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Choosing The Right eCommerce Platform for Your Online Store

eCommerce Platform

If your online store was the human body, the products would be marketed as a skeleton, stock and logistics would be equivalent to the muscles, and the staff, the heart. But the brain is that orchestrates the operation of all activities and in e-commerce, it is represented by the virtual store “platform”.

We are talking about the system that will allow inclusion and organization of products, which will allow the client to register by using their details and you receive and process orders and payments.

That is, it is the basis of your e-commerce strategy, therefore requires full attention.

But how to choose the right tools for your business? Well, here are some questions you cannot fail to ask before making a decision.

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1. What is the possibility of customization?

Assess whether the platform to be contracted gives freedom to adapt the store to their color patterns and offers customization of layout options. After all, you will want to differentiate yourself from competitors and create your own identity.

2. There is scope to climb?

Consider that your store can grow (and hopefully it happen fast!). Before hiring a deck, make sure you know how many simultaneous accesses can be made and how new products can be added, for example.

3. What are the resources available?

There are several platforms on the market, the most basic and limited to the most sophisticated and complex. Before signing any contract, evaluate which bring the best experience for your users and what are the features that are included in each package. Among the items to note are, the payment gateway integration, system for carrying out promotion, automatic calculation of shipping and so on.

4. How is the support?

It is worth noting what type of support you have provided. Your store will work seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Does the platform offer skilled technical resources to serve you at any time?

5. What is the charging model type?

Before signing a contract, remember to check the frequency of payment and what it includes, such as upgrades, for example.

6. Is it easy to use?

Is it easy to add products and create new categories? Is it simple to find and manage customer information? This item should weigh heavily in your decision because the wrong choice can bring big loss because of the wrong management tool.

7. Does the search system work?

Check if you can find products with a few clicks. A good search is essential to help your customers find what they really want.

8. Does the platform have credibility?

Finally, before closing any agreement, notice whether the platforms you are considering are well valued in the market and listen to what other contracted users have to say.

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