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Dedicated Server Or Cloud Hosting: Which One To Choose?

Dedicated Server Or Cloud Hosting

There are some types of hosting servers that enable users to store files, data, and support a website. One of the biggest questions on the list is, “Which is the best option: Cloud Hosting or Dedicated Server?”. To choose one of the two, you need to analyze the branch and the type of your business, so you will know which option is the most profitable and that best suits your needs.

Get to know a little about these two types of servers:

Dedicated server

This type of service has a physical structure and is entirely dedicated to your website. In some cases, hosting companies still offer minimal support with guaranteed server availability and connecting the machine to the network. Using the dedicated server can generate an inflexibility and an excess in the technical part. In certain cases, it is necessary to have the help of a technician who specializes in programming and configuration of a hosting server.

This makes the dedicated server a slightly more expensive option, opting for cheap plans with this type of server, probably the user will feel lack of management and registration of domains and count on a more complicated management panel, which makes it impossible for a common user without technical knowledge, manage a hosting. For large projects, with a high demand for resources to be used, choosing the dedicated server is the best choice because of the speed of data processing. Because the dedicated server is physical hardware, if you need to migrate to a larger environment with a more robust structure, you must hire a new server, which becomes more difficult.

Advantages of Dedicated Server

Features of this server are not shared: When you choose a dedicated server, all server features are unique to your site or applied. No need to worry about the CPU data volume or the amount of RAM. With a server of this type, you eliminate bad scripts, found running on other sites or bandwidth peaks, and it does not affect your server.

Good performance and security: With the dedicated server, you can ensure full availability for your site. In the case of shared servers, for example, you share your resources with other applications. If your website has a high traffic, a dedicated server offers more stability and security than a shared server.

With a dedicated server, you can be sure that you are not sharing the same space with a malicious website. This server offers greater security and is important for companies dealing with FTP and SSL.

Cloud Hosting

This type of server can store and run data, systems, and files through an external data center. Cloud hosting provides several features needed to provide hosting. Choosing the cloud can give you agility, privacy, flexibility, having a lot less cost compared to other servers. It is also possible to gain in scalability and confidence. Increasingly, the number of enterprises of all sizes and segments opting for cloud computing increases, in most cases, professionals choose the cloud on a cost-effective basis.

This server can be accessed from anywhere, by computers and also by mobile devices. The flexibility of tailoring services to customer needs, configuration, and data security makes cloud a very attractive option. The client also only pays on this server what it actually consumes, which is also a good advantage. With the data and files stored in the cloud, problems with information privacy almost never happen, since access to data is quite secure. For those who work with files with large disk volume, access to these servers is also very fast, without crashes or errors.

Opting for this type of hosting server is a good choice, but you need to compare the services offered and see if there is any ease in configuring, managing and securing data saved in the cloud to avoid future problems. The goal is for the cloud to be always available to the public looking for guidance and speed of information, which facilitates with an increasingly dynamic market.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

Good performance: Old servers needed physical space and used several cables and connections, requiring a cooling system to air-conditioning the environment, in addition to at least one IT professional, which makes the structure very complex. With the cloud, this is all over. Regardless of the size of your company, this server is much more dynamic and mainly cheaper. Cloud providers that host data centers and specific structures for their customers, which leaves the process more dynamic, making the work smarter. Cloud provides good performance for entrepreneurs.

Low cost: One of the biggest advantages of the cloud is that the company only pays for the resources it consumes, both in terms of memory and process speed and also in the flow and storage of data. Particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises, this good cost-benefit is very important and provides great flexibility and productivity, which makes the economy even more advantageous.

There is no overhead for purchase or maintenance of equipment: If your company has a dedicated server but does not have the time or resources to manage it, the hosting company can take responsibility for server configuration and maintenance. What reduces your cost with employees, acquisitions, and costs with the maintenance of equipment.

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