5 reasons to leave the Shared Server and join the Cloud Server

Updated on 23 June 2023 4 min Read
cloud hosting vs shared hosting

Using a shared server means that the same machine will be split between your project and other clients.

The choice of a good server is one of the crucial points for the development of your business on the internet. No matter if you have a large eCommerce, an institutional website or a modest blog, without adequate hosting on a good server, performance may be compromised.

Most customers choose shared server rental packages to be cheaper, but this is not always the best decision. Using a shared server means that the same machine will be split between your project and a few tens or hundreds of other customers. If the server is shared, resources are too and sometimes it can be inconvenient.

By dividing a server, it may be that your website runs with the resources affected by another that is asking too much of the machine. As a result, your site is likely to be slower and more vulnerable and even off the air, in more severe cases.

Also, if your site suddenly grows or has a peak audience can be quite complicated to expand the capabilities. In this case, the capacity may end up running out and then the site goes down again.

If you have a small website or a blog that you are using as a hobby, using a shared server probably will not be a problem. But if you’re thinking of creating something greater, opting for the cloud server is the best option.

If you do not already know, the cloud is based on the principle of using a virtual space to store data, instead of using a physical space. The cloud offers several advantages to its users and makes them want to leave the shared server! See what they are.


Remember when we said that with shared server you face difficulties to expand and customize your resources if you need more capacity to receive a large volume of visitors? In the cloud, it is very easy.

One of the main features of the cloud server is elasticity, it means that on a special occasion you can ask for more features like more memory, disk space, and processing, and then return to their normal capacity, this without having to change a plan! You spend only on what you use.


Having a cloud server can also represent a great saving for your business since the prices are affordable and you can increase or decrease its capacity at any time on demand.

In addition, compared to other types of hosting, cloud usually has the best value for money, since you only pay for what you use. You will hardly have access to resources that a cloud hosting can offer you for such an affordable price on a shared server.


The cloud servers are extremely stable, and you will not have to worry about performance drops or availability of resources. When an error or failure is detected in the cloud, the server itself automatically puts another machine to work for you, which dramatically reduces the risk of having to stop your work for a server problem.

When you have a shared hosting, if there is a problem on the hard disk, for example, and you do not have an updated backup, you run the risk of losing important data. In the cloud server, the system is mirrored, and so the failure is perceived, your information will be saved on another disk.


Unlike a shared server, you have little control over the server and its performance, cloud hosting is much more affordable. If you have some technical knowledge in development, should not have difficulty managing your own hosting.


The shared servers to usually safe, but how you’re using a space that is being shared with a large number of sites, there is indeed the risk of some form of intrusion or data loss.

Although the cloud is not in a physical place, and it may seem a little abstract, cloud, alone, it is very safe and you can add encryption tools, antivirus, and specific access permissions. If these additions take up much space, you already know: just hire more resources.


Being highly customizable, the cloud server is able to accommodate various applications, such as WordPress (widely used for creating websites), SQL Server database, and even different operating systems like Windows, Ubuntu, and CentOS.

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