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How To View And Use The Mail Queue Manager In WHM?

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WHM provides the mail queue manager feature that enables you to view, delete and enable to attempt to deliver the emails that are queued. Queued emails are the emails that are still in the server. The mail queue manager tool can be useful for detecting many issues with email deliverability and for looking for signs of a compromised account that sends spam from the server.

How To Access The Mail Queue Manager In WHM?

  • Login to WHM and go to the ‘Mail Queue Manager’ page by entering the term ‘mail queue’ in the search box.
  • Once displayed, click on the Mail Queue Manager option.

How To Search For Emails That Are Queued?

  • On the main page of the Mail Queue Manager, you will come across a section through which you can search for the queued emails. You can search by entering a sender, recipient or a message ID for filtering through the queued emails. The message ID is the unique identification that the email server gives for every email that is sent and received.
  • Once you enter one of the above attributes, you can select from the corresponding options displayed – search sender, search recipient or search message ID.
  • If you don’t wish to restrict your search to some specific attributes, you can select No filter.
  • The search filter also enables you to search from a particular time frame. You can search with a start date and an end date. This option will filter the search results that come under that particular time frame. It is important to note that WHM only saves data for 10 days therefore the emails that are out of this time frame will not be displayed.
  • After entering the relevant inputs and with the necessary filters, click on ‘Run Report’.

How To View Queued Emails?

  • For viewing the emails that are currently in queue, look for the ‘Actions’ column and click on the magnifying glass icon.
  • This will show various attributes of the email like headers, text content and you will also be given options to delete the email, attempt delivery, and download the email in the .eml format that you can access through the mail client applications like Microsoft Outlook.

How To Deliver The Queued Emails?

  • You can view a particular email and click on the option ‘Deliver Message Now’ for attempting delivery of that message.
  • You can also select email messages from the main page of the Mail Queue Manager and click on the option ‘Deliver Selected’.
  • The option ‘Deliver All’ will proceed to send out all the emails that are in queue.
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