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How Has The MilesWeb Affiliate Program Transformed?

How Has The MilesWeb Affiliate Program Transformed

Transformation is in every nook and corner. Be it in business, organization, culture, day-to-day life, and so on. Why? Because it’s all about improvements, new ethics, practices and gives us a new path to success.

Similarly, we at MilesWeb, have transformed our affiliate program this year, making it more advantageous and worthy! When you hear the word affiliate, the thought that comes to your mind is MONEY.

But first, if you are new to the concept of affiliate marketing, let me quickly explain in short! 

Wait.. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Say if you have an active social media profile, a popular blog, or a website. Now imagine you have a unique affiliate link that can be used for promotion of products and services. And you earn a commission each time someone purchases a service from that link. It’s that simple. 

MilesWeb’s affiliate program works exactly in the same way. As soon as you sign-up for our affiliate program, you get an affiliate link that you can use to promote our web hosting service. You earn a good commission once anyone purchases the service from this unique affiliate link.

About MilesWeb’s Brand New Affiliate Program

So, coming to the point, MilesWeb’s new affiliate program is designed with an aim to offer good and improved incentives to the affiliates. We offer the highest commissions which is one the best in the industry.

Yes, let me tell you, we now offer referral commissions ranging from 1000 to 5000 per referral. 

The commission structure of this program is one of its main highlights where you can earn up to Rs.5000 per referral. All you need to do is refer MilesWeb to others and promote us on various communications channels such as websites, blogs, and social media and earn the best commission in the industry.

On top of it, we also offer a dedicated affiliate manager to resolve any of your queries related to affiliate marketing. The complete affiliate game is sorted with our brand new version of the Affiliate Program! You need to just focus on referring and putting some extra money into your pocket. Additionally, our hosting service is worth recommending and will definitely bring you high conversions.

The Best Affiliate Payment Structure

There’s a performance-based commission structure with increasing rates depending on the sale you make each calendar month. For each sale, you get Rs.1000. For example, in the first month, you make 5 sales, you get Rs.5000.

The graph is at all times upward. If you make 6 to 10 sales in a month, you get 1500 each sale and likewise.

MilesWeb’s affiliate program can help you make tons of money, as the commissions you get are not only best, rather best-in-class in the industry.

Perks Of MilesWeb’s Affiliate Program

MilesWeb’s brand new affiliate program is just super-beneficial. There are a lot of benefits you get when you team up with MilesWeb. Here, we’ve mentioned a list: give it a read without missing it…Without Missing!

High Commission Rates

To make our affiliates happier, we are now giving commissions ranging from, Rs.1000 to Rs.5000. You get a fixed commission on every sale you make.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager for Your Affiliate Success

After joining MilesWeb’s affiliate program, you will be able to rely on a dedicated referral manager that answers all your queries. This is indeed great! Because if there’s any kind of question in your mind related to affiliate commission, links, or how you can promote, you can reach out to the dedicated manager via email.

Immediate Sign-Up Bonus

Immediate sign-up bonus! It sounds cool, right? Of course! When you sign-up for our web hosting affiliate program, we offer you an immediate sign-up bonus of Rs.1000.

Easy Payouts

We give easy payouts. You get money in your bank account each time your balance reaches Rs.2000.

24×7 Conversion Support

There’s 24×7 conversion support from our side. You need to just look out for the potential customers. Our affiliate team will assist you with the conversion process, and you get a full commission once the sale is completed. 

To Make Your Affiliate Biz Strong

There’s always a word called extra mile with us. To ensure more conversions, you’ll need to promote MilesWeb on different platforms like social media, blogs or websites and more.

For promoting MilesWeb, you will need promotional materials. We offer sales booming banners which you can promote on your website.

Tips On How You Can Promote Us

We are giving you tips on how you can promote us easily.

  • You can place MilesWeb banners on your website.
  • Share the referral link on as many social media platforms as you can.
  • Write review articles for us and promote us through content marketing
  • You can place referral links in the description of every Vlog you make and promote us.

Your Referrals will Love Our Web Hosting Because:

Award-Winning Support: We never settle when it comes to support. We’ll help you make an easy start to your online journey and if you face any issues, we’ll resolve them quickly.

Security: Security? Yes, we always put security above everything else. And thus, we include a lot of security features like SSL certificates, malware removals and more. Plus, we have Tier-4 data centers that are highly secured.

Faster Than Ever: Not just fast, we are super-fast! Our aim is always to help you get the best hosting experience. With our SSD based servers, you get up to 10x faster performing websites.

Wide Range of Plans: There are 70+ plans from which you can promote. Each of these is priced accordingly to assist you with the conversions.

Join Our Affiliate Program Today!

Making money with an affiliate program is not that easy. But MilesWeb helps you  throughout your affiliate journey and sets you up in earning thousands of rupees every month. How much you will earn will depend on how creatively you promote our business. Promote more, generate leads, and get ready to make money.

So why wait? If you are serious about earning money, get started today! Simply head to and click on get started. We’ll ask you to fill in some standard information about your site and more.

Thereafter, you will receive a welcome email from our side and, now you have teamed up with the best affiliate partner, MilesWeb.

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