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What is Colocation
What is Colocation? A Beginner’s Guide 2024

If you are into the web hosting business, the word “colocation” is a common term. There are different IT companies who are using this service to build setup computing resources. Hence, we have created this guide that explains “What is colocation?”. Colocation is a rented data center space for the equipment that you have purchased…. Read More

1 April 2024
Difference Between Bare Metal and Hosted Hypervisor
Difference Between Bare Metal and Hosted Hypervisor

Server virtualization in the IT world is an essential part. Enterprises use different operating systems to streamline their business operations. Therefore, hypervisors exist and run different applications on a single server with the same physical resources. Hypervisor means the virtual machine that separates computer software and hardware. If you install them on a physical machine… Read More

21 March 2023
All You Need To Know About Enterprise Dedicated Hosting
All You Need To Know About Enterprise Dedicated Server Hosting

In the world of web hosting, enterprise dedicated hosting is the higher standard for businesses looking for a high-performance, reliable hosting solution. It is because dedicated server resources are allocated to one single hosting user. Enterprise dedicated hosting provides businesses with the resources they need to host large websites and run resource-intensive applications, all while… Read More

28 February 2023
Knowing About GPU Dedicated Servers
Knowing About GPU Dedicated Servers

Are you planning to invest in a dedicated server? Maybe you got a big business or own a resource-intensive website/application that demands massive resources for smooth functioning. But let me first ask you a question! Are your dedicated servers CPU or GPU based? Well, we talk a lot about CPU-based dedicated servers. Do you know… Read More

27 September 2022
Know All About CPU & GPU

With the increase in the computation capabilities and growing demands of various organizations, the need for computing demands is evolving. As a result, today’s systems are expected to function at the highest capabilities, whether for deep learning applications, massively parallel computing, intense 3D gaming, or any demanding workload.  Here is the most awakening topic on… Read More

15 September 2022
Create Backup of Your Dedicated Server
How To Create Backup of Your Dedicated Server?

When you have a large business website, hundreds of clients make countless HTTP requests to access your server’s resources and run MySQL queries. It all looks good! Your company is expanding, but one day the hard disc in your server dies. The data on your server is essential for your success, whether for an email… Read More

5 September 2022
Why Hosting On A Dedicated Server Is More Profitable Than Cheap Hosting
Why Hosting On A Dedicated Server Is More Profitable Than Cheap Hosting?

The main task of web servers is to display the website content through storage, processing, and in the end, delivering that webpage to the users. Almost all enterprises across the globe need a web server to do the same. In most cases, shared hosting appears lucrative for its lower cost. In the long run, dedicated… Read More

31 August 2022
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