Top 14 Sales Follow Up Email Templates To Help You Close The Deal!

Updated on 31 January 2022 12 min Read

Every month the sales team has new targets to work on. With the beginning of a new month, you might have to get in touch with new clients and begin with your task of sending emails and then sending follow up emails with an aim of striking a deal with the client.

The issue is that if you just send a follow up email that says ‘just checking in’, it does not sound good, it does not look professional and it will not help you in taking the conversation ahead.

You might be having questions in your mind like:

  • How to write an effective sales follow up email that gets the client’s attention and helps you in closing a deal?
  • When is the right time to send a follow up email?
  • How do you maintain the contact with your clients without sounding forceful?
  • What should you write in your follow up email?

This article will provide you with 14 sales email follow up templates that you can use. But before we get onto that, another important aspect that you need to pay attention to is the subject line of your email.

<<twitter formatting>>The subject line of your email is the first thing that your clients are going to read and if that is not good enough, they won’t get to your follow up email at all.

Sales Follow Up Email Subject Lines

Sales email subject lines when there is no response from the client:

  • Are you still interested in our service?
  • Any updates for us to know?
  • It takes two to tango
  • Let’s cut to the chase
  • Got any questions about the proposal?
  • Wanted to let you know about our 50% offer

Sales email subject lines after a trigger event:

  • Discussing your future goals today
  • Ideas/Suggestions for your product/service launch
  • Questions about the new product feature
  • Your thoughts about (title of a blog article)

Sales email subject lines for general follow up:

  • How can we improve your (business goal of the client)?
  • Can we have a 10 minute call on this?
  • (name of the client), a quick question
  • (name of the client) its recommended we chat
  • (name of the client), you will love this
  • Should we move to the next step?
  • Pleasure talking with you (client name)

Now that you are aware of the subject lines that can be used for your sales follow up emails, let’s move forward to the email templates that will help you to create good and effective conversations with your clients.

There are 16 email follow up templates in this article that are organized as per their use cases. have a look:

Use Cases Of The Sales Follow Up Emails:

  • After a meeting
  • After a trigger event
  • After you have modified an email
  • After you have left a voicemail
  • After a conference, a tradeshow or a networking event
  • After your first discussion with the client
  • After you send the first follow up email
  • After sending many follow up emails

Use Case 1 : After A Meeting

Once you have your first meeting with your prospective client, you might have to send the client a follow up email to move ahead and seal the deal. However, what will you do if this client is not responding to any of your calls or emails? Here are two follow up emails that you can use in this case:

Template 1

Next Step?

[client name], I am writing this email to follow up. I am not sure about the next step we need to take.

Let me know what works for you as our next step, if any?

Thanks for your input.


Template 2


[client name], I am writing to follow up on our previous conversation. I would like to have an update from you that I can pass on to our team head.

It will be great if you can provide us with an update about how you wish to take this forward.


Use Case 2 : After A Trigger Event

Another important situation when you have to send a follow up email is after a trigger event. A trigger event can be something like – if a prospective customer has re-opened an email or proposal that you sent earlier. With a good and professional email service, you can get notifications about the emails accessed by your prospects, this enables you to take timely actions.

Template 3

Let’s review it again

With reference to our last conversation, you requested me to get in touch with you in September. I am reverting a month early, but I thought it would be worth to check-in.

Have you given a thought to the proposal that I sent? I would be more than happy to do a quick review of the proposal over the phone. If there are any pending questions, we can discuss about them.

Let me know when would be a good time to schedule a conversation.

Template 4


[Name of the customer], some of your teammates were having a look at our product pages this week. The product page that they were viewing talks about helping the representatives to close the deals and accelerating the growth rate.

Do you have 10 minutes to discuss about the tools that you and your team members have been researching? Would you or anyone from your team be interested in discussing over a call? If so, let me know when is the good time to schedule a conversation.

Use Case 3 : After You Have Modified An Email

At times, while determining the strategy to send follow up emails, you might want to make some modifications to your email message to make it sound more appropriate. It can be some simple changes in some words or sentences, some changes in the proposal, you might want to add a discount offer or anything else. You cannot be sending the same follow up message to all your clients, sometimes, with small adjustments and modifications, you can definitely get the response you want.

Template 5

Re: appropriate person?

[customer name]

I am writing to follow up on my earlier email. I didn’t hear back from anyone from your team. If you wish to discuss on any point, let me know when we can schedule the discussion.

If not, let me know who is the appropriate person to talk to?

Thanks for your help,


Use Case 4 : After You Have Left A Voicemail

There can be multiple instances when you have to leave a voicemail for your prospective customers. However, just in the case of an email, your customer might not respond to your voicemail. For a higher possibility of getting a response, it is ideal to send a sales follow up email after you leave a voicemail.

Template 6

Sorry I missed you

Hi [customer name],

I just called to [write the reason for your call].

In my last voicemail I mentioned that I will try contacting you again on [mention date and time]. You can reach me whenever is the best time for you at [mention your phone number] or send me an email at your convenience.


Use Case 5 : After A Conference, A Tradeshow Or A Networking Event

When you attend a conference, a trade show, a networking event or any other event related to your business and industry, you will surely make some important prospect connections. So your next step would be sending a follow up email to these new connections. Your follow up email can be for closing a deal, for connecting with a new partner or prospect or for anything else.

