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Top 5 Assessment Tools During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The latest major event that affected the entire world forced us to change even the most fundamental things we’ve grown accustomed to. With the COVID-19 pandemic reaching even the most remote parts of our planet, nothing remained functioning in the same way.

Education, training, and analysis practices we were familiar with only two years ago suddenly became impossible to organize and complete.

Fortunately, by identifying the key features of learning and assessment, the emergence of online assessment software changed our world for the better.

By implementing one of the best evaluation tools, you too can experience the numerous benefits of e-learning.

Top Features of Assessment Tools

More and more people are starting to use assessment software tools due to their advantages compared to traditional assessment and evaluation techniques.

Here you can learn about the six key features that set online evaluation apart.

  • Variety of Question and Task Types

Creating your own assessment paper from scratch can be very difficult. You’ll find yourself using the same question and task types over and over again, which your examinees might find too repetitive.

With software programs, you can access all kinds of question types and forms you can use for your test.
Whether you’re interested in open-close questions, multiple-choice, or something completely different, there are hundreds of available templates you can use during the creation.

That way, all your future tests, and quizzes will possess a level of consistency and thus spark interest among the test-takers.

  • Automated Grading and Reporting

Long gone are the days when you had to set apart hours and hours of your free time just to evaluate and grade tests. After that, don’t forget you had to record the results and reports, which could also take a lot of your time.

With automated grading and reporting, you can easily forget about all of that. The programs immediately evaluate the results upon finishing the test, and the test-takers almost instantly receive their results and grades.

What’s more, the examiners get notified once the tests are completed, so they can look at the results whenever they need to.

  • Flexible

The best thing about online assessment tools is that you can take and examine them anytime, anywhere.
The busy lifestyle we lead has made it nearly impossible to organize training, seminars, workshops, and other activities that require physical presence. Because of that, the inflexible pen-and-paper grading had to undergo some crucial changes.

With online assessment, the flexibility of the examinees reaches its full potential. The participants can be located wherever – in an office, at home, in a restaurant, or at a holiday resort.

They can access the platform at any time, which gives them the freedom to choose when to take the test – in the morning, afternoon, or at night.

Moreover, the examiners have increased flexibility too. Having the analytic tools, tests, reports, and grades with you at all times is very easy since everything is stored in just a single program.

That way, you can take and access the information wherever you are and whenever you need to.

  • Personalized Assessments and Certificates

Furthermore, you can do just about anything with online assessment software. Give the analysis a unique touch by adding a personalized logo from your company.

You can also choose from hundreds of available fonts, backgrounds, themes, and logos to mimic the image your brand is portraying.

Take the entire experience to a whole new level and reward your students with personalized certificates. They’re simple and easy to make while supplying the students with the required formal certification that marks their success.

  • Prevents Cheating and Unauthorized Access

Plenty of people are concerned about the legitimacy of online grading because it seems easier to cheat and manipulate answers behind a screen and without supervision.

While this may be true, new tools using cutting-edge technology have significantly reduced any chances of going forward with any prohibited actions.

With passwords, timers, cameras, and other valuable features, the examiners can be assured they’re getting authentic and real-time answers from all participants.

The rigorous security measures will keep all your data safe and secure in case anyone without permission tries to gain access to them.

  • Cost-Effective

The Coronavirus outbreak greatly affected the world economy. Countless businesses are forced to shut down because of the countless negative impacts of the virus, so it’s a smart time to think about your costs and carefully consider your financial moves.

For instance, the organization of traditional seminars requires renting a location, a professional lecture holder, food and drinks for everyone, and stationery required for the course.

It can add up to substantial sums of money, which online tools never reach.
With just one program, you have everything you need to perform a high-quality assessment. Think about implementing online tools even if you just want to increase your savings.

Who Can Use Assessment Tools

Now that you know more about online assessment software, you might wonder who can use these outstanding programs that come with so many useful features, tips, and tricks.

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  • Educational Institutions

It’s not surprising that the majority of testing and assessing comes from educational institutions. With the Coronavirus outbreak, schools, universities, and other educational institutions had to close their doors for good.
However, education couldn’t stop. With the help of various social platforms and assessment programs, teachers and professors managed to create a safe learning environment.

Since many students are still learning from home, the online assessment tools are the perfect solution to carry out the obligatory evaluation.

The flexibility of assessment software supports evaluating all ages and group sizes. Whether you’re working with individuals or full classrooms, kids or adults, you’ll find these programs very helpful.

  • Corporate Sector

Although the grading process surely reminds you of school and education, it’s so much more than that. Namely, a large part of assessing comes from the corporate sector, where many seminars, workshops, and training sessions take place.

Whether you want to organize a useful and memorable safety day or recruit new talent, assessment tools can be your best friend.

