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Reseller Hosting FAQ’s

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Today, reseller hosting provides with the most rewarding platforms for making money online. If you are thinking of setting up your own web hosting business, there might be many questions in your mind. Here are the answers to all of those:

How much money can be made by being a reseller?

There are no limits to the earning potential through a reseller hosting account. Through a reseller hosting package you can create your own packages comprising of the prices that you would like to charge. You also have the option of reselling the hosting packages provided by us. By being a reseller, you get the ability to customize your packages for higher flexibility and better profit margins.

How does the billing procedure work?

As you are a reseller, you are responsible for collecting the payment from your client. We will send you an invoice 10 days prior to the due date of payment in accordance with the billing cycle that you have selected while signing up for the account.

How is technical support managed?

For us, you will be the first point of contact even for your clients. In case you need any technical assistance, you can directly contact our technical support department. Once you raise a ticket for any issue, you will be provided with assistance within 45 minutes. You can be rest assured of getting the most appropriate solution from us.

Will my client’s website have the same features and control panel as I have?

You are in complete control of the attributes to which your clients have access to. If required you can provide the client with a customized control panel as well. You can determine the website features and applications that your clients can access. You can have a look at the list of features and add-ons provided with our reseller hosting packages.

Is it possible to oversell?

As a MilesWeb reseller, you are provided with ample of space that can be utilized for the client’s accounts. In case you need more space than what is provided in the reseller hosting account, you can upgrade the account. For this, you can contact our customer care department and they will help you out with the most appropriate hosting solution. There will be no need for you to upgrade the package till you have exceeded the complete usage of the account.

Will my client’s control panel show a MilesWeb logo?

We understand the importance of keeping MilesWeb transparent from your business and there is no exception to the control panel used by your client as well. By default, the control panel provided to your client will be ‘non branded’, this means there will be no reference to Milesweb or your company. As a reseller you have the authority to modify your client’s control panel to be branded with your company name or logo; that’s completely your call!

Will I be charged with a fee for upgrading my reseller hosting package?

As a reseller, you can upgrade to a bigger reseller hosting package in case required. In order to upgrade to the next higher package, we charge the difference amount.

Will I be provided with a shared SSL certificate for providing to my clients?

Yes. All MilesWeb reseller hosting packages have access to the shared SSL certificate that can be used for securing critical data or for the custom scripts. If required, you can also purchase a private SSL from us or use your own SSL certificate for your account.

Who manages the domain name registration for my clients?

We offer with domain name registration services to the resellers and their clients as well. In case your clients want to register a domain, all you have to do is contact us and we will get it done for you.

Why should I resell your services?

As a MilesWeb reseller we assist you in establishing and building your own brand name on the internet that provides you with complete control over the features through which you can create accounts for your clients. By being a MilesWeb reseller, it becomes easier for you to establish your own web hosting business without making huge investments for the infrastructure or the servers. The web hosting market is extremely rewarding and becoming a reseller is your chance of making it big in the web hosting industry.

How can I add or delete features on the domains of the clients?

As a MilesWeb reseller you have the complete control over your client’s accounts. You will have the access to the Reseller Control Panel that will enable you to add or delete features on any of the client’s accounts.

Can I create accounts in real time through the reseller hosting package?

Yes it is possible to create client accounts in real time through your reseller control panel, there will be no intervention from us in these regards.

How much time is required to set up a reseller hosting account?

Once you sign up for the package and make the payment, your account will be activated instantly.

What name servers will be used by the clients?

Both private and anonymous name servers can be utilized in accordance with the option you select at the time of purchase.

Will you ever contact my clients?

No, there will be no instance where your clients will be contacted by us. we will get in touch with you directly for the services offered.

Can I have my own resellers?

You will be entitled to only one reseller control panel with your account. Therefore unless you decide that you would like to provide the control panel access to someone else, only you will have the ability to create the hosting accounts. In case you decide to give the control panel access to someone else, he/she will be using the same username and password as you do.

What kind of technical expertise is required to become a reseller?

No technical knowledge is required at all. All you have to do is promote the web hosting business and leave all the technical aspects to us. We will be operating in the back end so that everything is taken care of, therefore you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

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