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#PaintMilesWeb Contest 2020

PaintMilesWeb contest

When the world is worried about Corona pandemic, why not we utilize our time to release the stress?
And what could be the better remedy than showcasing creativity?

We have seen many people pursuing their hobbies like cooking, scribbling words, and even drawing their heart out during this lockdown. Everyone’s finding their way out to get rid of this stuck at home situation, but, who are really frustrated of this situation?

Ofcourse, students.

They are definitely missing their summer vacations and all enjoyment they had planned for the summer trips.

Here’s a time to make them feel refreshed and give a touch to bring back their vacation mood.

MilesWeb is running a contest #PaintMilesWeb for children studying in 4th to 10th standard, where kids get the freedom to shape and draw ‘MilesWeb’ doodle in their way.

Guidelines to participate in the contest are as follows :

1) Every participant must submit their doodle consisting of the name ‘MilesWeb’.

2) Make sure the content is 100% handmade and unique. No copying is allowed.

Can take help from internet or elders, but should be drawn by participants only.

3) Every participant is allowed to submit only one design. So, make it the best one.

4) Participants can use any form of colors (crayons, sketch pens, or just pencil) as per their choice.

5) Support your design with few words (not more than 50).

6) Submit the work on an A4 size paper with white background.

7) Make sure design is visible clearly. You can scan it too.

8) Entries can only be submitted through softcopy by parents or guardians.

Submit only softcopy of a design on ‘’.

9) In the mail, please submit participant’s details like name, age, grade (standard), city and photo copy of current year school id along with the doodle entry.

Failing to submit the details will be disqualified from the contest.

10) We will appreciate if you encourage others (family members, friends, etc.) to participate in this contest by tagging them on our social media updates.

Make sure you like and share all our social media updates.

Contest duration : 

1) The contest begins on Saturday (9 May 2020) and ends on Wednesday (13 May 2020) mid-night. After that no entries will be accepted.

2) After submitting your doodle reply on our social media post at any platform mentioning you have submitted the design with the hashtag #PaintMilesWeb.

3) Results will be announced on Saturday (16 May 2020).

All submissions will thoroughly be observed by our design experts before selecting the winners.

Winners selection :

1) Participates will be divided into three ‘Grade Groups’ for judging :

• Grade 1 – 4th and 5th standard.

• Grade 2 – 6th and 7th standard.

• Grade 3 – 8th, 9th and 10th standard.

The ‘#PaintMilesWeb’ designs will be evaluated on the basis of :

(i) Artistic skills

(ii) Originality and creativity

(iii) Communication of contest theme with drawing and supporting statement.

Prizes and more :

  • From each Grade, one winner will be selected.
  • Winners will get excited gift hampers from MilesWeb.
  • MilesWeb will display all winners’ design on all their social media platforms.

All The Best!!!!

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With an interest in doing something creative daily, Sonam works as a Digital Marketing Executive. She likes to write technical blogs related to web hosting, digital marketing, and other IT topics. She also likes to spend her leisure time on social media.

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