Firstly, these tools can completely transform and improve how you approach everyday corporate tasks and duties. Instead of supplying your staff with pen and paper, create a one-of-a-kind digital file where you tackle all the crucial information and provide it to your workers.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different features to make the whole experience interesting, engaging, and interactive.

Additionally, recruiting with the help of e-evaluation is quick, simple, easy, and precise. Instead of conducting long and tiring interviews with each candidate, simply provide them with an assessment test.

That way, you’ll get the final results and scores of all participants in no time and determine the best-scoring candidate on the test, who should be your first choice when hiring a new employee.

  • Government Sector

A place where online assessment software is already very much part of the recruitment process is the government sector.

Because state and government institutions are fewer in number, the hiring process needs to be carried out with the highest level of professionalism, attention, and care.

Therefore, finding the right people to fill in the job positions related to governmental duties isn’t a simple task. Nevertheless, with the use of grading platforms, it can become considerably simpler.

Create a unique scoring test for each job position which will test the key skills required for completing the necessary duties. Then, administer the tests to your top applicants.

You’ll receive the completed tests immediately when they finish, alongside their grade and success. After that, choosing the right applicant becomes much easier and less time-consuming.

5 Best Assessment Tools

We will now focus on the five best assessment software tools you can quickly get your hands on even today. With their own sets of features, benefits, and advantages, each tool will provide you with something different.

Depending on your needs, preferences, requirements, and expectations, we strongly advise that you choose one of the following five tools. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into some of the best programs out there.

1. ProProfs Online Assessment Software

Rated by many as the world’s leading assessment tool currently available on the market, ProProfs Online Assessment Software, without a doubt, equips you with everything you might need.

Whether you’re looking for a program that can create career evaluations, student tests, or something completely different, ProProfs has it.

Flexible and highly customizable, this online assessment software can serve any purpose since it lets you mix and match all its features to create a test or a quiz that checks all the boxes.

Featuring more than 100 templates and over 100,000 ready-to-use question banks, you can create quality quizzes in just a few minutes if you need to meet a deadline.

With individualized reports and precise tracking of student performance, ProProfs is a must if you’re planning on regularly organizing electronic evaluations during the pandemic.

2. eSkill

If you’re looking for software that focuses strictly on staff recruitment, take a look into eSkill. As a platform that promotes accurate and detailed talent assessment, you’ll receive the handiest test results ever.

The specific purpose of eSkill is to let you have more control over how you organize and execute your recruitment activities. Test specific skills you need your staff to possess and even upload your pre-made test to increase its appearance, engagement, and efficiency.

3. HireSelect

You’ll receive a very similar experience with HireSelect. Their exceptional design and interface make the entire experience of using online assessment platforms engaging and interesting for all users.

Besides that, their tests are backed up by science to provide excellent results even in the long run. Namely, HireSelect is validated to predict the future performance of the test-takers, so you can truly rely on it to make smart decisions that’ll have a long-term impact on your business.

4. Mettl

Mettl is yet another leading company in the e-grading industry. This particular assessment software comes with excellent properties for both academic and corporate purposes.

In addition to being a reliable and accurate online examination platform, you can count on the power of modern technology to come up with certificates, analytics, and statistical reports for your evaluations.

Automate your talent analysis with the help of Mettl and enjoy the difference.

5. Pymetrics

Last but certainly not least, Pymetrics offers a lot more than simple assistance in recruitment decision-making.
Pymetrics can help you evaluate the full potential of your current and potential employees by objectively approaching their personality, skillset, and desire to thrive.

It does that by using learning, focus, emotion, effort, and fairness in the online assessment software.
With the aid of an AI of the highest standards that Pymetrics uses to complete all its tasks – you too can increase efficiency, effectiveness, diversity, and talent among your staff.


The Coronavirus pandemic is still limiting our ability to engage in face-to-face assessments. Luckily, there are quite a few assessment software options currently available on the market.

As their popularity and use continue to rise, people are becoming aware of the immeasurable potential these tools can bring to companies and academic institutions.

Precise evaluation, automated grading and scoring, instant reports, low operating costs, improved flexibility, and impressive engagement and motivation among the examinees are just some of the key features the leading online assessment software can offer you and your company.

Choosing just a single platform from the many capable options on this list isn’t an easy task, which is why you need to define your needs and requirements first. Following that, you can start searching for a platform that will work well with your business.

If you aren’t sure, ProProfs Online Assessment Software, eSkill, HireSelect, Mettl, and Pymetrics are always an excellent choice due to the number of benefits they provide, alongside their smooth and seamless user experience.

The Author

Angela White is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing for the consumer market in the areas of product research and marketing using quizzes and surveys. Having a knack for writing and an editorial mindset, she is an expert researcher at a brand that’s known for creating delightfully smart tools such as ProProfs Quiz Maker.

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