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What is the WordPress ‘Too Many Redirects’ Error and What are Its Causes?

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You might have faced a common error the ‘infinite redirect’ error that occurs on WordPress sites. This can appear in a different way based on your browser. For example:



Cause of the Error

This error is usually occurs when the HOME and SITE URL within WordPress isn’t configured properly. For example, if your site name is, the Home and Site URL in your database should take to:


If ‘www’ gets added to the Home and Site URL, it may appear as below in your database:


This will redirect your site in a loop.

Fixing the error

You can check the following article for changing the WordPress Home and Site URL:

 How do I change the WordPress Site URL?

Other causes

There are other reasons too for your site getting redirected.


The redirect error can also occur due to the plugin you added to your site. So disable your plugins to check if this is the cause.

.htaccess File

It might be that your .htaccess file has a redirect set up somewhere. Open the .htaccess file to view its contents and check if anything is redirecting your site to a different URL.

Cloudflare Configuration

If an SSL certificate is installed on your website and are also using Cloudflare, you must configure some settings at Cloudflare. You can set your SSL certificate to user a specific type in Cloudflare panel by just setting to ‘Full (strict)’.
In this way, you have now learned to tackle with the WordPress ‘too many redirects’ error.

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