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Buy Insurance For Your Web Hosting Account

The title may sound weird but like we have a life insurance, car insurance policy and various other insurance policies for the safety purpose similarly you can have insurance for your web hosting account as well. Having insurance allows us to breathe freely and we don’t have to bother about things in life which are covered under insurance. Insurance is generally taken on things which are important and precious in life. For web hosting customers, a backup service can act as insurance for the hosting account. Backup can work like an insurance policy; it can protect you against several malicious actions and disasters.
Backups can be automated and restored through the web hosting control panel. The backup configured under the control panels works well. But it’s always recommended to store the backup in multiple locations on a different network. Some people take the backup of their important data on the home computer or external hard drives or USB drives, it’s not harmful but you cannot completely rely only on this particular copy of the backup. The backup taken on personal computers and hard drives are not safe and secure, restoring the backup copy from these local devices on the server would be challenging and time consuming.

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If you are running a website online, you should strictly take backup of your site on multiple locations. Some web hosting companies take backup for the customers for free but that is to ensure their security. If the production server fails and the data cannot be restored from the backup server then the customer would suffer due to data loss and not the hosting provider. In case of disaster, an intelligent customer would pull out the copy of his data from the backup server and restore it on the production server. All the services would resume and start working as per the expectations.

Many website owners still don’t opt for a backup plan and rely 100% on the hosting providers for the website backup. It’s like buying a brand new car without insurance and expecting the company to pay for the damages. You know it’s not possible, so you take precautions by buying the insurance policy. In the same way, you should opt for an offsite backup plan and discard the dependability on the hosting providers. When the disaster strikes, the situation creates panic, the website owners’ lose business, customers, reputation in the market just because of not buying a simple backup plan (insurance).

Building a brand online is not an easy job. Don’t let your efforts go into vein, buy a insurance (backup plan) for your website and focus on the growth of your business. Check out MilesWeb offsite backup plans today!

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