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Google Announces New TLD for Developers

Recently, Google has made an announcement about a brand new TLD- Top Level Domain. This domain is especially for web developers to help them build communities, learn latest technologies and showcase their projects with this new domain name.

As a part of early access programme, .dev domains are available to register till February 28th, where you will be able to secure your preferred domain at an additional price. Post the date, these .dev domains can be registered at a regular price through your choice of registrar -as declared in a blog-post by Ben Fried Vice President, Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Domains Enthusiast at Google.

Along with small and large companies like Mozilla, GitHub, Netflix, Stripe and Glitch, the tech giant itself has started using this new TLD for some of its ventures like and

The .dev domains are safeguarded against open wi-fi threats, ad malware and tracking injection by Internet service providers same as Google’s recent launches of .app and .page domains.

An HTTPS- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol will be required to connect each and every .dev websites, thus, making it secure by default. Their aim is to move HTTPS all around the web with the .dev website that launches.

An HTTP is a protocol used to transfer data between a website and the browser, while HTTPS is a more secure version of HTTP.

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