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5 Sure Shot Ways To Make Money Through Web Hosting Affiliate Program

web hosting, web hosting affiliate program, affiliate program

web hosting, web hosting affiliate program, affiliate program

Most of the bloggers start a blog for making money online. If this is what you intend to do; then selling affiliate products is a great way of making online profits. When it comes to affiliate programs, there are tons of options out there and most of them offer attractive offers and commissions. One of the easiest ways of earning affiliate income is by recommending hosting services for your blog visitors.

Why Should You Promote Web Hosting Affiliate Programs?

There are two reasons behind this:

  1. Almost every individual who wants to start a website needs a web hosting service
  2. You can make really good money through every successful sale you make for the web hosting companies
  3. This is the time when there is greater awareness for establishing a great website that needs quality web hosting

How To Make More Sales Through Web Hosting Affiliate Programs?

Recommend The Web Host You Use

Honest website marketing is the most effective way of making more sales through affiliate products. Don’t promote affiliate products only because they give you additional income, you should consider the reliability factor as well. Think about this – you will be in a better position to give web hosting advices to your visitors if you use the web hosting services first. If you are actually using the web hosting services you are talking about, you will have more genuine points to talk about.

Publish Unbiased Web Hosting Reviews

If you want to increase the web hosting affiliate program sales, publish unbiased and honest web hosting reviews on your website. If you provide real information to your visitors about the advantages and disadvantages of the web hosting services you are using, you will be able to make more sales without putting in a lot of efforts. Write great reviews about the web hosting programs that you want to promote. Also, it is important to know how your competitors are promoting the web hosting products through reviews and thereby earning a good affiliate income.

Promote Your Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Promote your web hosting affiliate program through whichever ways you can. You must reach a wider audience for making more sales. Here are a few simple ways for promoting the affiliate programs:

  • Add your web hosting affiliate links in the sidebar or footer
  • Publish product reviews as mentioned above
  • Make use of your social media profiles for enhancing the reach
  • Create an email list of subscribers and start promoting the web hosting affiliate program

While doing this, it is important to make sure that you don’t come across like a spammer! Be careful with the promotions, they should look real, or else you might end up hurting your readership. Through the promotions, you must intend to help your readers decide about the best web hosting service that will be useful for them.

Hosting Discount Coupons

All the web hosting companies offer coupon codes on a regular basis for increasing sales. You can keep a watch on the latest discount on web hosting coupons; you can either get the latest information through your affiliate account or by setting a Google alert to get information on the latest coupon codes. Whenever you find any new coupon code offer, share it with your visitors through blog post, email newsletter, banner or through the social networking websites. You can also consider creating a separate coupon code section on your blog or website for promoting the coupon code offers. At times, hosting companies also offer custom coupon codes for the affiliates, if you have one, use it for the coupon code offer promotions.

Offer ‘Something Extra’ To Your Visitors

If you are a new blogger looking for fast ways of increasing your affiliate income, the trick is to offer something extra for free to the visitors. For example, you can offer services like free blog installation, suggestions for website theme, free writing services, SEO services etc. when the visitors use your affiliate links for purchasing web hosting services through your blog. In this way, both you and your clients will be at a winning position. Although this might seem like additional work to you, the benefits you get will be worth it.


Earning affiliate income through web hosting affiliate programs is no rocket science; you can earn good money by implementing simple and smart tips. Always be informed about the latest offers run by the web hosting company and seek for the best ways of promotion. It is also important to optimize your website perfectly for the search engines so that you receive good amount of traffic. Promoting web hosting affiliate program is a quick way of earning money online, if you have a blog, get started with this right away!

If you intend to become a web hosting affiliate, consider MilesWeb affiliate program. All you have to do is follow a simple sign up process. Up to 50% commission is offered per sale along with weekly payouts!

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