amounts charged by the hosting companies and the price of the plans made available by the reseller, a profit margin is set.

We can compare this situation to that of a wholesale supermarket. By purchasing products in large quantities, it can resell at a competitive price and still make a profit. Reseller hosting is no different. By hiring a hosting plan with a large volume of resources, the reseller manages to make a profit by providing his customers with market-priced hosting.

Resale can still be a corporate marketing strategy for agencies, for example, as it proposes to bring them closer to their customers. In addition, it is a way to increase the range of services in this sector and can increase its credibility. But we leave this subject to the marketers.

Reseller Hosting behaves perfectly in situations like:

  • People interested in having their own web hosting company as an isolated business, without having to manage and pay for server maintenance;
  • Companies that require their clients’ hosting to be controlled through separate panels;
  • Professionals who want to manage multiple sites through a single control panel, adjusting disk space and traffic resources.

The Pros and Cons of Reseller Hosting

The Pros and Cons of Reseller Hosting

Of course, not all are flowers when you decide to purchase a reseller hosting. In return for the profit generated, the reseller assumes the management and maintenance of the server for the end customers. That is, in practice the hosting company continues to be responsible for the service, but the end customer is the reseller.

One of the great advantages of this service is the possibility of customizing the control panels. On the one hand, the reseller can manage the accounts of all its customers simultaneously, setting limits and resources. On the other hand, each of these clients has access to its own independent panel and can be personalized with the brand of the reseller. Currently, the most used panels in the market are cPanel and Plesk.

And now you must be wondering: how much does it cost to have a reseller hosting? The price charged for a reseller is higher than a shared hosting, while its features are also higher. It is important to remember that the resale plans allow the total consumption of the space acquired, in addition to having its traffic renewed monthly. As for value, in general, they vary between Rs. 399 and Rs. 1499 per month.

Why have a Reseller Hosting?

Let’s say it’s in the interest of hosting companies that you’re a reseller, right? After all, you become a true selling point for the service, even if it has the identity of the reseller.

That’s why b2b (business-to-business) resale is like a two-way street: you get a product virtually ready, you customize it your way, and you resell it. It is convenient for you and for the hosting company. Everyone receives and everyone is happy.

In summary, you use the infrastructure of a large hosting company while you can focus on the disclosure, sales, and growth of your business.

Check out some reasons for you to have a Reseller Hosting:

  1. As we speak, hosting is a service ready. You “only” need to sell. That’s why the chances of a quick return on investment are great.
  2. It’s an online business: you do not need a physical space to serve your customers and you do not even care about goods or raw materials.
  3. This can become your primary or extra source of income, in the case of complementing your current business.
  4. You have the option to start with more basic plans and go increasing your business. This makes resale an investment with few risks.


Although there is a great responsibility involved, reseller hosting can be a good deal if you know how to manage it. There are thousands of companies around the world who take their livelihoods from there. Therefore, the one who will weigh the pros and cons of this practice is you, considering your knowledge and your management ability.

Remembering that hiring a reseller hosting plan happens just like any other: through corporate websites. We recommend that if you decide to enter this business head-on, make a thorough comparison between providers and study competitors to enter the market competitively.

Good luck! If in doubt, we are here to help. Leave your comment.

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