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Embrace your passion for Writing! Discover the Article Topics We Encourage for Diverse Perspectives and Engaging Content.

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Web Hosting

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Data Center, Infrastructure

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Web design / Web development

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CMS, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc.

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SEO Tools, Software, Social media, Blogging Tips, etc.

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Affiliate Marketing

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How-to articles on any of the above-mentioned topics

Your Ultimate Checklist

  • The submitted article must be original and (not copied/republished from anywhere).
  • Do not spin the content using any tool to write your article.
  • The article should be of 2000 words minimum.
  • Avoid grammatical errors in the article.
  • The article content should NOT be promotional. We need articles that offer new ideas and insights to our readers.
  • Add at least 2-3 high-quality images, to make the article look more interesting & amazing.
  • No affiliate links.
  • No hyperlinking to the spammy websites.
  • Include author bio in a separate file with short bio description containing full name and AUTHOR IMAGE (dimension: 400 x 400px).
  • To publish your article, do provide a featured image with the size: 800 x 445 px. Note that the image should not contain text in it.
  • Finally, for convenience, make a zip file with the content, images, author bio file and send it to us on the below email id.
  • We do not provide any promotional links to the article.
  • If your article meets our guidelines and content strategy, we will respond and let you know the day your article will be published. It may take up to 2 to 3 weeks for the article to get published.

Our Guiding Principles

  • All the first letters in your article title and subheadings should be capitalized.
  • The important points should be highlighted in bold.
  • Punctuation marks should always be inside the quotes. “Here is an example.”
  • Make text easier to read by using subheadings, lists, images, and short paragraphs.
  • Do insert commas for short pauses.
  • To list out pointers, use bullets.
  • Only one space needs to be there in between sentences and words.
  • Conclude your article by writing a short summary of the points discussed in the body.

Guest Post Outreach

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Note: We don’t charge anything for publishing guest post on our site. Our sole purpose is to share informative content with our readers through our guest bloggers.
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