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How To Install PrestaShop Through Softaculous?

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If you would like to work with PrestaShop, you can easily install it with the Softaculous auto-installer. You don’t have to manually execute all the steps, with just a few clicks, PrestaShop will be installed on your account.

Follow the steps mentioned below for installing PrestaShop through Softaculous:

  • Login to cPanel and find the Softaculous icon and click on it..
  • You will be directed to the control panel of Softaculous, from this window, you can install new applications, create backups, import websites etc. You will find the ‘Categories’ menu on the left hand side.
  • In order to start the PrestaShop installation, go to the ‘E-Commerce’ section and click on it in order to expand it. You will see a list of applications that can be installed on your hosting account.
  • Locate the PrestaShop link and click on it and then Softaculous will open the installation screen.
  • A new page will load that will show you a brief description about the PrestaShop application along with its features. On this page, click on the ‘Install’ option.

When you click on install, you will have to provide more information about your website. Some of the fields will be automatically populated by Softaculous. However, it is preferable to check the information given in the fields mentioned below:

  • In Directory : Softaculous will store the PrestaShop application in the root web folder by default and you can access your website through your domain name. If you wish to install PrestaShop in a subfolder, you will have to enter the name of that subfolder in the ‘In Directory’ field.
  • Store Name : Store name is your website’s name and by default it is known as ‘My Store’. You can change this name to something that you think is more appropriate for your website.
  • Admin Folder : It can be changed to a random string. Adding this string to the URL of your website will take you to the admin area.
  • Admin Email : By default, this field says ‘’, where your real domain name is entered in place of You can change it to some other email account if you want.
  • Admin Password : Softaculous automatically creates a unique and new password for your new website. Even then, you have the option of changing the string in this field and you can enter a new password.

After you have checked all the fields mentioned above, the last step is to click on the ‘Install’ button that is present at the bottom of the page. This is it! Your PrestaShop application is now completely installed on your account. Now, Softaculous will redirect you to a new page where you will be able to view the complete details of your PrestaShop installation. You can login and start creating your PrestaShop website.

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