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How To Troubleshoot The WordPress Blank Page Error?

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Many times WordPress applications might show a blank page. This might happen because of a corrupted plugin that is currently working for the application. In order to find out if this is the main reason for the issue, access your account via FTP. Once your account is accessed through FTP, navigate to the folder mentioned below:


In this folder, you will come across the plugins subfolder. This subfolder consists of all the plugins of your applications. In order to disable the plugin, you will have to rename the folder. For instance, you can rename the folder from plugins/ to plugins.back/

After doing this, test your website, if your website is working perfectly, it means that one of the plugins was causing the issue. In order to fix the issue, again rename the plugins.back/ folder to plugins/ and go to the folder itself. Once you are in the directory, move step by step and check all the subfolders of all the plugins present in the plugins/ folder. Then test your application. If the blank page issue is resolved, this goes on to say that the plugin that you removed was causing the issue.

Once you have detected the plugin that was causing the blank page issue, check if it is compatible to work with your current version of WordPress. If it is not and if you still plan to use it, you can get in touch with the plugin’s developers and discuss about this issue.

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