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Setting up SSL on OpenCart Store

Approx. read time : 2 min

You may refer the steps below to setup SSL for your Opencart store.

If you haven’t purchased SSL Certificate yet, take a look at the SSL certificates we offer.

  • Login to FTP
  •  Find both of your config files (one in the root folder and one in the admin folder)
  •  Open each of them, one at a time and find the HTTPS section. You’ll need to add an ‘s’ after the http in the HTTPS sections only. Save the files and upload them to the server.
  • Login to your Opencart admin and navigate to system –>> settings –>> edit and click the ‘server’ tab.
  •  Select the radio button to use SSL and click save.

Whether you’re processing credit cards or not, we strongly recommend you have an SSL certificate for your website. This will also build trust with your customers and help you store their information as well as yours more securely.

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