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Domain Extensions That You Can Consider For Your Startup

Are you planning to launch your startup online?

The very first thing you’ll do is check the availability of your business name to buy the domain for your website. There are high chances that the domain you want won’t be available.

Don’t worry, you are not the only one. We’ll tell you why:

One of the common domain extensions is “.COM”. Most of the business owners prefer .com domain for their site. So, the domain name traders reserve the most popular names so that they can re-sell it to the business owners like you at a premium cost.

There are a lot of other TLDs that are available which you can consider buying instead of sticking to .COM. Let’s have a look at a few domain extensions that will be suitable for your niche.

Domain Extensions That You Can Pick


In this fastest growing universe, with limited time to catch attention, .biz instantly conveys your customers who you really are. They don’t even need to read your mission statement and your message is already on the way when you use .biz extension.

A .biz extension indicates that your company is into serious business. It’s easier to reach a wide group of the audience as this TLD is globally short-form for “business”. For all your commercial operations .biz TLD is a perfect choice.


It’s not obligatory to have an e-commerce site to use .store TLD. As per Google, 76% users searching for something nearby on their mobile device visit that business in a day or two. The .store TLD lets you help your customers choose your products by providing a searchable product catalog, location details, store timings, contact details and all that pushes a visit.

If you have an online store, don’t miss the chance to grab a .store domain extension for your website. Here are some of the sites that use .store extension –,, and


Sometime back, .pro was only for certified professions in finance, engineering or medical field. But now, it’s open for all. No matter what business you have, .pro is available for you.

If you are an aspiring professional or a leader in your niche having a .pro extension will have the upper hand. It tells your client and other brands, that you have the best practice in your field.

From builders to social services, doctors to lawyers, .pro represents a professional image.


.ltd stands for ‘limited’ and it conveys your clients that your organization is a private limited company. If your company has .ltd designation you can consider choosing an .ltd domain extension for your website. Also, the companies that provide .ltd registration services such as brokers, attorneys or analysts, or those sites that provide information online about .ltd registration process, applying to ltd taxes, pros and cons of the designation, can use this extension.

.ltds are more common in Canada and European countries. Choosing this TLD, your private organization reveals the status of your legal company immediately.


The online recruitment has taken over the traditional methods of seeking employment. When you say “Job” you certainly relate to employment but for some people “career” is more serious than any other thing. Nowadays, people keep a track of online job portals for their career option. With .careers extension, there are more chances of reaching out to such audiences who are hunting for a job.

No matter if you are in recruitment or consulting, the .careers TLD is an efficient way to tell people what your business will offer them. Some popular sites using .careers are and that let users search jobs on their site.


The consultants mostly depend on word of mouth, networking and marketing to keep their business moving. The .consulting top-level domain is especially for the consulting industry that lets potential clients seek network solutions easily.

Anybody with consulting firms can consider taking up this domain extension such as HR, Real Estate or IT. With .consulting TLD, what sets you unique is that your profession can be figured out right away. It’s the best option for consulting agencies and consultants in any field.


One of the popular drinks in the world is coffee. If you are into a coffee business, no other TLD than .coffee, will be the best suite for your coffee shop/ cafe. Let the people around you explore how they can grab a cup of coffee at your store. You can drive the attention of coffee lovers instantly. is one such example that has taken up .coffee for their coffee shop. It’s not necessary to have a coffee shop to use this TLD. Whether you are a coffee manufacturer, supplier, coffee machine provider or anything related to the coffee business, you can undoubtedly pick up this domain. This way you can stand out from your competitors.


As the name says, it is most suitable for floral shops but even if you are a professional gardener, landscaper, flower wholesaler, floral decorator, etc. you can opt for this TLD.


It’s no hush-hush that everyone looks up to Google for any of their queries from small to big. Such as reaching from destination A to B or finding a place nearby. In fact, they hire cabs through their mobile device to reach their desired place.

Building a mobile-friendly website to pull some traffic is a great way to get noticed under chauffeur and taxi service providers. One of the popular websites of such cab services is

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Wind Up

If you are one of those businesses looking to start their online journey, the task of selecting a domain name may open up that can of worms. If the domain you want is not available for .com extension then you can consider the domains mentioned above which are more suitable for your startup.

Check out if your business domain is available here.

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