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How To Add New Team Members And Set Up Permissions In PrestaShop 1.7.5

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PrestaShop 1.7.5 enables you to create the number of employees and team members that you want and you can also set different permissions and functionalities for different members.

Here are the steps for adding employees:

  • Login to PrestaShop; go to the ‘Configure’ section.
  • Navigate to ‘Advanced Parameters’ and then go to the option ‘Team’.
  • When you click on this option, you will see a page with 3 tabs : Employees, Profiles and Permissions.
  • Your current staff is listed in the ‘Employees’ tab. You can either choose to edit their data or you can add a new employee. Below that you will see the ‘Employee Options’ section, where you can setup the attributes like:
    • Password regeneration – The allowed number of times when the password can be changed manually.
    • Memorize the language used in admin panel forms – This option enables the users to setup their own default language.

In order to create a new employee, you will have to click on the option – ‘Add New’ and a new employee form page will be displayed. In this page you will have to fill in the following details.

  • First name and last name of the team member or employee
  • User image
  • Email address for getting notifications and to function as an account identifier
  • Subscribe to the PrestaShop newsletter button
  • Default page for setting up where the user goes first when he logs in
  • Language
  • Active – The created account can be enabled or disabled as per your preference. This option is ideal for creating temporary accounts when they are required and you can easily disable these accounts later on
  • Permission profile – for setting up the access permissions granted to the user

The next option is ‘Profiles’. In this option you can ‘Edit’ and ‘Add New’ and manage the profile names as well.

The third tab enables you to set the ‘Permissions’. In this tab you can see a huge list of actions that are available to certain users and you can amend these options with the ability to View, Add, Edit or Delete.

You won’t find the ‘Save’ option in this tab as PrestaShop automatically saves all the changes.

This completes the list of the available options for employee management. It is important to be very careful while assigning the status of ‘SuperAdmin’ to someone as this role has complete control over all the employees.

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