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Top 6 Reasons Why You Need G Suite

G Suite is also known as Google Apps for work, it provides a complete set of tools that can help you in scaling your small business. G Suite is specially built to grant businesses more effective solutions at the workplace. This helps in increasing the productivity and communication within your team. Here, we have listed the top six reasons that will help you decide if you should use G Suite for your business.

Expenditure Reduction

With G Suite you get some familiar apps like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, etc. All these apps are available for free but you get additional features with the paid version. Over 3 million businesses so far have recognized its success.

Businesses that have a small budget can take advantage of G Suite to manage their complete workplace organization. Additionally, G Suite will cut off pricey orders from your monthly expenses. Also, you won’t need any special team of experts to fix any issues.

Team Collaboration

The G Suite app has the ability to let multiple people work together on the same document at the same time. All the changes are automatically saved in the cloud so that the edits made are reflected in real time.

It’s up to the admin, whom to give the edit access and to which files. There is also a provision for a chat so that your employees working on the same file can rack their brains and discuss their ideas.

This feature lets the members of your team execute projects flawlessly and expeditiously. Moreover, it terminates the process of sending multiple emails with the modified documents every time.

Secured Data

G Suite stores all the data which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. All this data is stored on Google drive – a cloud platform, thus all these files remain safe.

All the information is stored on Google data centers which are located all over the globe. Thus, even if any server breaks down, your data won’t be lost and can be accessed from anywhere. As all the information is stored on the cloud, there is no need to download the documents on your computer or mobile devices where it can be corrupted, broken or lost. You can even control what all information your employees can access from their individual devices.

Even if your team members are working from a remote location, or traveling they can access the documents on the go! Just make sure you or your employees are not using any public wi-fi where sensitive information can get compromised. Such networks are not secured and any information transmitted, can be seized by hackers.

Even though G Suite provides a highly secured environment for your files, you still need to follow basic cybersecurity practices.

Smooth Communication

If you have a Gmail account, you might already be knowing the advantages of this webmail service but with G Suite, you get some added features.

One of those benefits includes a custom email with your business domain name such as The plus point of this is- your communication with your customers will appear more professional. Moreover, you get 30GB storage which is 2 times more as that of the free version.

You also get a video calling app: Google hangouts which can be used for communicating with your team members or clients through video conferencing. No matter where your team is located, Hangouts lets you connect with them together and conduct meetings, brainstorming sessions, etc.

25 people can join the hangouts call and can connect from any device they want or even it can be used from Gmail.

Easy Organization

The Google calendar in G suite allows you to organize meetings, schedule appointments, plan projects, track deadlines, etc. This planner can be viewed/updated by the team, or update and mark the deadlines, meeting timings, and milestones of the projects.

This way, everyone can remain on track with feature such as event reminders that are sent directly to email. The calendar is synced with the Gmail, that lets you schedule events in the inbox.

Familiar, Compatible, and Easy to Use

Use Admin console to manage devices and users that connect to your G Suite apps. This console allows you to give access to your employees, integrate other business apps, create accessibility settings, etc.

Another feature that you get with G Suite is Mobile Device Management. The Google Apps for work is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and more smartphones. With the help of the Admin console, you can hand out apps that you wish to use within your team via App Store or Google Play.

In fact, if you are worried about your employee’s mobile getting stolen, you can remotely wipe the G Suite data from those devices.

One of the biggest perks of using G Suite for your business is that most of your team members will be used to products like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs/ Sheets, etc. This makes the shift easier as you won’t have to put in much of your efforts and time training on how to use the tools while other applications like Zoho may need more guidance.

Moreover, if you already have a Gmail account, you can easily switch from your personal account to G Suite account.


G Suite is a great solution for organizations when it comes to providing all in one solution of document collaboration or email hosting. It is cost-effective and also the time required for a new employee to learn a new tool is eliminated.

G Suite modernizes the traditional business culture to rapid and dynamic. A lot of people are already using Google apps and features since a while. As they are already familiar, it will make it easy for them to adopt this tool. Thus, without outgrowing your budget, your business gets the ability to move anywhere while keeping all the data secured.

Many brands such as Colgate-Palmolive, Salesforce, Whirlpool, etc. Have already shifted to G Suite. You can read about their experience here.

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