Template 7

Excited about the front-end development at [company name]

Hi [customer/partner name],

It was good to see you at [mention the event name]. I hope you got better insights about improving your business through this event.

I am sure your main objective is to improve the speed of your website. I thought I would send you some important information about this [mention an article on this topic] for you to review. If you want any additional information about [mention related points], I’d be happy to discuss over a call or email.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you intend to have a more detailed conversation. I am here whenever you need me.


Note : The email above is directed at a customer who has talked to you about improving the speed of the website. You can use the same email for some other follow up email subject by making the necessary modifications.

Use Case 6 : After Your first Discussion With The Client

It is important to send an impressive first follow up email. Your email should tell your prospective customers that you value their time and it should also explain how you can be of assistance to them.

As you might have to send multiple follow up emails to different prospective customers every day, you can work with email tools for automating your emails. If you are using a professional email service like MilesWeb’s email hosting, you get many impressive features along with the feature of sending automated email messages that will help you to save time and effort.

Template 8

Pleasure talking to you earlier [customer name],

Hi [customer name],

It was a pleasure chatting with you earlier today. I got a better insight about how you [role of the customer] at [name of the company]. I understand the issue you are facing with [mention the issues discussed] and how they impact your work.

As mentioned in the conversation, I am sending you more information about our resources and how we can help you [mention about the issue faced by the customer].

Let me know if you have any questions. I’d be more than happy to chat with you again if you need any help or assistance. If not, then I look forward to talking to you again on [mention date and time].


Use Case 7 : After You Send The First Follow Up Email

Even if you have sent a follow up email first to your prospective client, doesn’t mean that the client will respond and this also does not mean that you should give up on the client. You can send multiple follow up emails in case you think that they are worth it. Your follow up emails should be simple, short and useful and they might help you to get the right response. You have to be persistent when it comes to sales follow up emails.

Template 9

10 ways we can help!

Hi [customer name],

I wanted to get in touch with you to know which of the 10 ways you are using to increase the speed of your website [mention the topic and link of the article you sent in your earlier email]. If you have not implemented these techniques yet, I would love to help you to get started.

Let me know if you are available for a 30 minute call on [mention date and time]? If not, then let me know the date and time that works best for you for a brief conversation. I look forward to hearing from you.


If that does not work, you can try sending another follow up email given below:

Template 10

We’re flexible

Hi [customer name],

I know how busy you must be in managing your website and implementing various techniques to boost the website speed. I hope that the resources that I sent you earlier about increasing website speed are helpful to you. You can also share them with the rest of your team. Here I am sharing it with you again [mention the article topic and link]. It will be great if you have some time for a quick call on [mention date and time].

Let me know what works best for you. I’d be happy to schedule a call as per your convenience.


Still no response? Don’t get disheartened! Here’s another sales follow up email template that you can use!

Template 11

Trying to connect

Hi [customer name],

I’m sorry we haven’t been able to talk for long. Last time we spoke, you seemed to be interested in boosting the speed of your website. I understand how tough things can be while achieving the professional targets.

This is to let you know that I will be available for a call during this weekend or before or after the work hours, if that is easier for you. I don’t mean to bother you but I wish to help you in managing your website in a better way so that it is easier for you to achieve your professional goals.

Use Case 8 : After Sending Many Follow Up Emails

Still no response? This is the time when you need to stop trying and send a break up email. If you continue the conversation beyond this point, then you will be wasting our time and completely annoying the prospect as well.

It is crucial to break up with your prospective customer in a professional way. Your last email should make your prospective customers feel good and positive about you and the company you work for. If they are genuinely not in need of your services or products, there is a possibility that they might refer you to someone else who might need you in the near future.

Here are specimens of 2 break up emails:

Template 12

Should I stay or should I go?

Hi [customer name],

I tried to reach you a few times to go through the suggestions about improving [mention the subject]; however, I haven’t heard back from you. This signifies one of these things:

  • You have all the necessary solutions and I should stop bothering you.
  • You are still interested in our products/services but you haven’t got the time to discuss further.

Please let me know the appropriate option and I will act accordingly.


Template 13

It isn’t you, it’s me

[customer fist name], I haven’t heard back from you after our last conversation. We have spent a lot of time together discussing about the possible solutions and I hope I have given you some good insights for your initiatives.

Please let me know if taking this further is a priority for you now or maybe in the future.

Your reply is greatly appreciated.

Template 14

Permission to close your file

Hi [customer first name],

We are in process of closing some files for the month. Usually if we haven’t heard back from someone, it means that they are genuinely busy or not interested.

If you aren’t interested, can I move ahead in terms of closing your file?

In case you are still interested, what do you recommend as the next step from our side?

Thanks for your help.


Over to you…

A sales follow up email is an extremely important tool when it comes to finalizing or closing an important sales deal. By implementing the templates mentioned in this article, you will sound professional while reaching out to your prospective customers. So start right away! Determine your use case, select the right template – you might have to modify the original template a bit in accordance with the motive of your follow up email and go ahead get that deal!

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